Lots of Walls and Construction at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on January 11, 2013 at 4:02 am with 18 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Cory

    I think the Tangled Restrooms looks great and is theming of them is really detailed

    Thanks Again Cory


  • ttintagel

    I think the colored bits of the Tangled roof will serve as a bridge between the candy-colored tents of Old Fantasyland and the more natural hues of the new Belle and Mermaid areas.

  • MrTour

    I believe the Magic Kingdom version of Splash Mountain to be the best ride in the park. I hope they give it ALL the attention it deserves!

    • MrTour

      I meant, “attraction”.

  • I’ve got some news for you, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain has some problems too. But for the most part you are correct, George Kalogridis has been GREAT for Disneyland and he’s wonderful news for WDW. He has the authority, track record and support of Bob Iger and Tom Staggs to get almost whatever he wants done maintenance wise.

    It’s going to take some time and planning, but I have no doubt that George was sent to WDW to shake things up and fix everything that’s broken. Plus, he’s got one of Disney’s top Imagineers out there to assist him, Kathy Magnum (who was responsible for Cars Land).

    I finally see blue sky in the future for Disney World and much cause for hope.

    • jcruise86


    • danielz6

      Funny you say that I remember for years the brer rabbit AA that’s on the train track above you in the dark section wasn’t moving for years. Originally he moved along the train track as you passed under him. And just last year when I visited I saw that he’s finally working again. It was nice to see that again.

  • Malin

    No problem with the Tangled facade. The colour scheme has been used at other parks before and it always blends in well enough. I guess you guys out in Florida are not use to this type of theming 😉

    George might already be calling the shots. It’s interesting to see that the Tea Cups have seen its refurbishment pulled from the WDW website. Perhaps funding to go else where. What’s interesting about the walls going up is that these are not the usual themed walls that Disney have been using lately. These are normal looking walls which makes me think work on buildings like the Main Street one were not planned that far in advance.

  • ParkerMonroe

    “This box of walls is up near Splash Mountain. Anyone know what it normally covers?”

    If it’s on the western-most walkway between Splash Mountain and Adventurland… I believe that used to be the place that sold McDonalds frech fries.

    • ParkerMonroe

      Nevermind… I was looking at the wrong photo (I was reading the caption as if it pertained to the photo above it). I think there’s just grass in that spot, so I suppose it could be basic lawn maintenence.

  • Claybob

    First off Cory…great article as always! Your love of the parks really shows! My wife and I are headed your way in late April and can hardly wait! We go to Orlando about every two years to “get our mouse fix.” It will be interesting this time to see how much the parks have improved both attraction wise and general upkeep wise. We’ve been seeing it slowly slide down hill over the past years. When I first went to the parks in the ’70’s, I was amazed at the total sparkle of the park. There was not even one kernel of popcorn on the ground around the vender stands. Man, I was sooooo impressed! But it seems that is not a priority now. It’s the trash on the ground and chipped paint that take away from the magic of being in one of the best places on earth. Also, did I really need to see the rat trap displayed so prominently in the landscaping beside the ques for the Jungle Cruise? I understand the need for it, however, come on guys at least make an attempt to conceal it from view. But, hopefully, things will start turning around now with the change in management. However…the parks are still the best place to go! It is still our favorite destination and we can’t wait to get there! My bags are already packed!

    • jcruise86

      I too remember WDW in the 70s. I got part of that feeling back when I visited Tokyo Disneyland and our Anaheim since the 50th in 2005, but the WDW employees in the 70s were tops! So many sweepers competing for any piece of garbage.

    • Me too. First visit in late 70’s and was blown away. Instant love. The entire resort seemed so huge and perfect.

      Things began to slide in the late 90’s. they continued to build new stuff, but there were so many cuts to everything (from smaller attractions, entertainment and maintenance) that the magic started to fade.

      I can’t wait to watch the transformation. While I know there will be lots of big new stuff, it’s the little things I hope they focus on. They need to restore the magic. . . Which for me is in the details.

    • Edward Allen

      Claybob, I share a lot of your sentiments. My first trip to Disneyland was 1963, first trip to WDW was 1976. And yeah, a lot of things have deteriorated. A big factor in the decline by degrees, however, can’t be blamed completely on the parks; look instead to some of the guests for some of the blame. There is a definite decline in the manners and behavior of people now and how they contribute to the park’s general messiness compared to years earlier. Don’t get me wrong, both DL and WDW are cleaner and better maintained than any other places where the public pays a buck to get in. But look at us in general: our kids and grand kids are not as well mannered, we throw waste around, we’re loud, crude and demanding, certainly more so than we were 40 years ago. Going to DL and WDW used to be seen as a privilege and we were delighted to be there; now people act mad, rude and inconsiderate, especially when the parks charge what they do and especially when they are soooooo crowded. Nothing can be done to make us a more “genteel” society I suppose, so this is just one man’s two cents..

  • JiminyCricketFan

    I hope that Disney is going to them that track better which is sticking out on the Dwarfs ride. I don’t want to be reminded that it is a roller coaster, but a mine track. I think that Disney could have had a real successful ride if they would have remembered the mine train ride in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I think this ride could be so tame that it just pleases the littlest of people and really does not drive attendance as it is supposed to be. I feel that the old Snow White attraction probably would have thrilled those little ones just as much without the investment.

  • drnigelc

    I’ve noticed that the last several “Dateline Disney World” posts have been focused on Magic Kingdom – I know that New Fantasyland construction has everyone in a tizzy, but there are other theme parks at WDW.

    Really tired of seeing pictures of construction walls….

    Keep up the good work, tho!

  • tofubeast

    Great update. Just want to say, that during my week long visit last month, I found the parks to be very clean. I was looking, just to see if I agreed with some of the sentiment expressed here. I didn’t see trash. However, I will certainly agree that Splash needed a lot of TLC. Hoping this refurb puts it back in great shape.

  • Aotphks

    The new restrooms in Fantasyland look great so far. I love the details. I don’t mind the colors being used for it. It’s my understanding that due to Florida’s sunshine, pale colors were used at the Magic Kingdom.. but any splash of color they use is a welcomed improvement. the only concern I have is how bad the rest of the tent-like buildings nearby will look once this corner of the park is completed. They need to improve the Peter Pan and Small World facades to something more inspiring than just circus tents to match the look.