One original 1955 Tomorrowland attraction gave guests the kind of experience that Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland dedication promised—Rocket to the Moon, presented by a major airline, TWA.

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  • Jungle Trekkie

    Does anybody know what happened to the original Moonliner that was in the 1955 Tomorrowland? Does it still exist somewhere?

    • Werner Weiss

      Sadly, the original Moonliner at Disneyland was destroyed in 1966.

      In 1955, it looked great as a prediction of the future. But by the 1960s, it looked terribly old-fashioned because real space rockets of the 1960s didn’t look like that. As more decades passed, the 1950s design once again became very appealing, which is why a smaller version returned on 1998.

  • Garrett240

    Great article! I always enjoy reading about Disneyland history. I also like reading how past decades viewed the future.

    Thanks for writing it!

  • Algernon

    Ah, what progress we’ve made!

    1903 Wright Bros. plane— 30 mph.
    1958 Boeing 707———— 607 mph.
    2013 Boeing 767 ———– 539 mph.

    Not only are we not flying to the moon, we are actually flying slower on earth! Watch the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and see where we should have been by now.
    Walt Disney’s 1967 Tomorrowland gave us a vision of a fabulous future. Today’s Tomorrowland is nothing but an ugly Pixar Cartoonland. Everything but Space Mountain belongs in Yesterland, and the old Space Mountain entrance needs to come back.