Disneyland celebrates Mardi Gras as Tinker Bell Half Marathon races through Anaheim

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on January 21, 2013 at 5:49 am with 16 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    I don’t like the paint scheme on the Buena Vista Street Bridge. It does not fit the area. Poor show Disney. It needs to be changed back.

    Thanks Again Andy


  • MiceChat Staff

    EXCELLENT update Andy Thank you!

  • Wonderful, Now I’m clicking over to read the Bonus Dateline Disneyland on the Blue Sky Cellar! Thank you Andy!

  • Internitty

    I agree the colour on the Buena Vista Street Bridge isn’t as good as it was but could it be they are hoping it will fade to the colour they want in time? Or something I really hope isn’t right but is the first thing that came to my mind is a message from Meg…

    Love the detailed look at the Fantasy Faire on your other page Andy, is it just me or does there seem to be a little too much empty space in the area it loses the village feel with the vast emptiness around the tent and fountain, I know it’s difficult with the crowds that will fill the space or it could just be how the model looks. The ober the fence photos of the area look beautiful.

    Shame about the gate in Frontierland, it does look great but yes real wood would have been much better.

    Is there any clue as to what might be happening in the Starcade? I hope it’s something worthwhile.

    A nighttime cruise on Rivers of America would be so much fun, it’s a pity I can’t make it there to enjoy the opportunity, I hope as many people as possible take advanatage of the chance to enjoy such a rare opportunity.

    I just wanted to say thank you also for including images of food and merchandise in your updates, I always love seeing stuff like that.

  • disneyohno

    For crying out loud its just a bridge!!!

  • QuiGonJ

    I hope they haven’t given up on the Arcade part of Starcade. We don’t need more retail space in Disneyland. Honest.

  • tcsnwhite

    I think the bridge looks much better. It has some character, and contrast now.
    Disney environments are meant to be fantasy, “inspired-by” recreations of certain times and eras, including paint schemes and even the architecture. Look at DL and every other park. They’re not perfect, natural recreations…and they’re not meant to be. They’re meant to evoke a time…and feelings. Creative license has always been taken in whatever WDI has created. Did real turn of the century Main Streets look like Main Street USA? No. Did a 1920-30s Los Angeles look as beautiful and quaint as Buena Vista Street? No. Were all these various Disney environments as quaint, clean, pretty, and colorful in real life? Hell no. So Disney playing around with arch./color schemes is nothing new…it’s what they do.

  • DisneyDrums

    I’m kinda sad to see Wreck-It Ralph have to go. I enjoyed playing his game.

  • eicarr

    In 1987, Tomorrowland had no equal in the park. Now, photos like the boarded up Starcade just turn my stomach. I feel embarrassed for Disneyland at the ghetto this land has turned into. Abandoned ride tracks, revolving product showrooms and “historic” 3D movies bring down the image of the entire park. This shame needs to be priority #1.

    The newly painted DCA bridge does look nicer than the actual bland bridge and the old Golden Gate travesty. As with the entire Buena Vista Street, I applaud anything that enhances guest experience, even at the expense of historical accuracy.

  • dlfreak

    Looks great! Really wish we could have gotten one last look at Small World Holiday before it closed.

    Also, the beads at Fillmore’s look like they are crooked… that or they were flapping in the wind having been agitated by someone or something.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    Great update!

    The bridge looks strange to me. It is not period at all to Los Angeles. It also makes the bridge a focal point to the street. It reminds me of London bridge. The street is supposed to take you to the period of the twenties to forties of Los Angeles. The texture feel just is not accurate to that time period.

  • HeeHee

    Excellent update! Photos were stellar! So informative-so much so I don’t need a trip to the park this week! Thank you for all your hard work, it is truly appreciated. 🙂

  • niklj

    Churros are HOW MUCH?!

    Also, I hope the arcade games are out for…refurbishment.

  • Tinkbelle

    The bridge looked better before. Change it back!

  • WorldLover71

    If it’s cost-effective to produce lots of unique merchandise for a one-time event like a marathon, why must every store sell the same 10 items? Why not lots of unique things in each store like “the good old days?” Also, why must all 6 US parks have the same bags/plates/ napkins, etc? With the volume they go through, they can’t possible be saving that much. I know stores and restaurants that do MUCH less volume that have unique disposables. A complaint as old as time I guess.

  • Awe_inspired

    Great job! Thanks Andy.