Two icons of Disneyland’s early Tomorrowland endure, even though the originals were destroyed in the 1960s. One is the House of the Future. The other is the Moonliner, which stood at the entrance to the Rocket to the Moon attraction.

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  • troyer

    Thanks for the interesting homage to the past. The article mainly reminds me of how Tomorrowland is sorely in need of a revamp. I expect it is high on the list of oncoming construction at Disneyland. The Astro Orbitor ruins the atmosphere of the central hub; the Peoplemover was replaced but soon entirely abandoned; the grotesque faux rocks at Tomorrowland’s entrance hopefully will be removed, and hopefully in general Tomorrowland will actually be themed to the future as is its namesake, rather than as a tribute to a cartoonish Buck Rogers/Buzz Lightyear fantasy.

  • eicarr

    Cool old stuff like this and learning how they cheaped out in making the current version is depressing. The timeshare booth and neglected land is almost a national disgrace. Disneyland’s ghetto land just makes me sad, and for now I try to avoid it as much as possible.

  • ttrocc7007

    In the ninth pic down you reveal one of our family’s more sarcastic observations. On the monitor at Innovations one can clearly see that most astounding representation of the future, the 3 inch floppy disc.
    Poor old ‘Tomorrow’ Land.
    This is another fine column Warner. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion here.

  • Cappy

    I remember well that rocket to the moon. At the time it was pretty exciting with the roar of the engines, the vibrating seats and watching the earth getting smaller and the moon larger. The we headed back and landed back on Earth. Now almost 60 years later it would be a pretty boring thing with all new technology but it’s fun to look back and remember. I agree that that area is in need of a lot of work but with the theme it almost impossible to keep up with tomorrow.

  • Timekeeper

    One minor quibble about where this image is actually from:
    It’s actually from an interior display at the Disney Showcase around the time of 50th Anniversary, not from the Main Street Opera house. But aside from that, everything else checks out, I liked the Star Trader window display as it also featured a rotating snowflake from ATIS.


    • Werner Weiss

      Timekeeper, thank you! You are correct. I fixed it.

  • stu29573

    Ever since I built my scratch built flying model Moonliner, I have been a bit obsessed with her. In addition to that model ( which has flown twice) I have the original early version board game and a couple of Glenco models. Oh yeah, and the attraction pin….oh yeah and a genuine set of TWA Jr. Pilot wings…you get the picture, lol!

  • darkamor

    WERNER WEISS never fails to take me down memory lane …. and remind me that as Theme Park Guests we had more experiences back then compared to what we have no (& I’d rather have a MOONLINER in either TWA or DOUGLAS AERONAUTICS (even the McDonnell-Douglas merger colour scheme) as a central point theme in a Tomorrowland vs. the so out of place steam punk crap we’re stuck with now @ Disneyland) …. The late Bruce Gordon should be applauded for trying to keep Tomorrowland retro future (& whomever is responsible for denying him that idea becoming reality should be called out & publicly ridiculed)!

    C J