Things are getting more Harry at the Universal Orlando Resort.  As discernible progress has been made at the Harry Potter construction sites in each park, we are able to make out more and more of what is behind the scenes. Currently, the property is a maze of construction walls. That won’t begin to change until after Transformers opens this summer.  Let’s tour the park and take in the progress.  There is a lot to see.


The Kings Cross Station and platform, which will act as a transport from Universal Studios over to the Harry Potter area in Islands of Adventure, is slowly taking form.  We were able to spot the structure going up across from the Gringott’s Bank show building.


Speaking of the Gringott’s coaster, nice progress has been made.  We can now see major walls have been erected, dividing a few of the show scenes.  If you look closely you can make out what appears to be the foundation for scenic rock work inside the ride.


Moving on to this years major attraction. Transformers 3D is now fully enclosed and little is visible from the outside.

Here is the entrance to the attraction. It is said that they will have a completely original entrance, unique to this park.
The far corner, along the lagoon, there appears to be fixtures for signage.
Little is revealed when peeking through the cracks in the construction walls.
On the back side of the structure we find a platform from which construction refuse is discarded.
Essentially a fancy garbage chute


Along the Lagoon, there has been a little bit of work done along the banks of Battery Park.


Construction also continues on the expansion of the Springfield facades.  Work is being done next to the existing ride and Kwik-E-Mart and along the banks of the lagoon.

Looking towards the lagoon.

Looking towards the construction from the other side of the lagoon.


Even with all of the major construction happening, Universal is also plussing the smaller experiences as well. Such as the Shrek Meet and Greet.


A small portion of the entrance to Islands of Adventure is having some work done, though we aren’t sure what.


At the back side of Islands of Adventure, the construction for the Hogwart’s Express station in this park is moving full steam ahead.  Heavy earthwork is being finalized and rebar is on site to begin foundation work.


We finally caught the new Hogsmeade stage in action, as the Frog Quartet performed to the delight of the crowd.


Our Universal Orlando Podcast turns its attention to what we can expect from the parks this year and in the years to come. We all know that Universal announced last year that Transformers: The Ride 3D will be opening in the Studios park this summer, but there are a lot of other things in the works too.

On this episode of the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, we delve in to what else is happening in 2013 and what we will likely see in the coming years. It’s a great time to be a fan of the Universal Orlando Resort so sit back, hit play and join us in discovering what the future holds.

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Well folks, that’s our update for today. What are your thoughts on the massive construction going on at Universal Orlando?