MiceChat’s Disney and theme park news Round Up is busting at the seams with great information this week.  Here we marvel at the spectacular photography and reports from the Disneyland resort while rumors swirl about new Utilidoors under the parks. Other news from inside Imagineering indicates a new patent for an omnimover boat ride system has been filed.  Following that we also hear news that Hong Kong Disneyland may have plans for further expansion! Plus a new Communicore Weekly and Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast.

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Trip Report-Feb 16-17
chris001 and family were college shopping with their daughter, but find time for a side trip to Disneyland. Get ready for some phenomenal photos!

More trip reports from you this week!  We also take a look inside for some of those details that make Disney distinct.  We also ask how you prefer your Disney disposables? ~ Aladdin

‘All Signs Point To DCA!’ says Barbaraann
What is your (favorite) sign? Barbarann focuses in on the variety of marquees, banners and billboards!

Disneyland and DCA Detailing: Shops and Restaurants
Regions Beyond brings us the INSIDE Scoop this week in this collection of photos! See if you can place where these were taken!

Photo Heavy Trip Report ~ Boyfriend & I
prarielullaby spent 6 days at Disneyland with her boyfriend. Their photos are here!

Do you prefer ‘Disneyland’ or ‘Disney Parks’ on disposable cups & boxes?
jcruise86 asks what you prefer so see on your beverage cups and popcorn boxes?  Generic Disney disposable dishware or themed containers? Vote your choice!


POTC Knock-off and IJA Knock-off attractions. So, Awesome!
Imitation is the best form of flattery… Well, it could be! lagenfox has posted some very interesting videos of other companies reproducing classic Disney Attractions.

Are Utilidors Being Built Beneath the Disneyland Resort?
Rumor has it that a system of underground tunnels are being built underneath the Disneyland Resort, DoctorQ9 reporting on the details.

3rd Gate
Fernando Mendez
has some questions in regards to the infamous “3rd Park” discussions that have been posted in the past.

What show should replace Aladdin
The idea mill has started up again on what shows should replace the now classic Aladdin show in DCA, what ideas do you have? Discuss them here!

Lone Ranger Test Light BTMRR Refurb
Speculation has started that during this long refurbishment they will add some lone ranger theme into the ride.

Why doesn’t Disney own a wooden roller coaster ????
Interesting thought, why doesn’t Disney do a wooden roller coaster? The topic has spurred quite a discussion on the requirements of such a large ride.

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A lot of questions from our Walt Disney World readers this week. Do we have the beginning of Avatarland? What is going to happen to the Town Square Meet and Greet once the Princesses have their own meet and greet? Why isn’t Disney spending more money? All these questions and a whole lot more to ponder, answer, and debate. In addition, we have a new patent that might change the way we ride water rides. ~yoyoflamingo

Town Square Theatre Princess Meet and Greet
We all know Snow White’s Adventures was closed to make room for a Princess meet and greet…but what happens to the princess meet and greet on Main Street in Town Square? ssaamm wants to know.

Why isn’t Disney spending more money?
We all want to know: with Walt Disney World looking very sad and downtrodden, why isn’t Disney spending more money to fix and repair it, or are they? Join the discussion here!

Is this a sign that they are clearing the way to build Avatarland?
With the birth of a new meet and greet for Mickey and Minnie, is this a sign that things are moving ahead to Avatar? Seems odd Mickey and Minnie are moving out of their home in Camp Minnie Mickey after all…

Disney submits plans for an omnimover boat ride
New and interesting are always made when searching through patents, and this is no exception. How does a boat ride with omnimover capabilities sound? Take a look at what that means and share your thoughts here!

Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report – 2/7/2013
 brings us an overseas trip report from Hong Kong Disneyland.

D23 Expo at TDR Announced for October 12-14 2013
OLC and Disney Japan have announced the first international D23 Expo to be held at the Tokyo Disney Resort

Villa Donaldo!
brings us info about Villa Donaldo, the shop that replaced Romoe’s Watches.

CEO of HKDL reveals intentions for new expansion plan in Legislation Council Meeting
Hong Kong Disneyland is looking to expand with several attractions inside the park and the addition of a third hotel.

We’re serving up the fantastic news that our world famous Gumball Rally is coming to the Disneyland Resort on May 4th – tickets are on sale now!

The world famous MiceChat Gumball Rally will roar into the Disneyland Resort on May 4th! And to celebrate the date (and Disney’s purchase of a beloved franchise), we are shaking things up a bit. It’s the biggest, best and most fun Disney fan event in the known universe. The Rally is a race to find out who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day.  Can you do it?

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October 19th – 26th, 2013

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Jeff and Geroge talk about Wizard of Bras, Unofficial Walt Disney World Earbook, Maps of Vacation Kingdom, and don’t miss this weeks Five Legged Goat!


just got back
railking56 posted some great photos from their recent Disney Cruise vacation, who else loves the device of the Orlando Airport?

What Question Would You Ask Iger at the Shareholder Meeting?
Simple as they can put it, our resident Aladdin wants to know what you would ask!

We have news from the Universal parks this week, along with a couple Knott’s Berry Farm threads. ~ Trekkie Dad

Hiring for Transformers in Orlando has started! Opening in less than 60 days.
found this announcement in the Universal Orlando team newsletter and thinks it signals a spring opening of Transformers.

Cabana Bay Beach Resort NOW accepting reservations! TODAY!
While the new Cabana Bay resort hotel at Universal Orlando will not be open until spring of next year, they are already accepting reservations.

Restored Back to the Future Delorean at Universal Studios Hollywood
posts a link to a video featuring the restored time machine.

Another great article about Matt Ouimet
has found this article about the former Disney exec who is now CEO of Cedar Fair.

First California trip soon, Knotts big destination, HELP!!!
is not a fan of big coasters and wonders what else there is to occupy the time at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Gumball Rally 2013 – SIGN UP NOW – May the 4th Be With You!
The world famous MiceChat Gumball Rally will roar into the Disneyland Resort on May 4th! And to celebrate the date (and Disney’s purchase of a beloved franchise), we are shaking things up a bit.

Gumball Rally 2013: Trash Talking Thread
Bookwyrm has started the thread to rile you up and get the trash talking started! Join in on that fun!

‘Brave’s Brenda Chapman: first woman to win Animated Feature Oscar
ALIAsD posts Brenda Chapman, the original writer and director of Disney Pixar’s ‘Brave’, received the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at last night’s Academy Awards.

Archway by Coke Corner get work done.
brianpinsky reports that walls have popped around the footings of the Coke corner sign, is this a “sign” that it coming back or going away forever?

MiceAge Goes Inside Disney World Park Event Operations
The department at Walt Disney World charged with decorating and props for special events, park promotions, press events, conventions, and anything in Orlando of a TEMPORARY nature is called Park Event Operations (PEO). They are…

Fantasy Faire gets finishing touches as Voices of Liberty celebrate Presidents’ Day
Disneyland‘s Fantasy Faire continues to get its finishing touches applied as it approaches its grand opening in early March. The new princess meet-and-greet area will provide a much-needed home for several of Disneyland’s popular princess…

Dateline Disney World: Magic Kingdom Construction and Epcot Flower and Garden Food Booths
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World. This week, we take a look at the ongoing construction at the Magic Kingdom as well as the continued installation of the Flower and Garden Festival over at…

Walt Disney World Memories – Part 2
In today’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse, we continue with a multi-part series we started two weeks ago where we talk to Stan, who worked all over the Walt Disney World Resort. Be sure…

Old Fantasyland Vintage Photos
When you think about the development of the different iterations of Fantasyland, it’s difficult to put the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland into perspective since it was so overshadowed by the 1983 Disneyland redo. In 1971, Fantasyland…

SeaWorld San Diego – Madagascar Live and New Entry Complex
We have a lengthy park update from SeaWorld San Diego today – developments on the new entrance, a brand new show for the summer, and we’ll take a look around at some developments around the…

In the Parks: Disneyland and DCA Wrapping Up Refurbs
The cold winter is melting away and the first rides are thawing from the many refurbishment projects going on throughout the resort. Splash Mountain is flowing, once again, after its annual refurbishment and looks great (as we’ll show you in photos and video below). But there are still a few more rides that are down. Here we show you what to expect on your next visit in the parks.

Universal Orlando Resort: Super Soap Stars, Potter Going Up, Transformers Wrapping Up
It was a busy weekend at the Universal Orlando Resort with Mardi Gras packing in the guests. Plus, Universal took another chunk out of Disney’s business by inviting soap stars from Days of our Lives…

Walt Disney World Touring: Commando vs. Carefree
It’s no secret that tackling the Disney Parks can be a big undertaking.  With so many amazing attractions, delicious dining options, cool character experiences and more, it’s impossible to get it all done in one…

Disneyland: My Favorite year
So what was the most magical year at Disneyland? If you could go back and visit, which year would you choose? Would it be 1959 with a bunch of new attractions? Or 1963? Some would…

Disneyland Paris To Feature New Star Wars Project?
Philippe Gas, the president of Euro Disney, spoke to a group of Disneyland Paris stockholders recently and may have inadvertently dropped a bombshell. Judging from his remarks, it sounds like he has now confirmed a…

Rolly Crump, Imagineer of the Weird
Undoubtedly, most MiceChat readers already know about Rolly Crump’s book, It’s Kind of a Cute Story. After all, the other name on the cover is Jeff Heimbuch, the prolific and erudite MiceChat columnist and podcaster.…

Beaches and Cream – The Whole Can
Beaches & Cream is a sweet little 50’s style ice cream shop.  This table service location is best known for their amazing hot off the grill burgers and ice cream selections such as “The Kitchen Sink.” …

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