Oscar has been carrying out his duties for 85 years, but few know the actual activates it takes to produce those crowing moments of the Academy Awards. MiceChat reader, Lorrelle Monninger, visited the site of the awards as preparations were being made and shares this interesting account of what goes into creating Oscar himself.

Schedules, seating charts, security, set dressing, sound systems, and lighting crews, are just part of the magic which transforms the somewhat seedy Hollywood Blvd into the glitzy Academy Awards.  But the first thing that the public may notice is the traffic, or lack thereof. For this brief moment in time, there are no cars moving bumper to bumper on this stretch of Hollywood Blvd. Yet, there is still a roar of arriving trucks, clattering of scaffolds and bleachers being constructed, and red carpet and awnings being set in place.

Barricades slice Hollywood boulevard in two. Event security quietly directing security fence construction and setting the perimeter access points. Lanyards and passes, badges and credentials are all prepared and made ready. A smile and a fancy suit will not gain you access here. An occasional red faced squawking and embarrassed paparazzi is being marched back to the public street after treading too close to the secured areas.
Security is in layers, some for the public, some for the stars, and more for the overall event. Hundreds of yards of outside fencing are covered in black plastic with random tears and celebrity seekers pressing their faces into the openings for a hopeful momentary glimpse at their favorite star.
Oscar’s visage appears along the pathway from the street to the Dolby (formerly Kodak) theater, where the awards are held. There are a scattering of floral arrangements between the clusters of Media and stars. At the end of the red carpet is a wide marble staircase. At the top of the stairs are five golden Oscars standing larger than life just before the doors of the Dolby Theater.
The stars are slowly being lead to their assigned seats, greeting each other along the way.  Drinks and snacks are shared before the show. The lights dim, and the presentation begins. Sadly, I didn’t have a seat in the actual theater. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying every minute of the experience.
Have you ever wondered how Oscar himself is constructed?
The Oscar is made of gold-plated britannium. He’s standing on a movie reel, on a black metal base; it is 13.5″ tall and weighs 8.5 pounds. The Oscar Statue is a representation of a knight from the art deco period. The five spokes represent the branches of the Academy: Directors, Producers, Writers, Actors and Technicians.
To see the process… watch this neat little YouTube video: