There is quite a bit of action going on at Knott’s Berry Farm in the dead of winter. The classic Timber Mountain Log Ride is enjoying some much needed repairs and upgrades during a major 5 month refurbishment and refresh, three new attractions are being built in the Boardwalk and Multiple refurbishments are going on throughout the park. If all goes as planned, Knott’s is planning on a banner summer.

With the slew of ride closures on par with Disneyland’s current refurb schedule and many of the planters in transition, the park feels a bit thin at the moment.

The trees in the entry area are trimmed and without leaves, while the planters below them are bare.
A splash of colorful plants would perk this area up.


The Ghost town repaving project has made its way to the main path leading from Calico Square to the Pan For Gold attraction.

It’s also pretty awesome to stroll through the park and see so many of the wonderful little details all being kept up and maintained – what a change from a couple of years ago.

Deadwood Dick may have kicked the bucket, but he makes a great planter.


A large portion of the Boardwalk area is walled off for a major construction project. Knott’s is adding 3 new attractions along the Western wall of the park which includes two flat rides over a lagoon and a new family mad mouse coaster.


The Boomerang roller coaster is currently down for a refurbishment. Included in the makeover is a full repaint job.

MiceChat columnist and moderator Sir Clinksalot seems to have made an appearance in the park??? Okay, back to Boomerang.

You can see a lot of previous paint jobs in this photo.


The multi-million dollar refurbishment of one of Knott’s Berry Farm’s crown jewel rides continues. We can’t wait to ride the flume ride once again when it returns this summer. It will be interesting to see what the real star of this summer will be, the three new rides on the boardwalk, or the return to glory of an Orange County classic.

All of the logs are currently wintering behind the Xcelerator queue.


Yes we have no wind seeking today. But apparently the attraction, which was closed back in September of 2012 has been doing some testing.  According to Micechatter JesterMn “It was reported both at MiceChat and other various sites that Windseeker has been doing some minor testing of late. So it seems hopeful that they will indeed reopen. After all, it’s not surprising none of the rest of them have opened… all the other Cedar Fair parks are still closed for the season for about another month.” True statements those.  Let’s hope that Windseeker opens soon.


The ferris wheel in Camp Snoopy is also enjoying a bit of scrubbing and fixing up. It has been disassembled.

It may seem like there’s too much closed and in transition at the moment to enjoy a visit to the farm, but it’s actually a wonderful time to visit.  Yes, there are quite a few attractions down for refurbishment but crowds levels are enjoyable and there is still a remarkable amount of things to see and do at Knott’s.

For the rest of February, Knott’s Berry Farm is running a smoking deal. Buy one full price regular admission and get one free! That’s a great opportunity. Present the BOGO coupon at any open ticket window.

We’ll be back again soon with more news and updates from Knott’s. We’ll see you at the farm!

  • Trumpet

    Geaat Update Norman

    I love all of the refurbishment at the moment, and hopefully, Knotts has a great summer lined up. Maybe, they will refurbishment the Calico Mine Train. Last year, I went on the ride for the first time. It is a great ride, and I loved the onboard narration, but it was very low, so they should repair. Finally, once all of the construction projects have been finished and they have restored the Log Flume and Mine Train, they can made Ghostrider less bumpy. I went to Santa Cruz, and went on the Giant Dipper. There is no comparison, as Ghostrider is to bumby. The Giant Dipper was alot smoother. I will not ride it again, until they made the ride less bumpy. It was too painfull! To be fair, Jaguar was rough as well. They needed to make their coasters smoother. Finally, I went on the California Screamin’ while at DCA (first time). It was great and really smoot.

    Thanks Again Norman


  • Zeathos51

    I liked windseeker. When I rode it, Camp Snoopy was lit up for Christmas. Plus, the ride made a great LED pattern at night like Mickey’s fun wheel. I look forward to the refurbished log ride. Ghost Rider is rough, but the rope lights give it a bit of extra charm.

    I visited the original Calico Ghost town two weeks ago. It was the same but had more of an old town antiques feel. It was well mantained though. They had a small mine walkthrough with manicans. They also had a train that went around and showed the beautiful valley where the homes used to be. One thing that was a real treat was the old mystery shack. It reminded me of the Knotts of yor. They had the backwards water trough, the inverted stairs, the pool table and the chair you can’t get out of. What also make Calico unique is the authentic silver mines that got for miles.

    However, this is not a contest over what is better. Knotts Berry Farm was built on inspiration where Calico is historic. While Calico has a longer heritage, Knotts is litterally a dedication to the town and has a great show quality.

  • I’m 100% more excited about the Log Ride upgrade than I am about the new Boardwalk attractions. Can’t wait to see Timber Mountain again.

    • Gregg Condon


  • Quentin

    Does anyone know if Ghost Rider and Boomerang will be open by March 26th?

  • Gregg Condon

    Thanks for the shout out. The beard is a little too blonde to be mine though. 😉

    Great update. The park is starting to look more and more like the park I grew up with and loved so much.

    Too bad new trains aren’t on the agenda for Boomerang. The new trains on the one at Hersheypark really made that ride actually rideable.

  • StevenW

    I can’t say I’m happy with the new additions. Boardwalk doesn’t need more spinners and coasters. Knott’s is becoming a boring park. Disneyland is becoming out of reach with the price increases. I just have to go elsewhere.

  • G24T

    What a blast from the past to see the old paint scheme on the boomerang!

  • Country Bear

    While I am pleased to see renovations and additions to Knotts (one of my favorite Parks from my youth) I am discouraged by it seemingly going from a Theme Park to an Amusement Park. The Knott family used to put effort into making even “off the shelf” rides fit into areas with theming and customized design. Now it’s just “off the shelf” rides along with some classic theme park rides that we all cherish. More of this would make me visit more often.

    Regarding Trumpets comments about the roughness of the Ghostrider, I have to agree. I’m in my late 40’s and although it seems to mostly be ridden by more durable 18year olds, I can’t imagine anyone who is not in perfect physical form surviving this torture. The ride is so rough it’s like a terror machine and I have to admit I was frightened wondering if I was not going to be thrown from it. I rode it when it was newer and although scary, it wasn’t painful and I rode it over and over again. I rode it once again this last August and I was praying for it to end. Do kids really like this kind of abuse? I’m sad to say that I can’t ride it ever again in its current shape.

    Thanks for the great coverage as always Fishbulb!

  • eicarr

    Great update! I skip the coasters and off the shelf carnival rides, so I’m glad they’re refurbishing(although sadly never adding to), the stuff I go there for. For me the park is still lacking a knotts berry tales or soap box racers. But at least they’re saving what’s left.

  • glowman

    Thanks again for your great update, Norman, your photography is excellent. How in the world do you get in position to take some of the photos you take? I am sure there is a lot of work to do to refurbish the Log Ride what with all the water. I know the refurbished scenery will be great. I only hope they will consider taking out that huge pine tree growing alongside the final drop. It was never intended to be growing there. It was originally in a can and everyone forgot about it, so it took root and now it is a giant blocking the view of the final drop. The small pier was always used by photographers to take photos of their families coming down the final drop. Now you can’t see it with that pine tree there. At least I can hope they would consider removing it as I feel it is now too big to trim enough to open up that area. If it could be removed and saved, it would be just like the ones at Soak City across the street.

    • glowman

      I forgot to add that all the work being done in and around Ghosttown was needed and in general looks great. My only concern is that some of the reworking has been left to look like brand new buildings and signs that have lost their antique original look. In the older days when refurbishment was done, the paint department apparently had artists that were able to make the new wood look like it was weathered and old. With a new fresh paint look, the area is starting to look like a bright-shiny Disneyland and is losing its historic appearance.
      Enough said!