Are you revved up for the official debut of Carsland this Friday? If not, today’s MiceChat Round-Up delivers gallons of Cars Land information and photos which are sure to get your motor running. We have a break down of Radiator Springs Racers and a walkthrough of the entire land as well as the Beautiful and immersive Buena Vista Street. You’ll also find brand new videos from Communicore Weekly, Sarah and little Alex (MiceChat’s newest star).

We’d like to remind you that our fantastic Bob Gurr event is coming up on June 30th in Anaheim! Don’t miss your chance to meet an Imagineering legend. You can also take advantage of discounted cabins aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship on a special MiceChat trip from Vancouver to Los Angeles and a fantastic event at Disney World to Celebrate Epcot’s 30th Anniversary.  Yep, it’s a great time to be a MiceChat reader! ~ Anthony Hays

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Micechat Round-Up

Complete Coverage of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street!
Here you will find plenty of information from guides, reviews, photos and discussion about Disney California Adventure’s new Cars Land and Buena Vista Street

Andy Castro brings you comprehensive coverage and photography of these new lands in not just one, but four new Dateline updates.
A Closer Look At Buena Vista Street 
Radiator Springs history, WonderGround Gallery, Magic Kingdom makeovers +MORE
Test Driving Cars Land

A Preview of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street
Cars Land Glows, Night Time at Radiator Springs in Disney California Adventure
In the Parks offers a dedicated look to the stunning neon lights that come to life at sundown in Radiator Springs.

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Disneyland Park

The construction walls are coming down, and biggest change to ever be made to a Disney Park Entrance is just about to be unveiled, and a brand new district with the largest Mountain Range that Disney has ever built will be officially opening!  We have some exciting reports from the previews of DCA’s Billion Dollar Makeover.  Then take a look at a summary of all the new features of DCA, that cost more than what DCA 1.0 initially cost! ~ Aladdin

Micechat Round-Up

Your Guide to Buena Vista Street — Information, photos and more
MasterGracey has all the information you will want to know about DCA’s grand new entrance ~ Buena Vista Street! Here are the details for all the Entertainment, Attractions, Shops, and Food!

Your Guide to Cars Land — Information, photos and more
Radiator Springs has sprung to life this week! MasterGracey has this concise overview for you, with links to all the details about the Attractions, Dining, and Shopping in the City of Radiator Springs!

Trip Report 6/9/12 AP Preview 6-11pm (MAJOR spoilers!)
Lady Nimrodelle Reports directly from the AP preview of Buena Vista Street and Radiator Springs! Here’s one of the very 1st reports from these two new areas in DCA!

Happiness is using 4 Day Parkhopper!
Barbaraann brings us this all encompassing cross country trip report, from Chicago to the Disneyland Resort!

World of Color Tribute Trailer HD Video
fantasmiceddie24 has this 20 year anniversary tribute video for Fantasmic! and a 2 year anniversary tribute video for World of Color!

Complete Ride Through Radiator Springs Racers! Major Spoiler Alert
The Biggest Attraction of the Billion Plus Makeover is here on video! Of course, only press play if you want to see the attraction in action!

Why do you suppose it’s Cars Land and not Radiator Springs County
Sorderer’s Apprentice asks why call DCA’s Radiator Springs something other than what they built. Tell us what name makes more sense to you.

Special June 15th DCA Merch Event
Disneyland is planning another of their infamous Merchandising events for the DCA – New Merchandise to celebrate Buena Vista Street and Radiator Springs! Catch a glimpse of some the items and logos!

Disneyland Rumors

Hello there, MiceChatters!  Are you ready for Carsland yet? Only TWO more days until its open for all – will you brave the queues and summer temps to be one of the first people to visit? Good luck! Remember to keep posting those ideas and rumors…you never know if they will make it to the weekly Round-Up or not! -Demigod-

Interesting Disneyland Rumors
MiceChat member chesirecat has a few rumors about Disneyland to share.

CarsLand Neon Signage – Is It Real or Is It…?
DoctorQ9 has heard a rumor that the neon signs in CarsLand could be using a newer tech called LED Neon Flux instead of real neon. Could that be true?

POTC ride system for DCA
donaldduckfan#1 offers an idea for a Pocahontas ride using the Pirates of the Caribbean ride system.

Should Disney split AP’s between both parks?
Not so much about Imagineering, but misfits138 wonders if Disney shouldn’t make DCA and Disneyland have their own Annual Pass?

DCA Phase 2 – Just One Dream
MiceChat member MANEATINGWREATH posts some interesting thoughts on what a ‘Phase 2’ renovation of DCA should include.

“Major make-over-upgrade” for Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh?
Sorceror’s Apprentice feels that the time has come to upgrade or remake the Winnie the Pooh ride adding more elements to the story – maybe even animatronics!

3rd Park
A favorite topic here in Rumors and Armchair Imagineering, member JediPrincess offers some ideas on what a Disney 3rd Anaheim park could offer.

It’s been a week of amazing new things — not just at the Disneyland Resort, but here at MiceChat. And to accompany our new look, we’re excited to unwrap yet another new attraction!

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MiceChat Events

Meet Imagineering Legend Bob Gurr – Book Signing and Lunch – June 30, 2012
One of our all time favorite Disney Imagineers is Bob Gurr, father of the Monorail, Autopia, Matterhorn, and just about every Disney attraction with wheels. He’s a true legend and an all around nice guy. And lucky for us, there is a limited opportunity for you to grab a copy of his new book and join him for lunch at the Anabella Hotel (just behind DCA and next to the Anaheim Convention Center) on June 30th. Sign up today!

MiceChat Fall Cruise
September 10th through 16th (Vancouver to Los Angeles aboard the Disney Magic) including an epic event at the Walt Disney Family Museum AND a Napa and Sonoma winery tour (with a Disney twist of course). We are nearly sold out and have just 6 discounted cabins still available. Contact us today!

Communicore Weekly Epcot 30th Anniversary event
Join us on the evening of Saturday, September 29th 2012 in the Norway Pavilion Special Events Lounge in EPCOT’s World Showcase for this one of a kind event celebrating EPCOT’s 30th Anniversary in style. A live taping of MiceChat’s Communicore Weekly! Co-hosts Jeff Heimbuch & George Taylor, along with MiceChat’s Dusty Sage, Kevin Yee, and the Communicore Weekly Orchestra, in a fun-filled night of fandom and frivolity as they tape a special hour long episode of the hit show, Communicore Weekly.


You ticket will include special guest, Ron Schneider, the original Dreamfinder,Decadent dessert reception, Short scavenger hunt hosted by Kevin Yee before the show will be available to those who would like to participate, Prizes, giveaways and more, The chance to be a part of EPCOT and Communicore Weekly history, Endless Five Legged Goats and perhaps even a real life Bathroom Break, Exclusive late night ride after park closing on a selected EPCOT attraction to cap off the evening! Admission into the park is NOT included. Learn more about the event and buy your tickets here.

If you have a question about any of these events, please email [email protected]

Ask the Columnist

A lot going on this week! A new MiceAge/MiceChat, two new (restructured) lands at DCA, but we still have a little bit longer before Walt Disney World sees its expansion complete. Instead, this week brings some first time questions, a thread about the inevitability (and feasibility) of Radiator Springs at WDW, and some guilty pleasures we enjoy that no one else seems to. All of this, plus a lot more. Come take a look! ~yoyoflamingo

Guilty Pleasure & Innocent Pain
An interesting idea: What’s your guilty pleasure, that you bite your tongue when people are criticizing this much maligned attraction? Conversely, what leaves you scratching your head when everyone raves about it?

Doesn’t RSR in DCA seem to fit better in WDW than DLR?
The title says it all: Would Radiator Springs Racers, which is barely even open, fit better at Walt Disney World?

Teen Refused Entry over Costume
In a story that’s been making the Internet rounds, see what happens when you try to dress like a Disney character when visiting the parks when you’re old enough to dress yourself. Did Disney make the right call?

I just booked MY VERY FIRST TRIP TO WDW!!!
Celebrate with niknakk the excitement of a first trip to Walt Disney World. What suggestions can you offer to make this trip extra magical for the special couple?

Ask the Columnist

We have a new Communicore Weekly with topics on: Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Imagineering Field Guide to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the five legged goat takes a stop at Peevey’s.

Sarah has a new video all about Carsland!

We also have a bunch of videos of the new Carsland in Disney’s California Adventure Park!

Ride video of Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree!

Ride Video of Luigi’s Flying Tires!

And finally a video of the Radiator Springs Racers!

Magic 24.7

As the official venue of choice for MAGIC 24.7, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney Anaheim will be hosting a live broadcast from the Ralph Brennan Radio Booth in the Jazz Kitchen on August 11, 2012 (exact time of broadcast TBA).We’ll be doing a live cooking demo, featuring our station’s own signature drink (Twisted Magic), doing live contests and bringing on special Disney Park guests.

We hope you can join us! For the full itinerary, check out our special event website:!

The Time Rovers are going live again this Thursday at 6pm Pacific for one hour! Here’s what we’re discussing: If Disney gave you a free pass to do ANYTHING to any of it’s parks…what would it be? Call us LIVE on Skype (username Magic 24.7) or on our MAGICLINE at (424) 270-1955 and get in the discussion!Remember to bookmark our site ( and listen between 6am-4pm Pacific Monday to Friday for your official Newscasts featuring YOUR posts and more Disney Park news! We also have welcomed former Weather Channel meteorologist Jeff Mielcarz to the station, who will provide you with Disneyland & WDW weather Monday to Friday!

Every Monday to Friday between 6-9 am Pacific, we give you your Newscast. Coming soon, you’ll be able to get a full recap of news from your favorite site.

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Off Shore Parks

Micechat Round-Up

World of Disney (opening on July 12)
Is anyone else excited about World Of Disney opening up at DLP? It’s nice seeing these new pics of the store. It’s starting to look great!

Invite Goofy at home!
Goofy wants to find you and your friends! Come join in on all the fun and goofiness!

Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween 2012
TDR is already getting ready for a spook-tacular Halloween season! Our very own TravisMT81 has graciously provided us with a list of activities and dates for the activities planned at the resort! Come check out all the neat things Mickey and his pals will have in store this Halloween season!

Japanese Shows COMPLETELY Translated! Come look!
kyunkyua Provides links to translations of whats being said by the Disney characters during the popular TDR shows and parades


How many different domain names does a company like Disney own?
This is a very good question posed buy our own RadioBarry with a surprising number!

Want That Disney Movie on Netflix, Redbox? Wait 28 Days
Is it a smart move on Disney’s part to make rental companies wait 28 days after the DVD release of one of their movies before it could be rented?


With everyone focused on events at DCA, one MiceChatter wonders if she’ll see anyone at Knott’s Berry Farm, and I have a bike ride to tell you about. ~ Trekkie Dad

Anyone else going…OCHS Dinner and Tour at Knotts on June 15th??
Take a look at the date! JulieMouse wonders if any MiceChatters will be at the Orange County Historical Society Dinner.

360 Mile Bike Ride to fight HIV/AIDS in southern Africa
In just a few weeks I’ll join a group of cyclists on a six-day bike ride down the central California coast.


Updated Blue Sky Cellar exhibit, The Road to Cars Land
The Blue Sky Cellar opened today with a revised version of the exhibit The Road to Cars Land.  As the title suggests it maps the development of this new 12 acre area in Disney California…

Matterhorn walls
News from Trav1Disney has reported that the walls are gone! Are you excited for the updated ride? Discuss it here!

Teen Refused Entry over Costume
Disney has always had a policy in regards to guest in costume, what are you feelings on how this was handled by the parks?

Ask the Columnist

Micechat Round-Up

Micechat Round up
Dateline Disneyland

Yesterday we gave you an overview of the all-new Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure. Today we’re taking a closer look at California Adventure’s new main entrance. Here, we go in-depth on the…

Micechat Round up
Dateline Walt Disney World

Welcome to on the all new and beautiful This week, we saw lots of work going on in the at the , particularly in the area.

Micechat Round up

In a previous column, I took a general look at the EPCOT Center 25th Anniversary Gallery and Museum. For this column, I have several images that focus on Future World!

Micechat Round up
In the Parks

Cars Land is certainly a visual feast.  The craftsmanship and design are pretty amazing.  They capture nicely the look and feel of a sleepy town along Route 66.  But as everyone knows, the American roadway is known for neon!

Micechat Round up
Orlando Parkhopper

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem has opened at Universal Studios Florida for Technical Rehearsals. This is Universal’s term for a soft opening. We were lucky enough to ride and will share our review!

Micechat Round up

Are you planning a visit to one of the Disney parks with a toddler?  What are you thinking???  Okay, but seriously, If you are Chris Wood of Park Wise has a great travel planning guide just for you!

Micechat Round up

Leon and Jack Janzen grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Their first visit to Disneyland was in 1958. The brothers were hooked. The became frequent visitors to the Park and began to collect souvenirs, photos, and memories.

Micechat Round up
Weekend Update

MiceChat member TimmyTimmyTimmy recently spent a day at Hong Kong Disneyland and shares his thoughts and photos from that trip.

Micechat Round up
The Claim is that the Disneyland Hotel had erector set architecture because its owner also owned the company that made erector sets. Is this crazy notion true? As with many myths, there are elements of the claim that are true.

Micechat Round up
Al Lutz – Carsland Guide

Whats worth the wait in this new land, what to avoid for now and whats to come!

Micechat Round up
The 626
It seems like almost every week, I sit down to start reading a new book about Disney. Whether it’s a biography, behind the scenes tell-all, or just a general history book, there is no shortage of books on the topic.

Micechat Round up
From the Mouth of the Mouse
Each week, we spotlight a different Cast Member story to give you more insight into some of your favorite attractions, resorts, and movies from all over the Walt Disney Company.

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