Here at Sunshine Plaza, the shop names tend to involve puns. There’s Baker’s Field Bakery, Engine-Ears Toys, and Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream. You might think a candy shop here would have a name like La Candyada Candies, or maybe Topanga Candyon Confections, or even Candyoga Park Sweets.

But the candy shop has a rather straightforward name. It’s simply called Candy Shoppe.

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  • It wasn’t a half bad candy shop, but it was very typical of DCA 1.0. Bright colors to distract from the lack of details.

  • eicarr

    I’m often convinced that DCA 1.0 was just a bad dream. Stories like this make me fully appreciate the love poured into DCA 2.0.

  • SFDave

    If you ever go to the Saks men’s store on Wilshire Blvd that used to be I Magnin & Co That is the biggest inspiration for Elias & Co Interior looks almost the same !

  • Trumpet

    Great Article Werner

    I agree with the comments above, it lacked any design, but can anyone tell me ho Candy and Flowers go together? I have no clue.

    Thanks Again Werner


    • Timekeeper

      Well, they could have sold “sugar roses” and “sugar California poppies”, the flowers themselves being made out sugar and editable to eat. But I sort-of liked the orange color and I actually thought that was one of the many fun parts of that store complex. I miss it greatly, along with the rest of the tacky and out-proportion items that made the park fun in the early days (even if it was attractionless and not correctly scaled with it’s sister park.)


    • Marko50

      Wait. You wrote that ONE DAY after Feb 14, and you don’t know how candy and flowers go together?

  • JiminyCricketFan

    While a candy shop should look inviting to its main clientele, children, this one never looked like it was for kids. The absence of Disney characters, except for packaging, was a major mistake. Kids don’t care about poppies. There was simply nothing charming about buying candy there. I would much rather buy candy in Critter Country with all its atmosphere or on Main Street with all its nostalgia than in the old DCA.

  • Zeathos51

    When I worked at the Disneyland Resort, I was assigned custdial at DCA. It was the first time I had ever been in the park and it was on the job training. That combined with the thousands of hours sweeping the areas imprinted the early 2007 to 2010 DCA into my mind. Conder flats was especially daunting to sweep because it was such a short area for so many hours. However, to have places that occupied two and a half years of my life highlighted is pretty special. Any other first job of a monotonous warehouse or chain store would have been easily forgotten but this brings back a real sense of nostalgia. Thankyou for the articles, early DCA will be something I will always remember.

  • buzzyfan

    I will miss this place.