Join us, the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast gang, for episode 49.

In addition to the latest Universal Studios Resort news and a listener email,  this edition sees us invite fellow MicePod and contributor Jeff Heimbuch onto the show to discuss with Tracey his new book ‘It’s Kind of a Cute Story’. This absorbing publication tells the tales of the amazing life and experiences of legendary Disney Imagineer Roly Crump in his own words. Jeff was a joy to talk to and we think you will really enjoy the resulting interview. As many of Universal’s current crop of the Creative Team, were once Imagineers, this links Disney and Universal even more closely than they appear to be giving the chat with Jeff more relevance to the podcast. Please be aware that the interview contains a minor swear word used repeatedly during one question towards the end. If you would like to buy a copy of Jeff’s book for yourself, please visit or Bamboo Forest Publishing.

So get yourself comfortable and listen in to another great episode of the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, you don’t want to miss it!

Well folks, did you enjoy yourselves?

  • Eric Davis

    Tracey’s interview with Jeff is probably one of THE BEST podcast interviews I have EVER heard!

    Tracey did such a great job asking great questions, and really making it feel like you were having tea with her and Jeff!

    Also Jeff… you have convinced me! I am going to buy your book!

  • What great timing. We just had a major event with Rolly Crump over the weekend at Disneyland. He is SO interesting and talented. Jeff knows Rolly better than just about anyone and I really enjoyed hearing more about this amazing Disney legend. Thank you all so much. I LOVE these podcasts!!!

  • Algernon

    I got the ebook version of the book for my Kindle Fire HD. It’s really good, especially the section on Knott’s Beary Tales, one of my all time favorite rides.

  • Lee Mallaby

    Thank guys. We love having great guests on and Jeff was a GREAT guest. Look for more book inspired interviews in the future from Tracey.

  • danyoung

    I’d love to listen to this, but I need to download it. Is that possible?

  • Lee Mallaby

    Yes Dan, you can find us on Itunes – 100% unofficial universal orlndo podcast or head to

  • Tracey Mallaby

    Jeff was easily one of the nicest guests I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. The book was brilliant (I can’t recommend it enough!) and I agree with Eric, the Knott’s Beary Tales section was great.

  • lazyboy97O

    The comment about Phillip Phillips made me think of the high school which is visible from Dragon Challenge, named for Dr. Philip Phillips.

  • Lee Mallaby

    Haha, great connection. I knew it was Dr. Phillips high School but I didn’t know it was named after Philip Philips.
    Thanks for the comment.