When it’s morning at Yesterland and you want coffee and a buttery pastry or melt-in-your-mouth muffin, just head halfway up Yester Main Street, U.S.A. to the Blue Ribbon Bakery.

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  • airick75

    I loved the Blue Ribbon Bakery. Although the Jolly Holiday Bakery is also really great. It’s a tradition to stop there before we leave whenever I anymore. A grilled cheese, hot chocolate, and a cookie to take home. (Ok, the cookie never makes it home…) But I have many good memories of stopping in at the Blue Ribbon too.

  • Ravjay12

    I used to work there! was a great place to work with great people. Can’ t wait to see the new changes.

  • mainstreetcm

    I also used to work inside the Blue Ribbon Bakery, good times, and a constant line, which meant job security! Will never forget that summer of 2005 as Disneyland celebrated its 50th.

  • indianajack

    Loved the Blue Ribbon Bakery, but expanded seating for Carnation Cafe and the Jolly Holiday Bakery were a fair trade-off.

  • Miss the Blue Ribbon. But, I too like the new Jolly Holiday just fine.

    That old brass espresso machine was stunning.

  • Mr. Disney

    I always find these Yester Main Street Locale switcheroos so confusing 😛

  • scarymouse

    I haven’t been to the new bakery, but I do miss the old blue ribbon bakery. We also would stop off there before leaving the park, lots of great memories and a few extra pounds too. Everything was always so good.!