Happy New Year everyone and welcome to what we feel is the first of many great episodes of the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast for 2013.

Many people have asked us why, when we decided to do a podcast, did we tackle a subject that many before us had tried and not succeeded in? Well, ask no more, hit play at the bottom of the page and you will hear an interview that Tracey and Lee recorded with Chris Wakefield of the Wakefield Report blog and podcast. In the interview they delve in to their relationship, among many other topics, to help you understand why they took on this monstrous task.

Also, there are many, many Disney fans out there, we all know plenty I’m sure; we also know what makes them tick, but what about the average Universal Orlando fan? Do you know someone who loves Islands of Adventure more than the Magic Kingdom? Chances are slim, but since doing the podcast we’ve found many. Again, hit play on the player at the bottom of this post and we will share with you an Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Listener Q&A with listener Mack Clark, in which we find out some of his loves and loathes at the resort.

So, why not kick off 2013 with a bit of UUOP in your ears.