Pixar Play Parade returns . . . to Disneyland.  Yep, they’ve moved this long-running DCA parade across the Esplanade to the Happiest Place On Earth. . . with some enhancements.  So, how does the Parade Play in its new location? Let’s take a look . . .

Our own Dusty Sage interviews former Disneyland Ambassador Jessica Bernard about the Pixar Play Parade:

The parade has lost the Cars section (Mater and Lightning McQueen), but it has gained three small new units: A new opening float with the iconic Pixar Luxo Lamp (which is fully animated), An Inside Out segment, and a unit from the film Up.

Instead of Roz from Monster’s Inc., the parade now starts with a lamp.

What you can’t really see (no one can) is that the light actually turns on and off. But in the middle of the day, you likely won’t notice that detail.

Luxo is followed by Roz, who is still the majorette with the most.

Her monster pals follow behind.

The Incredibles ride their hover thing-a-ma-jigs down the parade route.

Watch out, the baby might ignite at any time.

The next of the new floats is Inside Out.  Joy and Sadness ride atop thought bubbles. Bing Bong is on the back of the unit.

Never forget Bing Bong!


The Bugs Life section is a crowd favorite with high flying acrobatics.


The new Up float follows with Russell riding Kevin the bird and Mr. Fredrickson below his house which is held aloft by colorful balloons.

My name is Dug, I have just met you and I love you.


Here come the toys!

And here’s a Facebook Live video Dusty shot of the parade during the press event on Thursday.

So, what did I think of the revised Pixar Play Parade? It was an upbeat and fun parade at DCA and it’s an equally fun and upbeat parade at Disneyland. The new floats are cute and add new characters to the parade. So it’s a welcome upgrade.  I’ve seen some folks online complain that the new units aren’t large enough. But they replace two small cars. So it’s actually more of an investment than what they replace.

However, Disneyland doesn’t quite feel like the perfect fit for this collection of characters. While Buzz Lightyear is in Tomorrowland, most of the Pixar characters are over in California Adventure, along with the upcoming Pixar Pier.  I would hope that the parade will eventually make its way back to DCA or be replaced with an entirely new parade which fills in the blanks with the characters who don’t have their own attractions in the parks.  I always love it when you see things in a parade (or fireworks) which you can’t see in the parks otherwise. It’s one reason why Maleficent is such a showstopper in Fantasmic.

As a Festival stunt, the swap of parades is just fine. Disneyland gets a daytime parade while Soundsational is presumably being turned into something new . . . and DCA gets a nighttime parade (Paint the Night) which helps load-balance the nighttime spectaculars. Disneyland now has two (Fantasmic and Fireworks) and DCA had two (World of Color and Paint the Night).  For now, it all works just fine. The only thing missing is a daytime parade for DCA, but they can’t do that right now with the construction on the Pier.

That’s the way I see it. What are your thoughts folks? Are you enjoying Pixar Fest so far? Have you had a chance to visit? If not, have you been following along with our coverage?

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