Over the past few weeks, construction of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s newest coaster has kicked into high gear. Land clearing and digging is well underway as footers are being poured. There is some track and supports backstage that will soon be making it’s way to the construction site. The park also has a new dining plan they are offering and new lockers have popped up and have even been removed from some rides.

But first, a look at the lines that guests who purchased the great Season Pass deals are having to deal with. This is the line shortly after park opening at the main Season Pass processing center. The white building in the back is the processing center for those who aren’t familiar with the park.

So many people are taking advantage that the park has been using the inside processing center. This was the line inside about an hour after the park opened.

Full Throttle

Full Throttle Construction has taken off over the past few weeks even though we’ve had a constantly fluctuating weather pattern.

Near the fountain there are signs leading guests around the construction area.
Taking a look at the former Log Jammer site we can see footers have been poured and ground is continuing to be cleared.

Heading up the hill near the Superman Plaza, they’ve been hard at work. Superman was closed a few weekends ago for construction of Full Throttle but they did a good job setting up the footers in this area quickly so they could get the ride back open. Due to construction, Superman may need to be closed certain weekends, it’s always best to check with the park to see what rides are open.

One of the footers moved into the Superman symbol, hopefully this will be repainted once construction is complete. It sure has faded a lot since they painted it about 2 years ago.


Looking down towards the tunnel launch area you can see footers have been built here and ground clearing is on-going.
Down near the tunnel you can get a clear look at how much work is going on
Construction walls have blocked off the construction area heading up the path, but the path is currently open. Construction needs may necessitate it closing periodically though.
Construction walls have blocked off the construction area heading up the path, but the path is currently open. Construction needs may necessitate it closing periodically though.

One of the bigger footers we’ve seen so far
We were also able to head up to the Sky Tower and get a birds-eye view of construction.
Looking at the footers, you can almost get a feel for the layout of the ride. Still looks like a lot of unused ground down there for a future attraction.
A look down at how much room the footers are taking up in Superman Plaza
Looks like the roof of Lucky Dragon could use some work.
Work going on near the old Arcade, looking through Tatsu that could probably use some paint before Full Throttle press day.

Looking out beyond the parking lot you can see some track and footers that are on-site. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a closer look at these soon (with park permission of course since that is a private road back there).

As you can see. Full Throttle is coming along and vertical construction should begin very soon.

New Dining Plan

As we reported in last weeks update, the park has a new dining plan which they are advertising throughout the property.

Prices are $99.99 which includes Lunch and Dinner on EVERY visit. You can also add Hurricane Harbor for an additional $25.

Several menus throughout the park have been updated to reflect the new dining plan.
Nice to see they are offering some healthier dining options, well maybe not the crispy chicken salad.

New Lockers

The ride lockers, always a source of debate among fans of the park have been replaced. Apparently the old contract ran out and they’ve put in some new ones that seem a little more high-tech.

The lockers in the main locker area have been updated as well.
The amount of lockers near Tatsu have been cut in half, hopefully they’ll do something with the gaps here.
One of the nice things about the new lockers is that you have the ability to rent a “locker pass” which will allow you to move your belongings from ride to ride. The single-use option is still available as well.
Maybe an all-day locker pass for $10-$15 would be a better option?

Some rides have had their lockers fully removed, like Apocalypse and Viper. At Viper you can see where the lockers used to be. Hopefully they’ll clean this area up soon.

Slingshot Ride Review

We finally got to take a ride on Slingshot over this past weekend.

I personally thought the ride was a LOT of fun but I’m not afraid to admit that at my advanced age (37) I just can’t do the multiple flips anymore. I think we probably flipped about 7 or 8 times. The teenage ride-op seemed to really enjoy it even though he said he’d ridden about 50 times already.

Here I am, waiting to ride.
You raise up a little bit and with very little warning (none) you are launched up into the air.
And up you go!!

The ride is a great deal of fun. It’s still a carnival ride but I’m sure it serves it’s target audience well. Is it worth the price? The season pass price for 2 people is $30 – that’s either in your comfort range or it isn’t. That said, in the 10-15 minutes I was in the area, I didn’t see anybody come up to ride but it was a very slow day at the park. It will be interesting to see what ridership is like during the busy summer season. The other up-charge rides (Dive Devil and the Go-Karts) are generally very popular.

Around the Park

Elsewhere in the park, a Single Rider sign has been added to Viper. This may have been here for awhile but this is the first I’m seeing it. Hopefully more rides will advertise a single-rider option as it’s a great way to beat the crowds and make sure all trains are running at full capacity.

Some concrete work was being done near the games, or is it for a new attraction? Let the speculation begin. (It’s just concrete work folks. 😉 )
The facade for Willoughby’s has been removed and the wall has been completely sealed in. We’ll have to see what happens with this amazing maze for Fright Fest this year.

The park is going to be getting some new trams to replace the ones that have been at the park for close to 40 years. There are approximately 4-6 buses that the park bought that were previously used at the Salt Lake Olympics. They are currently backstage and should be in use before summer. One of the old trams is backstage, maybe this could be used in some kind of Fright Fest maze?

And lastly, one of the major rumors to come out regarding the park over the past few weeks has been a MAJOR refurbishment/re-tracking/re-imagining of Colossus, scheduled to begin in 2014. This hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but this is a rumor that has been going around for a few years and has recently picked up a LOT of steam. Just to be on the safe side, if you are a fan of the original Colossus (as I am) be sure to get some rides on it this year.

That will do it for this week. Keep in mind that this is technically the “off-season” for the park, so there is a lot of work going on. Tidal Wave and Roaring Rapids are closed for their yearly refurbishments. Some rides (Superman and Gold Rusher) may need to close for Full Throttle construction and a lot of other general upkeep is being done throughout the park.