Disneyland continues through the winter off-season with refurbishments, construction

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Published on January 28, 2013 at 5:39 am with 30 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • LangenFox

    I favorite time of the season to visit the park. Minimal crowds, lovely weather, and lots of refurbishment and construction.

  • rwsmith

    I had a great time at the parks last Saturday, but there was a lot of major rides down and that was a bummer.

  • pineapplewhipaddict

    Hi Andy! Thanks for the update!

    I just wanted to say that while some of those sets of ears may only be for limited-time magic, I’ve seen most of them in World of Disney from several months ago.

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  • Jay Allen

    Wonder when they’ll put animatronic bears on Grizzly Rapids.

  • Chee

    Thanks Andy, Great update, I look forward to them every week.

  • 4Apples4Disney

    Fantastic as always!

  • darkamor

    Everything receiving maintenance during the slower season @ Disneyland is something that WDW should be implementing, also (& hopefully it will once George K. takes over as WDW’s President) ….

    I had no idea that Main Street Station was down for Maintenance (I hope it comes back looking vibrant inside and out) ….

    I look forward to just about everything glimpsed in pictures, except for the Princess Fantasy Faire (which I predict will become a stroller parking lot of a nuisance) ….

    RIP Carnation Plaza (RIP Live Swing Music / Swing Dancing) :-(

    C J