Disneyland officially announced the grand opening date of its newest attraction last week. The new Fantasy Faire princess meet-and-greet village next to Sleeping Beauty Castle is scheduled to open its gates March 12, just in time for big spring break crowds. The new princess area will give a permanent home to princess meet-and-greets and also offer live entertainment, a souvenir shop and special snacks and treats. Meanwhile, Disney theme park fans were saddened by the news that long-time Imagineer Tony Baxter announced his full-time retirement from Disney and transition to part-time advisor, effective this month. The news hit fans hard as Baxter is well-known for his work on numerous modern classic theme park experiences including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, the original Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT Center, and Disneyland Paris.

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Welcome to Disneyland!

Main Street Station’s refurbishment continues to greet off-season guests at Disneyland’s main entrance.

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Great spring color is starting to show up throughout the park…

Fantasy Faire officially set to open March 12

Disney officially announced last week that its new Fantasy Faire princess meet-and-greet village will open on March 12. The opening timeline makes sense so that Disney can have the new area open just in time for peak spring break crowds. Expect this area to be very popular when it opens this spring!

The new Royal Theatre’s bright pink and purple marquee is quite noticeable from the Central Plaza.

An artists rendering of the new Royal Theater stage area

A press release announcing the opening date gave a few new details on the area, including the Royal Theater and its two new shows:

Beginning March 12, 2013, Disney Princesses will await these guests at the new Fantasy Faire, a storybook world that extends Fantasyland and brings its timeless tales to life in fun and surprising ways.

Fantasy Faire creates an enchanting, immersive environment for guests who treasure magical fairy tales. Designed in the charming, old world style familiar to lovers of Fantasyland, this regal village fair is located on the west side of the “Hub” or Central Plaza, expanding Fantasyland beyond its current boundaries and into a location (the former Carnation Plaza Gardens) near the forecourt of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Visitors will walk a beautiful pathway leading into the corridors of the Royal Hall, where Princesses await them. Along the way, they will encounter whimsical design touches, including Geppetto’s cat Figaro dozing (and occasionally waking) on a window sill, and “Clopin’s Music Box,” a fascinating, interactive mechanical toy representing the Feast of Fools from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Guests may also explore a charming village square highlighted by Tangled Tower, a magical sculpture inspired by the story of Rapunzel. After dark, Rapunzel’s hair, twisting around the tower sculpture, comes to life with twinkling lights.

A highlight of the Fantasy Faire experience is the Royal Theatre, where guests will be treated to two different shows: the tales of Rapunzel (“Tangled”) and Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) as presented by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, a pair of vaudeville-style Renaissance storytellers. The princess heroine, Rapunzel or Belle, will join in the fun and remain with the audience to greet guests following the conclusion of the story.

Fairytale Treasures, a shop found inside Fantasy Faire, offers all kinds of Princess dresses, accessories and gifts. For guest refreshment, Maurice, Belle’s inventor father, has transformed an old gypsy wagon into a colorful food cart, Maurice’s Treats, serving bread twists – cheddar cheese garlic and strawberry almond cream flavors – along with a signature beverage, the Boysen Apple Freeze. [ FULL STORY ]

A look at Cinderella posing at a new Fantasy Faire meet-and-greet location:

Paint and lighting fixtures going up

The “CPG” crest, a nod to the Carnation Plaza Gardens, will go here

The new Figaro the cat animatronic will be perched on this ledge.

Another new lighting fixture

The new Maurice’s Treats outdoor vending cart is now in place at the Faire

Disney announced a few more details on its upcoming “Mickey and the Magical Map” show coming to the Fantasyland Theater this summer:

“Mickey and the Magical Map” presents Mickey Mouse in his timeless role as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Sorcerer Yen Sid sets his Mapmakers to work and this ensemble cast of male and female performers paints a wondrous map – capable of taking dreamers to any place imaginable and so large it spans the entire stage of Fantasyland Theatre.

Apprentice Mickey lets his curiosity get the better of him and stumbles upon the map’s magical powers. Mickey’s youthful mischief takes him, along with the audience, on a fantastic journey of imagination in the company of the Mapmakers, who help bring his adventures to life.

The journey, presented through amazing theatrical wizardry, colorful visuals and wonderful music, includes encounters with such classic Disney characters as Pocahontas, Mulan, King Louie from “The Jungle Book,” Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” and others. “Mickey and the Magical Map” is designed for Disneyland guests of all ages and represents Disney storytelling at its most thrilling. [ FULL STORY ]

An opening date for the show has yet to be set, although Disney has posted auditions for characters and dancers for the show on its DisneyAuditions.com website.

Tony Baxter steps down
at Walt Disney Imagineering

In other news, word spread quickly online Thursday afternoon when former Imagineer Eddie Sotto Tweeted that long-time Imagineer Tony Baxter had announced his retirement from Walt Disney Imagineering. The news was soon rebuffed by others, saying that Tony’s formal announcement on Friday would detail his new role at Imagineering. Both sides were right, and the following afternoon Baxter officially announced his resignation from his role as Senior Vice President, Creative Development and his transition to “part-time advisor” at Walt Disney Imagineering. The announcement came in the form of a lengthy letter from Baxter to his colleagues that was soon leaked online, appearing first at MousePlanet.com. Baxter’s letter detailed his career, his strong beliefs in the power of mentoring young artists, and five of “Disney’s keystone philosophies” that he learned from his mentors and that he has passed down to those he has mentored. Below, an excerpt from the letter, which can be found in full here.

Tony Baxter with a model from the re-imagined Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through that opened in 2008 at Disneyland.


Decades ago, Imagineering had the bold notion to start the 21st century 18 years early by unveiling the “future” at Epcot in 1982. This positive look at tomorrow had a numbing effect on the bleak vistas depicted in George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. As a kid beginning my career at Disneyland in the mid 1960s, both of these “futures” were far off from a universe where Disneyland was the only Disney park, Mr. Lincoln was a state of the art attraction, and everything operated under Walt Disney’s guidance.

Today, while there is a new set of “futures” to explore, the time has come for me to evolve my role at Walt Disney Imagineering. Beginning this February, I will be transitioning to a position as a part time advisor. While I will not be here on a regular basis, I will continue to be available to any and all of you as needs arise. Though my time will be limited, my passion for the magic WDI creates will be just as strong.

Since early last year, I have been thinking about what I would say to all of you when this time arrived. It has been a wondrous 47 years spanning the opening of Walt Disney World to Big Thunder and Star Tours … from Epcot’s original Journey into Imagination to Disneyland Paris and Indiana Jones. The Imagineers I have known and shared these times with have provided invaluable experiences not to be found anywhere else on earth.

As one of the lucky second-generation Imagineers, I had the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the core philosophies of our company. I was fortunate enough to work with Claude Coats, Marc Davis, John Hench and the many others who built this industry alongside Walt Disney. I was able to soak up their wisdom and partner with them on creative projects. I have passed forward many of their key philosophies, and as our culture and scope have evolved, I have tried to balance my support of these foundations, with the business of charting “what’s next.” Now the 21st century brings a new reality … for the first time, the younger generation is master of the key technologies driving the future. While upcoming generations deal with tech tools that are evolving almost daily, many of Disney’s keystone philosophies remain stable and relevant.

[ . . . ]

Going Forward – No company is perfect, and like any other corporation Disney has its own politics and challenges. We are artists, engineers, managers, filmmakers and musicians. But our company is unique; there is no place like it on earth. We are lucky. At the end of the day, it is my hope that this letter will add to the special culture that I have been privileged to grow in. I see the probability for that happening in my interactions with younger Imagineers like Michel, Josh, Zach, Dylan, Laura, Manuel, Vanessa and Brandon, which are beyond rewarding to me. At a time when “unlearning” is as critical as “learning,” it’s important to listen to the way these people think and enjoy the things they do. Creativity I have mined from their game-changing perspectives, now effectively influences my own design process. I hope that when their careers peak some decades from now, they will look back on our time together as I value the time I was able to spend with Claude Coats.

And now it comes down to the point at hand. I am not suggesting that I could be a mentor to you all, but that said, you should all have someone you can turn to in this manner. I do hope to be available to help support your ideas, give advice or even join a team whenever appropriate. My role will be one of supporting your visions in the best way I can, and encouraging you to maintain and build upon this already special place. I will have availability, and if you would like my assistance in any way, please e-mail Bruce Vaughn’s office to request my time.

This is not a goodbye, but hopefully a letter of introduction to the many of you that I have not yet had the chance to meet personally …

Tony Baxter

Feb. 1, 2013

One of Baxter’s crowning achievements: Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure.

Whatever comes of Baxter’s new role, it is indisputable that he has left an indelible mark on Disney’s theme parks across the world. From Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, to Splash Mountain and Indiana Jones Adventure, many of his projects have become iconic elements of the Disneyland experience, not to mention his work at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. Sources say that Baxter had largely been marginalized within the halls of Imagineering for the last 15 years following the opening of Disneyland’s new Tomorrowland in 1998. Save for the re-imagining of the Submarine Voyage in 2007, Baxter’s projects have been rather small, such as the the new Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, the return of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and the new Fantasy Faire project under construction now at Disneyland. While Baxter hasn’t spoken publicly about these internal corporate politics at WDI, the recent projects he’s been associated with certainly support the claims. It’s a shame that Baxter’s skills have been squandered in petty corporate in-fighting, but unfortunately it appears that this sort of toxic culture is commonplace at WDI these days and Burbank continues to turn a blind eye to the broken system in Glendale.

Hopefully there are some folks in Imagineering that take Tony up on his offer for guidance and mentoring. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with someone who has left such a lasting and important mark on the theme park industry. Only time will tell what Baxter’s departure means for Imagineering, but hopefully the future remains bright even without him.

Congratulations to Tony on a truly spectacular career and here’s hoping his new role will allow him and those he works with opportunities in the future to dazzle us again.

Imagineer Josh Shipley and Tony Baxter discuss the latest version of “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” at the 2009 D23 Expo.

Refurbishment Round-Up

Big Thunder Mountain’s refurbishment continues

Last week, Disney announced that the mining town of Rainbow Ridge would be “refurbished” during the Big Thunder Mountain overhaul. The announcement on the Disney Parks Blog shied away from calling it a complete rebuild, but did note that the “refurbishment” would use new materials along with some original props and building features including doors, windows and signs. The Disney Archives will be taking what’s left of the original Rainbow Ridge.

Meanwhile, as Disneyland refurbishes its Big Thunder Mountain and Walt Disney World installs an interactive NextGen queue at theirs, IGN reports that ABC Television has ordered a pilot for a new drama series based on the iconic theme park ride.

…As does the Mark Twain Riverboat and Fantasmic’s…

In Fantasyland, the Mad Tea Party is now closed for refurbishment

And the post-holiday “it’s a small world” refurbishment continues as well…

Limited Time Magic
New Orleans Bayou Bash!,
Lunar New Year Celebration,
and True Love Week

Disneyland’s New Orleans Bayou Bash will continue to bring its fun Mardi Gras offerings to New Orleans Square through Mardi Gras, which falls on next Tuesday, February 12.

New Orleans Bayou Bash!
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
February 8-12

This weekend, Disneyland’s Lunar New Year celebration will return and move to Pacific Wharf at Disney California Adventure. The celebration will feature colorful performances from dancers, musicians, and martial artists, special menu items at Pacific Wharf restaurants, and appearances from Mulan, Mushu, Mickey and Minnie.

Happy Lunar New Year Celebration
at Disney California Adventure
10 am — 5 pm, February 8 — 11

Next week, Disney’s Limited Time Magic promotion continues with True Love week in honor of Valentine’s Day. Disneyland released information with information on special food items and events that will be ongoing as part of the celebration.

This is the first year that Disney’s offered significant in-park Valentine’s Day entertainment and dining options. In recent years, Valentine’s Day has typically amounted to a smattering of merchandise offerings and some small decorations in Town Square (seen above). It’ll be interesting to see how a big Valentine’s Day offering will play out, seeing as its the last real commercial holiday that Disney has yet to find a way to monetize.

True Love Week
February 11-17, 2013

  • Romantic Setting:
    Guests will feel the romance at every turn, as heart-shaped signage and sweetheart-themed décor adorn Disneyland Park, making it an ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s week.
  • Blushing Castle:
    At dusk, hues of red and pink will bathe Sleeping Beauty Castle, with projections of flowers and hearts.
  • Floral Heart:
    A giant floral heart makes a sweet setting for a Valentine photo, in Town Square, Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland.
  • Valentine Wishes:
    Flowers, garlands and decorative doves will create a second ideal location around Snow White Wishing Well near Sleeping Beauty Castle. At night, magical lighting adds a romantic touch to the wishing well and Snow White Grotto.
  • Disneyland Sweethearts:
    Also near Town Square, guests will find a photo location with resident Disneyland sweethearts – Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.
  • Dinners for Two:
    Romantic dinners for two with prix fixe menus will be offered at select restaurants during the most romantic week of the year. Specially-created menus at Blue Bayou and Café Orleans in Disneyland, Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney California Adventure Park, Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel or Napa Rose in Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel make them ideal choices for a romantic evening. To book call 714-781-DINE (714-781-3463).
  • Cupcake Lovers:
    Chefs have prepared a specially themed Valentine’s dessert: a chocolate cupcake with raspberry mousse filling and dark chocolate mousse frosting. It will be available at Jolly Holiday Bakery Café in Disneyland, Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café and Pacific Wharf Café in Disney California Adventure, and Disneyland Hotel Coffee House.
  • Valentine’s-themed Takeaways:
    Limited-edition pins, plush, newly-designed apparel and Vinylmations will be available at select merchandise locations.
  • Ears for your Sweetheart:
    The classic Disneyland ear hat gets a total glitz makeover just in time for the most romantic time of the year. It will dazzle your Valentine and become the most sophisticated pair of ears in your collection.
  • Royal Romance:
    Guests will enjoy a rare opportunity to get photos of Disney Princes as they escort their Princesses along The Royal Walk in Fantasyland. In New Orleans Square, guests will find another pair of sweethearts, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.
  • In Search of True Love:
    Guests may also encounter the Wandering Wallflowers, in search of “true love.”
Welcome to California Adventure

Muppet*Vision 3D is now closed to install a 3D preview for the upcoming “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” set to open later this month.

A friendly reminded that Annual Passholders can enjoy California Adventure for up to two hours after regular park closing on Thursday nights in February, starting this week.

Below, some information on the special extended hours for Passholders. For complete information, click here.

Annual Passholder Extended Hours
February 7, February 14, February 21 and February 28, 2013

For 2 hours after regular park closing

Check-In and Wristbands
Check-in begins at 12:00 noon on the day of the event only, and must be completed in person.
Wristbands are required for access to attractions during Annual Passholder Extended Hours.
Wristbands are valid only for that day’s event and are subject to availability.
Passholders with wristbands may enter the event until thirty (30) minutes prior to the end of the event.

Grizzly River Run’s refurbishment continues…

New logs

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  • [B]Fantasy Faire:[/B] New princess-themed meet-and-greet area in former Carnation Plaza Gardens is under construction and expected to open in March 12, 2013.
  • [B]Fantasyland Theater presenting Mickey and the Magical Map:[/B] Fantasyland Theater closed August 12, 2012. Princesses have relocated to Small World Promenade allowing the Fantasyland Theater to close and prepare for the new “Mickey and the Magical Map” show scheduled to open Summer 2013.
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  • From Deadline, Disney CEO Bob Iger lashed out at U.S. Congressman Ed Markey over his concerns over Disney’s use of RFID technology in its new MyMagic+ program at Walt Disney World.
  • Disney has announced that its secretive “1952” film starring George Clooney is now officially titled “Tomorrowland”.
  • InsideTheMagic reported on a new smartphone-based in-park quest game called “Disney Kudos” that Disneyland is developing.
  • The OC Register shared news of two new hotels coming to the Disneyland Resort-area, each featuring a drugstore along with dining options.
  • Disney California Adventure’s annual “Celebrate Gospel” is set to return February 16.
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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    It is amazing how soon the Fantasy Faire will open, considering hwo long there has been an exhibition at the blue sky celler. Still, it looks good, but the marquee looks abit WDW for my tastes.

    Shame aboyt Tony Baxter, as he was a great imagineer. Hopefully, he will still influence the upcoming announcements.

    Thanks Again Andy


  • michael darling

    Thank you, Mr. Baxter, for all the magic.

    I think the Faire marquee is just fine, and suitable for its purpose. It will catch attention and draw visitors to the new area…..plus: its a faire. The buildings and rooftops are just delightful. The creative tile work is the best. I think Disney does roofs like no one else.

    I do think Cinderella’s surroundings look like a corner of an old Shakeys Pizza. But that’s just a nitpick! Just a small nitpick! This place is going to be GREAT. 🙂

    Amazing how fast this went up, and our one-princess bathrooms here out east are taking forever.

    Thanks for the article.

  • WheresMickey

    nice update!

  • eicarr

    I’m trying to analyze what bugs me about the marquee ( though it might be fine in person).

    Being on the roof it seems to throw off the force perspective on even the surrounding buildings. And the shape of the building makes it look like a ticket or Kodak booth with a sign so proportionally large on it.

    Tony Baxter forever put his mark on Disneyland. DL had an even greater decline in ride “coolness” after Indiana Jones then after the late ’60’s( though DCA 2.0 brought DL back on track). But at Disneyland I apritiate the small stuff and am greatful for the small attractions and area theming i’ll be able to leasurly enjoy and escape the crowds with. And I know his talents will be strategically and sergically put to good use by DL for years to come.

  • Algernon

    Who will go to Fantasy Faire? Four year old girls? Teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead there. And how many moms want dad checking out Sleeping Beauty? Single moms with four year olds–that’s who is going to be there–as the polarization and destruction of Disneyland continues. Maybe all the changes of late are the real reason the big two are moving on–the safety railings, rides like Finding Nemo, Princess Fantasy Faire, the nettings on the Jungle Cruise–maybe it’s having a cumulative effect. Or maybe not. Maybe the Coney Island-ification of Disneyland is not processeding fast enough for the powers that be…

    • Stomper622

      LOL, wow. Talk about over dramatic. I for one like how the park is evolving. As far as the Fastasy Faire area, it’ll be a big hit. It won’t just be single moms with 4 year olds, lol. Funny.

    • WookieCookie

      Wow, looks like somebody needs some flowers.

      • TodAZ1

        HA!!! Good one. 🙂

      • heysi

        This made me smile. Nice one.

    • eicarr

      At the very least it will be a nice area to walk through. I’m glad they’re trying something for this demographic besides kiddie roller coasters and fun balls to jump into. Every kid there frees up space in the park, so I wish it success.

    • martinjbell1986


    • cyberczar

      Um, no. My wife and I have two boys (4 and 1.5), and one of the most magical moments of our trips to the Park was when they got to meet Ariel. (Of course, having her guess my son’s name – Sebastian – may have added to the magic a bit). So, even though our family of 4 contains exactly 0% 4-year-old girls, we still enjoy the princesses just as much as all of the other characters. (Okay, maybe not quite as much as Jake, but close). They’re a part of the Disney pantheon. And it’s nice to have a dedicated area for meet-n-greets, which, like it or not, is a big part of the magic of visiting the park for young kids.

      All that said, while the theming on most of the area looks great, and well up to Disney standards, that marquee is atrocious!

    • heysi

      My teenage daughter will go there and my wife is way hotter than Cinderella…so your premise is dismissed…Thank you for playing.

    • fravitmonk


      • bayouguy

        My daughter wants more pictures of her with princesses and other characters. So, I’ll be there with my daughter.

    • ayalexander

      You realize that the things that turn out in the parks are based largly off of guest demand right? Meaning fantasy fair was imagined from the foundations of the need (by guests) for a proper place to visit the princesses, have proper interaction, have snacks and entertainment and things in a single area.

    • MikkiandtheMouse

      aww don’t be grumpy.

      Most teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead in Fantasyland period, if we want to get nitpicky. “Disneyland is for babies” stage is reached at about 14, but I imagine DCA has swayed quite a few from a less grumpy on family vacation. Fantasy Faire demographic is young girls, no questions, always has been and always will be and that’s absolutely okay!

      Finding Nemo would be perfectly fine if the loading/unloading weren’t so tedious IMO. Jungle Cruise, Alice and Matterhorn have OSHA to thank for the unaesthetic/uncomfortable safety “upgrades”… can’t blame Disney there.

      • ayalexander

        eh I highly disagree most teens find Fantasyland so childish that “its cool” they have nastalgia just as much as we do. I mean what is this the 1980’s? Teens today love doing “cheesy” things.

  • sapphire

    I really wish they had posted the True Love menus last Friday (or earlier!)… Let’s call and make a reservation for the more expensive restaurants w/o having a clue what is being offered or for what price! Watch them give more info THIS Friday – by which point everything is booked. ;_;

    Re:Faire – I’m in my 30s, zero kids, and like going to see the Princesses. In fact half my reason for going during the upcoming True Love week is that I’ll be getting PRINCES! Gonna be awesome…

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  • SoarinMatt

    I’m getting sick of them using the Muppets theater to host temporary previews for movies. Why not update the attraction? It’s just really frustrating that this keeps happening.

    Fantasy Faire looks fantastic.

    And I have to say, even though the name “limited time magic” is really stupid, I am really enjoying the offerings they’ve been putting out there.

    • jcruise86

      I’m looking forward to the long OZ preview, and as a local who only likes to see the still-excellent Muppet 3D just once or twice a year, I like the expanded previews. I thought the Frankenweenie show was most excellent.

      I’m not really excited about any other Ltd. Time events. I want Circlevision classics!

  • jcruise86

    That Cinderella pictured above might appeal to more folks than just little girls.

    Tony Baxter, thanks for being so passionate for so long about a great American art form: Disney theme parks.

    And thanks, Micechat, for all the updates!

  • martinjbell1986

    Great Update!

  • TodAZ1

    Does anyone know how long that big crane will be at Big Thunder? It’s not going to be there the whole time, is it??

  • Ravjay12

    Great update! I had the honor of meeting Tony Baxter at the Cast preview of Indiana Jones Adventure. By far my favorite of all the imagineers!! He really set the standard by which all theme parks and attractions should be. Good luck to him in his new role at Imagineering as mentor and advisor.

  • majestros23


  • airick75

    I realize there’s a lot of defensive reaction to Tony Baxter’s retirement. But, let’s be clear, while clearly a fan favorite, we don’t know the whole story. I have a ton of respect for Tony Baxter’s accomplishments. But, let’s remember, his last major project was Disneyland’s “New Tomorrowland” which flopped on a scale just shy of California Adventure. Over the next ten years, Baxter’s redesign was undone and redone, and sometimes just done (ie people mover track a la Rocket Rods). I would speculate this caused considerable strife in imagineering. There are so many aspects to consider that we should offer our support and thanks to Baxter, but perhaps not be so quick to villify imagineering and corporate suits in this instance.

    • OriginalMousekteer

      Oh, come on–

      Don’t blame Tony for Tomorrowland ’98–it was a corporate cluster-F from start to finish. You simply can’t blame him for a “design by committee” project that was overrun by beancounters from start to finish (Cyntha Harriss ).

      I’m much more concerned by Indy taking away the Pirates queue (today’s extended Pirate’s queue which reaches all the way to Mansion is known infamously in NOCC as the “Kracken”) and the Pirates breakroom (now cast members hang out in a concrete and plywood space under the Pirates dispatch tower with water overflow in a wall niche and a bootleg dorm fridge and barely functioning microwave). Oh sure, Tony managed to shoehorn the queue into the old Pirates queue space and the Indy entrance which floods Adventureland with people and strollers, not to mention the show building from hell. Hardly a monument of great design in my book. Of course, if they had spent the money to excavate another 20 feet into the ground and rework the west side of Jungle Cruise it would be another matter. The whole temple entrance is a huge waste of precious space.

      My complaint isn’t that Tony was an imagineering god or a villain–it’s that he was the victim of politics and beancounters and what will come after?

      • ayalexander

        You realize the pirates cast members use the backstage breakroom located behind the old man in the rocking chair, right? Its a lovely breakroom, adorned and decorated, with a flat screen television 4 pro-microwaves and state of the art refridgerators, a sink, and plenty of space to sit. I know because I’ve been there. The little rinky dink place to which you are referring is only for people on the dispatch tower shift who like to have a bottle of water or cup-a-noodles once in a while, (hence the 1 microwave and small refridgerator) don’t act like its the only place for them to break. There’s also an outdoor breakroom underneath the mardi gras “props” visible from the Disneyland Railroad.

  • dizneydomenic

    Hopefully with some clever camouflage… trees etc, they can make the bright colors not too visible from main st in future. Sad about Tony Baxter but a big thank you to him for being a bright spot in imagineering… hopefully someone else can carry on with such creativity.

  • svonkco

    Disney in general, and Imagineering in particular, has a real brain-drain problem, perhaps caused by a problem of upper management making the place an uncomfortable or impossible place to work. Under Walt, people who were rivals or even disliked each other were forced to work together. I’m not sure about Marc Davis and Claude Coats’s relationship, but the fact that these two worked together so well on Pirates, but that they never worked together well after Walt died, seems to show the importance of having a strong but fair hand in charge. That no longer seems to be the case with the current Disney or Imagineering executives, who appear to be more focused on maintaining power and lowering overhead than in retaining Disney’s creative lead over its rivals. Do you need proof? How about the loss of Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Chris Sanders, Henry Selick, Rob Minkoff, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and Brenda Chapman from the animation side, and Tony Baxter, Eddie Soto, Tim Delaney, and Valerie Edwards from Imagineering, plus the selling off of MAPO and Audio Animatronics to Garner Holt. Something is rotten in Burbank/Glendale. Shame on Bob Iger, John Lasseter, and Bruce Vaughn for their short-sidedness.

    • ayalexander

      there’s a huge oversight that most disney fans don’t know about: the lack of magic at Walt Disney Imagineering. The imagineering team is slowly being down-sized because of the politics. Imagineers of today’s generation feel like gods and feel that they are superior to anyone at Disney because of the fact that they now design what is DISNEY. Tony Baxter isn’t retiring, he’s escaping, and his “offer” to be a mentor is his last scream for help saying “please take my advice, we should be more about magic than money”. When upper management gave imagineers a survey that asked about their concerns over the status of current and aging attractions, most replied quite simply “It doesn’t matter.” or “i don’t care, its built its finished, who gives a crap if it burns down” -this is not a lie. These were actual replies. It was such a shame to see the imagineering teams so ready to dismiss any completed projects. And their attitude on construction sites towards crew members and cast members is shameful. Tony Baxter is one of the last REAL imagineers with “Disney” values and knowledge, and he is escaping from “mount olympus” or “stepping down from that growing pedistal” and begging his successors to listen to humble reason. Thank you Tony, for all your efforts.

  • CandyPandora

    What is a “wandering wallflower?” My curiosity is piqued…

  • CCS

    How come Lilo isn’t a Disney Princess, hmmmm???

  • kindagoofy

    I wonder if Tony Baxter had any last say in the BTMR refurb? How fitting that would be. Wouldn’t it also be a fantastic add if the track would be expanded through the old tunnel across the walkway to Fantasyland? It’s the old tunnel that used to be used by the mine train, I think. Alas, I doubt there will be any major chances to the track.