Beaches & Cream is a sweet little 50’s style ice cream shop.  This table service location is best known for their amazing hot off the grill burgers and ice cream selections such as “The Kitchen Sink.”  Located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, It has become a guest favorite.  It is a short walk from Epcot’s International Gateway.

I’ve been to Beaches & Cream a number of times and each experience is always enjoyable.  They recently updated their menu to add a few new items.  What better reason for me to visit again and share with all of you?!

With the bankruptcy of Hostess, many of the breads used at Walt Disney World (including Wonder) have had to be replaced.  Like many restaurants, Disney had to rush to pull in a new bread vendor for staple items such as cheeseburgers and hot dogs.

Luckily for Beaches & Cream, they didn’t have that impact to their menu.  “All Burger, Muligrain, and Sub rolls are baked fresh daily at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts Bakery.”

Bacon Angus Beef Burger – served with Cobb Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Fresh-baked Bun. – $13.99

It’s still “Burger Heaven” –

Tomato Bisque Soup – $5.99

My dining partner said this soup was great. “Slightly creamy and a pure tomato flavor,” which she loved! Serving was filling and great for a chilly day!  She did prefer the tomato basil soup at Palo, but this one at Beaches & Cream is a close second.

Craving something from that classic fountain shop?

When I don’t indulge with a dessert, I often opt for a classic fountain shop drink such as a chocolate soda.  It’s a great way to teach the kiddos a thing or two about the past as you jam to the oldies from the jukebox.


There’s so many sweet endings to choose from!
Mickey Sundae, Fudge Mud Slide, Milky Way Sundae, No Way Jose

Kitchen Sink

Beaches & Cream is probably best known for their large, family style dessert called “The Kitchen Sink.”  Where does the name come from?  It isn’t just because the dessert is served in a minute kitchen sink, but because it includes one scoop of each ice cream in the house, each topping, each add-in, and a whole can of whipped cream! (“A Whole Can?” “Yes, a whole can!”)

For those using the Disney Dining Plan, Beaches & Cream counts as one Table Service Entitlement.  If you wish to enjoy The Kitchen Sink, you need to have at least four adults dining with you for this to be included for your dessert on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Kitchen Sink – $26.99
Special lights are located in the ceiling to celebrate the delivery of The Kitchen Sink!
A server delivering The Kitchen Sink to a table.

When the Cast Member brings out a Kitchen Sink for someone to devour and enjoy, they will share everything that is included and end with “A Whole Can of Whipped Cream!”  It’s your job as guests (along with other Cast working) to respond back, “A Whole can?!” To which the Cast Member carrying the dessert replies back, “Yes, a whole can!”

Mickey Sundae

For those who want to enjoy the ice cream experience without over eating, a Mickey Sundae may be the perfect option for you.  You can pick your ice cream flavor and out comes one scoop of ice cream complete with Mickey Ears (Oreo cookies), eyes (chocolate chips) and a nose (maraschino cherry).

Oh – and you can’t forget the little tale (the stem of the cherry).

“Always yummy since you can pick your own ice cream flavor.  Just enough fun even when you’re full.”

Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter with Caramelized Bananas, Whipped Cream, and Scoop of Ice Cream – $6.49.


Apple-Cranberry Pie is another new dessert recently added to the menu.

Beaches and Cream does not take reservations, but instead takes walk-in guests all day long.  Beaches and Cream does accept the Disney Dining Plan as a Table Service entitlement.  Sometimes the wait can be a bit long, especially for a booth but the wait to dine at the counter isn’t usually too bad.  If you’re craving that ice cream and cannot wait or simply looking to utilize snack entitlements instead, try the To Go service window located to the right of the restaurant entrance.

Have you dined at Beaches and Cream before?  What are your thoughts on this popular little establishment?  Do you enjoy the burgers, the ice cream, or both?

Have questions about Disney dining?  Are you seeking restaurant recommendations?  Do you have Disney Dining Plan questions?  Please send emails to [email protected]!  You will get a response and they might be used in an upcoming article.