Does Peter Pan Fly on Blu-ray?

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Published on February 09, 2013 at 4:01 am with 14 Comments

George: Peter Pan is one of the most beloved animated films of all time. Disney has just released it on Blu-ray and I assume that both Jeff and I will agree that it is a must-have. Besides the crystal-clear sound and the hi definition video, the real question is whether the extras stack up.

Jeff: I definitely agree that this is one of the crown jewels of Disney animation, and the movie alone is a must have for folks on Blu-Ray. But to sweeten the pot even more, the host of extra features that Disney packs onto the disc make it an even more worthwhile purchase. The stand out, of course, is the short documentary “Growing Up With Nine Old Men.” This short film catches up with the children of the famous Nine Old Men who worked in Disney Animation, all of whom share some fantastic stories about their fathers and Walt.

George: I watched the “Growing Up With the Nine Old Men” segment with my wife (she’s working on her Disney Nerd Merit Badge) and she thought it was an incredibly sweet film. I wasn’t sure what to expect with it, but it was incredibly charming. To see the children of these amazing animators talk about their fathers and what living with them was like was truly eye opening. Apparently, the Nine Old Men were regular dads that had to discipline and plan birthday parties!

Jeff: While that alone is well worth the price of the Blu-Ray, there are some other bits as well to help round out the package. I especially enjoyed the two deleted songs, which were animated by storyboards. There were also a few deleted scenes as well, which weren’t overly spectacular, but did give a little more insight into the story.

George: Historically, Pan is a film that Walt and the staff worked on for years. I can’t imagine that it would be as beloved today if it had been released in 1940s. The animation staff and the technology made huge strides after Snow White. To me, it’s one of those amazing films (like Mary Poppins) where everything came together. Of course, you have to overlook a lot of the stereotypes in the film, but it’s the same with most animation and theatrical releases of the time period. It’s still an incredibly charming film.


Jeff: Technically, the film looks amazing with this Blu-Ray transfer. They did an amazing job of “renewing” the film, and making it really jump off the screen. I know some purists may cry foul, but the removal of the film grain actually makes the colors more vibrant. The film has never looked better.

Do you consider Peter Pan to be a Disney classic? Are you looking to add it to your collection?

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  • fnord

    Peter Pan? Great ride. So so movie. The 50s brought us one of the truly great Disney
    films of all times, Lady and the Tramp, and to a lesser degree, Cinderella, with it’s somewhat troubling child abuse themes. Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan suffered from
    a lack of likeable characters. Sleeping Beauty was a mash up of contrasting and conflicting

  • Athlonacon

    I don’t know if I like the “dialog” version of these reviews, I wish one person would give it to us straight. It is nice to hear opinions and get a little more information, but overall I just prefer a solid review by one person.

    Still going to buy the film though, it’s a classic!

    • Dusty Sage

      I disagree. Movie reviews are generally boring. Jeff and George Make it conversational and fun. I hope they stick to a formula that seems to be working well for them.

  • troyer

    I have the film on standard DVD and am fully satisfied with it. No need for an expensive minor upgrade.

  • Disneylandfan85

    I already have the Platinum DVD. I don’t need to get the movie again.

  • BuckyRister

    George — Peter Pan couldn’t have been produced in 1940 because Walt didn’t purchase the rights until late 1939. And yes, Disney made giant strides in animation from Snow White, which is why Fantasia and Pinocchio and Bambi are considered the high-water mark of Golden Age animation. Walt had to stop work on Peter Pan, though, because he was broke. By the time he recovered, it was 1950, which is when Pan went into production, but Peter Pan doesn’t have any of the ambitious staging and layouts and visual f/x animation of either Fantasia or Pinocchio, nor the complicated character designs of Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi, and instead, is fairly unsophisticated compared to the Golden Age films. It’s not a bad movie, people love it the world over, but it’s a shame we didn’t see Walt produce this when he was at the height of his powers pre-WWII. Yet another reason to hate Hitler, I suppose, as if we needed more reasons.

    • Jeff Heimbuch

      Just to clarify, he didn’t say it was produced in the 1940s. He said he doesn’t think it would have been as successful or beloved if it WAS produced then!

      • BuckyRister

        “I can’t imagine that it would be as beloved today if it had been released in 1940s. The animation staff and the technology made huge strides after Snow White.”

        George can’t imagine Peter Pan would be as beloved today if it had been released when Disney animation was at it’s zenith? Yes, artistry and technology took huge strides, as demonstrated in Pinocchio (1940) and Fantasia (1940). I can certainly imagine a 1940′s Peter Pan, one that is both beloved AND an artistic and technical milestone. It’s a shame that didn’t happen.

        You guys didn’t believe that introduction by Diane, did you? Saying that Walt had to wait 10 years for animation tech to catch up to his ambitious vision? Because that isn’t true. Walt said something along those lines to a newspaper or magazine in 1953, trying to hype up his expensive new movie, but it was just salesmanship.

  • Lost Boy

    I wonder why we are allowed to overlook the obvious “Stereotypes” in this film but not in Song Of The South. I just don’t get it. It was history and you can’t change it or overlook it. That film is a classic and we can’t see it here. Japan and other countries can. We are too “Politically Correct” now days for our own good.

    • BuckyRister

      Because they’re a child’s imaginary creation of Indians, not “reality” in any way.

  • Internitty

    Stereotyping is necessary in animated films where they don’t have time and money to stage lengthy character set ups for non central characters.

    Peter Pan is one of my favourites, I love the songs and the imagery. I pre ordered my blu ray from amazon and it’s on its way, the pnly dissapointment I have is the 6 weeks it takes for parcels to arrive from amazon to Australia.

    Thank you for confirming for me that it was money well spent [although I knew it would be :) ]

  • davidrusk

    I think I must have been the perfect age when I first saw Peter Pan. It’s remained my favorite. I especially love the music. Of course Peter Pan’s Flight is my favorite attraction (if only WDW would add the star field like Disneyland and Disneyland Paris!) I wasn’t planning on buying the blu-ray, but after reading your review I’ve changed my mind. The Walt Disney Company owes you guys!

  • danyoung

    I’ll be visiting WDW in about 10 days, and this disc is going to be my main souvenir from the trip. As much of Disney geek as I am, I’ve NEVER seen this movie, so I’m really looking forward to it. And oh yeah, keep the George & Jeff banter going!!!

  • KellyMcG86

    My husband brought home the diamond edition this weekend which even included the storybook version within the DVD case – very cool! We watched it last night, it was the first time I’ve watched it in probably 15 years, and he remembered so little he thought it might be his first viewing, and we both enjoyed it. We laughed at the stereotypes that would no longer be allowed to release in a family animated film these days due to “PC”, and I relished in the memories it brought back. I don’t own any other classic Disney films at this point, as I am not a fan of all of them, but I absolutely adore this movie and it has definitely made me consider purchasing more!