Oz the Great and Powerful floats into Disneyland Resort as True Love Week comes to the parks

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Published on February 18, 2013 at 5:05 am with 29 Comments

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Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    It is a shame that the fantasy Faire has that large pink spire. It is too bright and WDW. Same with the unicorns. They need to change it soon, as it looks an eyesore.

    Despite not knowing Beverly Butrum, my thoughts go out to her friends and family. A castmember with this much experience and stories will be missed.

    Thanks Again Andy


  • Truecoat

    I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but if Beverly started working at Disneyland in 1967, her knowledge of Walt Disney World couldn’t have been much of a secret as it was publicly announced in 1965. Unless she knew Roy personally before she started working at Disneyland.

    • Westsider

      Beverly was wonderful lady, and may she rest in peace.

      But Beverly also told stories. And this one about Roy and buying land in Florida was a whopper.

      It never happened, not even close. And it never could happen, as why would Roy Disney confide in a brand new hourly shopgirl at Disneyland and tell her highly confidential corporate information that could ruin the Company if it got out at the wrong time? That’s if you could get around the time-space continuum problems created by Beverly befriending Roy Disney personally two years before she started working at Disneyland to get that info in the first place.

      • Truecoat

        My point was that by 1967 is wasn’t a secret. He might have told her what they were doing but everyone should have known it by then.

    • explodingboy

      Well, if you read the article that is almost exactly what happened.

  • WheresMickey

    NIce update!

  • Internitty

    “Simply put, in a new area that looks like it’s aesthetically well-designed, Fantasy Faire’s stage is a mistake.”

    Couldn’t agree more! Obviously the pink is because some focus group said little girls like pink but seriously guys it is as stated by Trumpet and wholeheartedly agreed by me an eyesore. With how beautiful the rest of the area is looking from “over the fence” how can anyone in their right mind find the stage attractive, I thought Disney employed artists for this type of thing…

    • Internitty

      Just wanted to add I think Trumpet was talking about the spire, I’m not trying to put words in his / her mouth …so to speak 🙂

  • eicarr

    I’m glad their trying things to fix the bulkiness and prison color of the monorail bridge. That sure is one thing that doesn’t need to be 100% real world accurate in a fun theme park.

    If they aren’t going to even have swing dancing, they might as well just remove the detracting theater in the faire after they use it a couple of years(maybe donate it to WDW). There is too much old stuff kept around the park that makes things awkward (like 70% of Tomorrowland). I’m not talking classics, or fun funky retro stuff, I’m talking peoplemover track, dream suite, skyway terminals, starcade, etc.

    • Westsider

      The Dream Suite is still used quite regularly for overnight guests, and even more frequently for afternoon receptions and small-scale corporate entertainment. The Public Affairs department controls the overnight guest operation, and Company execs, key government leaders, and important clients of the Company or their families/friends stay there overnight. John Lasseter and his wife love the place, and it’s often their personal crash pad.

      Public Affairs and Government Relations departments are also responsible for the many daytime receptions or small luncheons that are hosted there.

      It’s quite common after park closing to hear the all-call radio announcement via Disneyland’s radio system that “The Dream Suite is occupied. Please keep all noise to a minimum in New Orleans Square and avoid vehicular traffic in the area.”

  • Bfscott77

    You can relax on the Glendale bridge in DCA. It looks to me that the reddish-brown color is just an undercoat for the lighter tan color – to give the bridge some depth of color and age so it doesn’t look like it was just constructed.

    I remember earlier on when DCA 2.0 opened some people said there was too much “tan” on Buena Vista Street – the undercoat n the bridge will give it a bit more depth.

  • DannyeF

    Three comments:
    1. I like the unicorns on the castle! Of course, I never grew up. 🙂
    2. I also like the theater, bright pink and all, and my thought is this: it looks like a beautiful village with its down-to-earth coloring, hosting a traveling circus tent which naturally is very gaudy and attention-getting.
    3. Ms. Butrum’s directing memorial donations to local animal rescue is Classy with a capital C!

  • Haven

    As for the DCA bridge painting, if WDI is anything like WDD (Wynn Design & Development) where I work, I can assure you there is an endless stream of voices and opinions happening on what to do with it (interiors, architecture, park operations, park president, engineering and internal maintenance, as EVERYONE has to chime in, making designers job even more stressful.) Eventually it will be settled once a single person is given final say on the matter.

  • Wendygirl

    Up in front of Small World they also had some interesting characters out during True Love Week besides Princes and Princesses – Lady Tremaine and her “lovely” daughters. It was great to see them out other than at Halloween. They came out because the girls are looking for true love too, you know 🙂 They were great and interacted really well with everyone.

    Also for the Billy Hill fans out there, it was announced by them from the stage on Saturday that they will in the Golden Horseshoe for about the next three months. Whew, no more walking up that trail for awhile. Of course with Disney Management I would never presume that they would not change their minds and move them sooner, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed they stay put for awhile.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Great update as always!

    About the turret on the Fantasy Faire stage, I went back to your photos of the Blue Sky exhibit on the Fantasy Faire, and the colors and design look almost identical to the model and sketches in the exhibit.

    It seems like Disney might have made some changes if there had been enough complaints during the past few months. I wonder if the finished product just looks too out of place after it has actually been installed, instead of being seen in isolation within the area of the Fantasy Faire.

  • Ooklamok

    That’s really sad about Beverly. I remember talking to her many times in the 90’s when the Gallery was in it’s proper place 🙂

    The most memorable conversation was on the opening night of Fantasmic. She had seen a preview and thought it was a bit too much for kids, especially Chernabog. I wonder if she ever changed her mind on that. She was also the one that pointed out the (then) hidden WD and RD in the balcony railing.

    She was a wonderful cast member!

  • AvidTurtleTalker

    As Wendygirl pointed out, Lady Treamine and the Step-sisters were out for True Love Week. It turns out, that THEY were the wandering wall flowers. Anyways, great update as usual!

    • MarkILIS

      I can confirm this. I tweeted @DisneylandToday asking for details on the WW and got this reply:

      “The Wandering Wallflowers is another fancy name for Lady Tremaine and Cinderella’s Stepsisters.”

  • Rongo

    How sad to hear about Beverly – I vividly remember a long conversation I had with her at the old Gallery almost 10 years ago. She was wonderful, animated, and knowledgable.

    One clarification to the various stories I’ve seen on the net about this marvelous lady – I don’t believe she was presented with a window “on” Main Street, but was presented with a “Main Street Window” – much like we presented to Al Lutz this month, a window that is not actually installed in the park. Although, I would be so happy to be wrong about this!

    • Westsider

      You’re not wrong.

      No hourly Cast Member has ever received a personal window on Main Street. That honor is reserved only for company salaried management level or salaried creative employees. Frontline hourlies need not apply.

    • Thank you Rongo, I believe you’re correct. I’ve corrected the original post.


  • peanutj

    OK, I don’t mind the unicorns. After all, they are fantasy figures and fit in well with Fantasyland. But, am I the only one who thinks the hearts on the castle banners look angry and p****d off?

  • WDWizard

    So we get an ugly pink circus tent in the hub because apparently Disney wanted to please a small but vociferous group of Annual Passholders. A small amphitheater would’ve been better for hub aesthetics and the planned storyteller shows, I think, or just do something else completely with that large space. I bet it looks better in person anyway.

  • DisW

    I hope as much fussing and re-working is done on the Fantasy Faire area as is being done to the Glendale-Hyperion bridge in DCA.

    What I’m seeing so far of FF is underwhelming. Many of the colors are off, the “Royal Theater” sign looks somehow clumsy or cheap, and, worse of all, the rock work (and colors) on some of the chimneys looks inappropriately cartoonish. The latter might be okay for Toon Town, but not for FF.

    Segments of the decorative molding at the top of the tent also look one-dimensional and seemingly value engineered. If the planners and carpenters don’t intend to insert additional ornamental details, then there’s a failure of artistic sophistication in the new area.

    • Country Bear

      Although I don’t like the loudness of color in the upper peices of the new area, I don’t mind the look overall. I noticed the overly cartoonish look of the rocks embedded in the chimneys as well though. This is very Toontown. I don’t see a building built with rocks in its chimney here, I see fiberglass!

  • martinjbell1986

    Was in the parks for Valentines Day and the weekend. Surprising amount of celebrities we noticed.
    Ross Lynch from Disney Channel’s Austin and Ally was there shooting a movie promo.
    Ken Jeong from the Hangover.
    Robert Carlyle from Disney’s “Once upon a Time”.
    Bruno Mars
    A cast member said that Adam Sandler was there but we didn’t see him.

  • Spongeocto4

    Thanks for the update!

  • whamo

    I heard locals won’t get a price break this spring. Good. The park is too crowded these days. Raise the prices if you have to do it, but thin the herd. I didn’t spend $500 to stand in line all year.

  • sapphire

    I’m pretty sure that the “Wandering Wallflowers” turned out to be Lady Tremaine and her daughters.

    And Prince Philip wasn’t out the day I went. :/