Welcome to MiceChat’s very first Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast. Hot on the heals of our successful Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, we’ve been inspired to share news and views from the parks Shamu built!

Join hosts Eric and Mike as they dive into this brand new podcast for the very first time.

We are still getting our feet wet, but we’ll be back again next month with much more to share about new attractions coming to the parks for this summer.



  • Lee Mallaby

    Haven’t listened yet, but have it downloaded. Can’t wait.

    • Eric Davis

      Well Lee you will have to let me know what you think!

  • Malin

    I had a lot of fun listening to the Podcast. I see a lot of potential here. My one minor complaint/feedback was that Mike didn’t come across on the audio as clear as Eric did and I’m not sure if that’s down to a bad connection? But SeaWorld is a subject very near and dear to my heart and I’m glad it has its own regular podcast.

  • Bcl1973

    As someone who loves Seaworld but every holiday says, we won’t go this time but do, I can’t wait to maybe hear about the background of the animals, get their back story & maybe get to know them a bit more. They have personalities too! Congratulations guys I can’t wait to listen.

    • Eric Davis

      Thank you for the feedback. We will be tweaking the format a bit.

      Where in the future episodes we are going to dedicate a whole section to animal rescues only, and we are going to bundle the news, rumors, and construction all into one section.

      That way we can spend more time talking about the animals we all love!

    • Eric Davis

      Thank you Malin for the feedback! We are working really hard to improve the podcast and we will be working on the overall quality with our goals being:
      1. Make the podcast fun to listen to
      2. Provide you with content you won’t hear anywhere else
      3. To connect everyone to the heart and soul of the SeaWorld which we feel are the amazing animals that call SeaWorld home.

  • CreepyMonkey


    You are right about the audio quality, We will be working on improving that as well. Thanks for listening!

    • Eric Davis

      Lots of improvements are coming!