We’ve got a brief update from SeaWorld San Diego this weekend covering construction on the park’s new entrance and some projects around the property.


New fences have popped up on the left side of the entrance, in front of Shamu Stadium.

The ground hasn’t been broken into yet.

The walls on the opposite side of the entrance are still up…

The ticket booths have been repainted for the last time…

…the current entrance

Soon, all of this will be a brand new entrance and entertainment complex which rethinks what a park entry should be.

We are interested to see what’s going to happen with this lawn. It’s been here for such a long time, but it’s a huge amount of space just waiting to be repurposed.


There have been some new attraction happenings in the park. Let’s take a look…

On the park map, the 4D theater – which usually shows Sessame Street’s Light’s, Camera, Imagination 4D Movie has now been labeled with “New Attraction Coming Summer 2013”.

The place hasn’t been touched since the Christmas Celebration.
During the Christmas Celebration, the Mission Bay Theater shows The Polar Express 4D.


The side of the theater has been blocked off from park visitors.
Signs are still up for The Polar Express 4D…
…and the Sessame Street film.

SeaWorld hasn’t announced anything about the new attraction, and we don’t really have any predictions of what could come here. It would be nice to have Turtle Trek 4D, and it would be convenient due to the fact that it would be so close to the Turtle Trek attraction, but we doubt that it would open at this park, due to the limit the park has on heights. It would be nice though…

…and the Freshwater Aquarium. You can read the documents here.

The Freshwater Aquarium will be turned into a new restaurant and the gift shop – which is currently 4,700 square feet – will be shrunk to 2,300 square feet. We are hoping that they will bring that super nice Shark Restaurant from Orlando – since the restaurant will be close to the Shark Encounter.


Yeah, the Cirque set is still there.

Now that the SkyTower is free, SeaWorld has decided to open a small Crepes booth. This is upsetting me. I don’t have anything against crepes, but a big issue that I have with SeaWorld is that they have become extremely commercial. Every place you turn, you’ll see a restaurant, or a small roll away cart selling snacks, or a place to throw rings on glass bottles. SeaWorld really needs to focus on their attractions and entertainment options. They hardly have any land, and instead of building new attractions, they build restaurants and arcade games.  It’s almost like those rumors about Six Flags wanting to buy the SeaWorld parks has already come true.

And that’s the news from SeaWorld San Diego for this month. What do you think SeaWorld has planned for the 4D Theater at the back of the park?  Am I just being over sensitive about the increased commercialism in the park? Would love to hear your thoughts.