Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South?

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Published on January 03, 2013 at 9:02 pm with 23 Comments

Werner Weiss discusses the 1946 Walt Disney movie that’s locked in the vault with Jim Korkis, author of the new book, Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? The article begins with the ride that’s based on that movie.

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  • Leofoenget

    I Have SOFS I bought a bootleg copy of it off the internet years ago. Personally I thought it was B O R I N G! Never did watch it all the way through. I agree, there have been much worse films released since. Ever watch Little Rascels episodes?

  • Timekeeper

    My family bought a bootleg of Song of The South at LosCon some years ago, we eventually found an Import DVD from the UK at LosCon a few years later after that.
    If Disney ever shows the Song of The South at film festivals, they ought to have someone like the guy who does the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Introductions in addition with the regular hosts from the “Evening of Disney Rarities”. And if they ever release this title in the US on DVD/Blu-Ray, like what everybody has commented on your post Werner, an Introduction explaining the film for modern audiences would be helpful for the film.


  • dizneydomenic

    Personally i always thought a great new addition to the ride would be an uncle remus (james baskett) animatronic with johnny sitting beside him. near the top of the mill during the first lift…and having him say “it all started on one of them zippidty do da days…. as tho about to open the story to him. Then release the movie with whatever they want to say before it….about the time in history it was made. etc etc