Disneyland News, Walt Disney World happenings, snow in Tokyo and Oscar nominations are just some of the absorbing topics in this weeks MiceChat Round Up. We also have stunning photography from the Disneyland resort from New Years Eve, more vintage hotel photos and a salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue.  Don’t forget to read further though as we hear rumors of a refurbishment for Colossus at Magic Mountain, construction walls at Universal Hollywood and a brand new MiceChat Podcast. Plus Communicore Weekly, MiceChatter Sarah and the Unofficial Universal Podcast!

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The Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue kicks off at Disneyland
Hello everybody, we’re mighty glad to see that the (Salute to the) Golden Horse shoe Review!  This show is now entertaining Disneyland Guests once again for too short a time! Our own Fishbulb reports directly from the first show, with tons of photos and a full video of the show!

Beloved Disneyland Resort President, George Kalogridis, has been transferred to the east coast so Disneyland now has a new President, Meet Michael Colglazier. The Golden Horseshoe now has CanCan girls, but sadly, for only a limited time,  and of course we have several new photo reports this week for your enjoyment! ~ Aladdin

NYE 2012 Photo Heavy
biggsworth was at the Disneyland Resort for New Years eve and has a plethora of pictures, starting with Christmas decorations from Carburetor County!

Photo Trip!
Elias1955 has several great photos from Disneyland and DCA, including Toontown and some nighttime neon from Radiator Springs!

Disneyland Hotel 1956: What’s In A Photo
oldhotelguy has more vintage photos from the grand opening of the Disneyland Hotel!

Disneyland Photographic Views (or, here’s a bunch of photos I took)
Regions Beyond returns with more terrific photos from all around Disneyland!

Michael Colglazier new President of Disneyland. Kalogridis moves to WDW
Disneyland’s President is being transferred to WDW. Check the details here for who became the new Disneyland Resort President! Then tell us what you think about this shake up.

Sad news – Roger Broggie has passed
The audio-animatronics wizard for Disney Imagineering, passed away at the age of 73.

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The big news keeps coming at Walt Disney World. Though, of course, by reading certain fan sites we know a lot of the news before it breaks. While last week was the official announcement of MyMagic+, this week brings the announcement of George Kalogridis as the new Walt Disney World president. Our Disneyland friends seem to think he’s worth the change, so hopefully they’re right. At least we can’t see things dip much more… right? ~yoyoflamingo

George Kalogridis new WDW President
A lot of recent management changes announced for Walt Disney World, but the most important is George Kalogridia taking over as president of Walt Disney World. What exactly does this mean for the Florida park and is it a good thing? Share your thoughts here.

‘Urban Explorer’ banned for life…
In the ‘This was only a matter of time’ file, comes news of the Urban Explorer, wandering backstage and in various unauthorized areas, finally getting caught and ejected from the park, permanently. Fair punishment? Tell us here.

WDW Conditions – Cause and Effect
In an interesting topic, DisneySam poses the question: ‘Is Walt Disney World’s quality slipping because of poor guest behavior, in addition to maintenance?’ Share your thoughts here.

MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat – October 19th – 26th, 2013
We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.

They don’t happen often, but when they do, folks tune in to hear the latest gossip and dish from Disney and the theme park world. The latest MiceChat Podcast has JUST been published, don’t miss a minute of this cavalcade of fun (also available on iTunes HERE):

Welcome to this week’s not-to-be-missed Communicore Weekly, where we talk about the Matterhorn, Sketch Books, Boardwalk, and the UK Pavilion! DISNEY HISTORY! — Brave the icy slopes of the Matterhorn as we learn all about it in this week’s History segment! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George looks at the latest title from Disney Publishing (which probably is the longest title in the world), “Walt Disney Animation Studios The Archive Series: Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men: The Flipbooks” IMPROMPTU UNITED KINGDOM PAVILION PHONE BOOTH DISNEY TRIVIA! – Join us as we debut a BRAND NEW SEGMENT in what is sure to become the Disney Community’s favorite new game show! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – Visit the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World to find this week’s Five Legged Goat!

In The Parks provides a great video of the Limited Time Magic promotion, Disneyland unveiled A Salute to The Golden Horseshoe Revue in Frontierland.

Sarah, the MiceChatter, shares her favorite moments of 2012. Let’s see if you agree:


Plenty of chatter about the Universal parks this week. Also a rumor about Six Flags Magic Mountain and pictures from the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. ~ Trekkie Dad

Indiana Jones at the Discovery Science Center
3IAlienKid has pictures from the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology traveling exhibit at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana. If you are an Indy fan, this is not to be missed.

RUMOR: Colossus to get major Refurbishment in 2014?
sir clinksalot hopes there is truth behind this rumor.

Islands of Adventure Port of Entry video
Coasterjunkie has videos of details that many guests rarely notice at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Episode 48 topic.
UUOPLee is promoting a podcast where the future of Universal Studios Orlando will be discussed.

USH Behind Walls, 1/9/13
BogLurch has a report from a short visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Snow at Tokyo Disneyland Resort! (Maybe you should wait until spring to visit.) And MiceChatters voice their opinion on the theme for a new hotel in Hong Kong. ~ Trekkie Dad

The Tokyo Disney Resort in Snow
This is the real deal, and ichigopara‘s Twitter has pictures to show us.

This Spring Looks Like a Good Time for Americans to Visit TDR
Got your plane ticket? According to Roger55, a favorable exchange rate is making a visit to Japan more attractive.

What should the theme for the 3rd hotel be?
Asa thinks the theme for a third hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland should be Art of Animation. Not everyone agrees.

I’m very pleased to report that MiceChat has been awarded “Theme Park Fan Site of the Year.” Fantastic theme park site, Behind the Thrills, held an end of year vote to determine the best Fan Site, and MiceChat was the overwhelming vote getter. Congratulations to all of our readers and staff.

Rolly Crump Book Signings – Jan 31st, Feb 1st, Feb 2nd
Former Imagineer and Disney Legend Rolly Crump & Jeff Heimbuch will be signing copies of their book “It’s Kind Of A Cute Story” at the Barnes and Noble in Encinitas, CA on Thursday, January 31st, 2013.

We have lots of movie talk this week. (Must be the Oscar buzz.)

2013 Oscar Nominees have been announced
Now that the nominees have been announced, what do MiceChatters have to say about them?

Most Anticipated Movies of 2013
Here’s your chance to vote in a poll created by Elias1955.

Jurrasic Park IV
Looks like another Jurassic Park may find its way to a theater near you sometime in 2014.

A Zack Snyder Star Wars film taking place outside of the new trilogy?
As calsig31says, take this rumor for what it’s worth.

ABC May Do the Star Wars TV
Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, this project may be getting a second look from ABC.

News: Hunchback of New Amsterdam Theatre?
Coolwowzer found this link that speculates about a production being considered for Broadway.

Disney’s 2013 Oscar Nominees
ALIASd reports that Disney led the Best Animated Feature Film category with three nominated films!

Disney Film Updates: ‘POTC 5’, ‘Maleficent’, ‘Brad Bird’s ‘1952’ & The Muppets 2
Also in the news today, ALIASd reports current roster of movies coming to us in the near future!

Disney Infinity
Hathaway Browne
posts a interesting trailer for this new game by Disney, discuss what you think about the current information released here!

Splitsville Bowling for Dollars
Enough happens in O-Town that it’s impossible for a single person to see everything, especially if trying to cram it all in on weekends. So it happens sometimes that I’m very late to the party,…

With the flip of the calendar from 2012 to 2013, the Disneyland Resort has just closed the history book on one of the most successful years in the 58 year history of the Anaheim property.…

What’s Happening at the Walt Disney Family Museum – January 2013
While the interpretation of the Mayan Calendar may have been a tad off, the calendar for The Walt Disney Family Museum was right on the money! The Holidays are always a fun time at the…

Golden Horseshoe Revue returns as Big Thunder Mountain closes for refurbishment at Disneyland
Disneyland‘s busy holiday season faded away last week as both parks entered the off-season with various refurbishment projects. In Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is now closed for an extensive 10-month overhaul that will bring…

Lots of Walls and Construction at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World. There was big news in the Disney universe this week as we learned that Meg Crofton would finally be leaving as head of the Walt Disney World Resort…

Stories From The Graveyard Shift At Disneyland
After a brief break for the holidays, I’m back with a really interesting new cast member interview in today’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse. We chat with Garrett, who worked 3rd shift at Disneyland…

Walt Disney World Photo Parkeology
In last week’s column, I looked at some vintage images from a 1974 pictorial souvenir of Walt Disney World and got pretty nerdy over a park bench. There must be a lot of WDW nerds out…

DESIGN: Those Were The Times No.1 – Meet Roger Broggie Sr.
Today’s Wheel of Years stopped at 1954, so here we go. Shortly after I began making design sketches at home for Disneyland’s Autopia Car, I received an early Saturday morning call; “Gurr, do you draft?” – sleepily…

NEWS: Bob wants you to know that he’ll have another all new post up on MiceChat next week!

In The Parks – Knotts Revitalizes Log Ride
With the back to back Halloween and Christmas crowds now a memory, Knott’s Berry Farm is gearing up for a banner summer with three new attractions and a major refurbishment.  The world famous Timber Mountain…

In The Parks: Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue Returns
The new year has begun and changes are a’plenty at the Disneyland Resort.  Yesterday saw the return of a beloved show  to Frontierland in the form of the Salute to the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue.…


SeaWorld Orlando Antarctica Progress
Here at MiceChat, we’re big fans of SeaWorld Orlando. The freedom that this park has to develop new attractions, compared to their other U.S. properties, has resulted in a nice mix of education and entertainment.…

Disney New Year’s Resolutions
Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. Statistically, these resolutions last until around February because, let’s be honest, how fun is it to starve yourself or give up enjoyable but “bad” habits?

Samland Grab Bag – Disneylanders, Retlaw, Dart and More
Sam returns with a wonderful grab bag of Disney delights. Some fun and perhaps even surprising facts about Disneyland are shared below. DISNEYLANDERS In 1958, the Disneyland public relations department produced an annual report describing…

Disney Songstress Eden Espinosa Releases New Album
MiceChatters igrules and MicCheshire were lucky enough to attend the recent release party for Disney songstress Eden Espinosa’s first album. Eden is well known locally for her perforrnances as Elphaba in the Los Angeles and…

TWA and the Moonliner: Rocket to 1986—from 1955
One original 1955 Tomorrowland attraction gave guests the kind of experience that Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland dedication promised—Rocket to the Moon, presented by a major airline, TWA. Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: TWA and the Moonliner.

A Great Big Broken Down Tomorrow
For years now, there has been a definite decline in the maintenance and upkeep for show elements at Walt Disney World. One of the most noticeable, as fellow MiceChat columnist Kevin Yee has pointed out…

Walt Disney World’s Main Street Bakery
Main Street Bakery the simple and classic Main Street Bakery has been a staple of the Magic Kingdom park since its opening in 1971.  Although offerings have continued to change and evolve throughout the years,…

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