We love reading Alain Littaye’s updates from the international Disney parks. This time he takes us to a unique restaurant in the south of France. I don’t know about you, but I think this Pirate-themed restaurant definitely rises to the standard set by Disney for themed eating establishments. Pirates Paradise would be right at home in a Disney park! ~~Rick

Pirates Paradise

Best Non-Disney Themed Restaurant in France?

by Alain Littaye, Disney and more blog


I discovered recently a “pirate” themed restaurant located in the south of France at the Odysseum in Montpellier. Called “Pirates Paradise” the restaurant opened two years ago. It was a real surprise to see how good the theming is. Not only is it very well done – this restaurant could be right at home at the Disneyland Paris Disney Village dining and entertainment area.

From the fortress tower to a skull rock; from pirates skeletons and a real size galleon; the whole thing is reminiscent of the Disney Pirates attractions. The theming here looks almost as good as WDI themeing, and the place seems very successful – no surprise as everyone from kids to adults always love pirates – and they have built a second Pirates Paradise restaurant in another town not too far from the first one.

Here are some photos from the restaurant’s official website followed by an immersive video that reveals more about the restaurant.












Pirates Paradise merchandise shop is inside the “skull rock”!


So, the next time you visit the south of France, don’t forget to have a meal at Pirates Paradise. I’m sure that any Disney fan will really enjoy this place! In the meantime, check out their website right [HERE].

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