Here at MiceChat, we’re big fans of SeaWorld Orlando. The freedom that this park has to develop new attractions, compared to their other U.S. properties, has resulted in a nice mix of education and entertainment. This week, we share more pictures of the progress at SeaWord’s next mega attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.  Bringing a trackless ride system to the U.S., and mixing it with a motion simulator base, will offer a unique experience for sure.

We open with a look at the overview of the area.

In the shot above, we have Antarctica in the center, mostly white show buildings. To the left is the brilliant Manta flying coaster. Just above in the beige is Journey to Atlantis. Finally off to the right, the aqua colored coaster is Kraken. All Wonderful rides that will be flanking the new Antarctica.

Atlantis was the first thrill ride to be built at the park in 1998.

Let’s zoom in on the center of Antarctica.

To the right we have the largest structure, the actual ride and show building.  To the left the gift shop.  Scaffolds are still up as the icy glaciers that serve as the facades for the show building are being sculpted and painted.

Here we see the pathways being built to give access into the new area.

One of the ways guests will be able to enter the area.

The same pathway, leading towards Kraken.


At center is the gift shop, just above you can see Journey to Atlantis.

Along the pathway previously pictured, we get a ground level view here.

You can see the that they have not yet attempted to fully obscure the show buildings and structures.  They are merely using the rock work as a way to set up location and keep focus at a low level.  It would be nice if SeaWorld would really go to the Disney level of theme with their execution on this project and try to fully immerse the guests in another world.

Regardless of this one minor qualm, Antarctica is promising to be something really impressive.  We look forward to experiencing this attraction when it opens in Summer 2013. Not long now folks!