We were recently invited to attend a hard hat tour of the Full Throttle construction area at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We were able to get some great behind the scenes pictures. In addition we got a close up look at one of the new buses that will be replacing the aging trams and finally we got to try out some of the new “Full Throttle” food offerings that will be offered at the park.

Sir Clinksalot all ready to head backstage with his fancy Hard Hat

Today, instead of looking at construction from above on the Sky Tower, we are able to be right in the middle of it. Tim Burkhart, Director of Maintenance, Construction and Engineering at both Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor was also on-hand to answer any questions we had.

This view shows where the entry of Full Throttle will be. The queue line will begin approximately 20 feet on the other side of the construction pole in the middle.
Many construction vehicles are on site to get the job done as quickly and as safely as possible.
Cones are placed to alert workers where they can’t go. Wouldn’t want to run this over. This spot was very close to the lake at the bottom of the last drop of Log Jammer.
An overview of the construction area heading up to the tunnel. You can see some supports have already been placed that will be the climb heading up and over Superman Plaza.
According to Tim, the “Full Throttle” theme will end basically where the wall is. So the High Sierra theme will continue on after that point heading towards Bugs Bunny World.
All of the footers for the station track, transfer track and launch have been poured.

We also had a chance to ask some of your questions from the MiceChat Facebook page.

  • One of the questions asked was about capacity of the ride. Tim mentioned that they hope to hit at least 700-750 per hour.

  • Tim also confirmed that the facade of the Log Jammer building will be staying as it will serve as a break between the High Sierra Theme and the Full Throttle Theme. Some retail will likely go into this space.
  • We did also confirm that the amazing “Blackout” maze from Fright Fest last year will be returning, although not in this location.


Tim showing off the construction area.

During our tour (Wednesday, February 27th, 2013) they were finishing off the track inside the tunnel. From there, they will be installing track on the back-side of the hill, over  Superman Plaza and down the hill. They will then begin installing the station track so they can get started on the station, queue and all of the electrical work that entails.

A piece of track for the tunnel heading into place.
Some track on the flat-bed waiting to go to it’s permanent home.
The Palace Arcade is going to be transformed into a Full Throttle Dining, Merchandise and (most importantly) will have Coke Freestyle machines!!!
The other shops in the area also appear to be staying.

The rest of this area will be themed to fit the “Full Throttle” theme. The theme isn’t specific to any kind of activity such as car racing, motorcycle riding, etc.  It will be interesting to see what type of themeing the area ends up with. Hopefully the theme will also include some shade.

  • We also asked about future attractions going in this area due to Full Throttle only taking up about 1/2 of what was there for Log Jammer. No plans currently, or at least none that Tim could tell us about.

According to Tim, the loop will be up above the treeline similar to Tatsu which means the park will be adding yet another landmark to it’s impressive skyline.
  • Tim also reiterated that the ride will have the tallest “Vertical Loop” in the world, not necessarily the tallest “inversion”.

After our tour we were invited into Mooseburger Lodge to try some of the new “Full Throttle” themed food. There will be 6 different types of wings (Original Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Hot Hababnero, Orange, Bar-B-Que and Garlic Parmesan). In addition to the Wings they will also offer “Full Throttle Fries” (Criss-Cut Fries with Cheese and a tangy 1000 Island type dressing) and Garlic Fries.

All of them were very tasty. My personal favorites were the Lemon Pepper, Hot Habanero and Garlic Parmesan. The Full Throttle and Garlic Fries were also very good.

Supervisor of Park Food Robert Bustle was on hand to hear our opinions on the new food and take any suggestions. Wet Wipes were certainly a suggestion we all had!!!

After our quick lunch I headed out to the boneyard to get a look at the track that’s waiting to be brought over to the site.

Lots here waiting to go up.

New Buses

We also got a chance to check out one of the new buses that will be replacing the aging tram fleet at the park. Some of the trams were bought before the park originally opened in 1971. They are certainly considered classics at this point.

This is the Full Throttle Bus. There will also be a Tatsu bus and some others. There are 6 buses total.
A closer look at the Full Throttle artwork.
Y’all come back now Y’hear.
A look at the inside of the buses.

It will be interesting to see if these buses help get people from the park to their cars. On one hand, these do seem like they’d be less efficient than trams, on the other hand they do seem to work out ok for Disney and the off-site lots. We are willing to wait and see at this point.

They will also be re-profiling the tram drop-off and pick-up points so there will only be one line. We wish them luck!!

That will do it for today’s update. We would like to offer a special thank you to Tim Burkhart, Sue Carpenter, and Connie Lujan for setting up this tour for us. We also hope that you enjoyed this backstage look at the new ride. We will be bringing you more updates before the ride opens.

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Gregg

    Look like Full Frontal will be a great coaster. From the images of all of the track, it going to be a good sized coaster. it will be nice to have another visual landmark when I travel past it, luring me to the park. The food of the area looks tasty. Can’t wait to try it if I visit the West Coast this year. Finally, I can’t wait to see the theming of the area. hopefully, it is tasteful.

    Thanks Again Gregg


    • JesterMn

      I assume calling the ride “Full Frontal” was a sort of accidental Freudian slip. But a pretty funny one. I hope they disinfect the seats after each ride… 😛

      • dod101

        dang! beat me to it! 🙂

  • Eric Davis

    Nice to see a lot of positive improvements at SFMM! YOLO!

  • MrTour

    I am still upset that SFMM took out another ride to replace it with another coaster. It is no longer a theme park, but rather a “coaster park”. It could learn much from Cedar Point, which has the world’s other cornucopia of coasters, but also boasts some really cool other rides.

    • I’m with you. Especially since they aren’t using all the space or even the terrain.

      But, it’s always fun to see a new coaster going in.

    • jcruise86

      Cedar Fair, with its great views of the Great Lake Erie is, in my opinion, MUCH MUCH better than Magic Mountain. Contrast MM’s horrible Goliath which makes you learn what it feels like to weigh 600 pounds, with CF’s Magnum which makes you weightless and usually concludes with a trainful of people bursting into applause.

      Gregg I love your enthusiasm for Magic Mountain, but I don’t understand it. (I’m that way about Knott’s, the Ren Faire, Universal and even Legoland.) To me the purpose of Magic Mountain is to keep some of Southern California’s more annoying middle-school kids out of Disneyland.

      • jcruise86

        P.S. Gregg, THANKS for the update! If their halloween mazes improve and remain a good value, I might check out M Mtn. in a few years to ride Lex Luthor and this new world’s tallest looping coaster.

      • Gregg Condon

        Here’s the thing about SFMM. It’s always been my home park. Even over parks like Disneyland that I may have visited more some years. SFMM is without a doubt the park I’ve visited most, easily over 250 visits, if not more.

        I’ve been a Season Passholder since probably 1985 except for a couple of years (2007/2008) and I’ve visited the park every year since probably 1980.

        I remember when the park was amazing. I am very critical of the park at times. Yes, we get some nice “perks” for promoting the park, but I don’t think we’ve ever been shy about pointing out things we feel need improvement. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve suggested they fix the big tree in BBW or the roof of the Fries stand across from Food Etc. And we will continue to do so.

        Am I 100% thrilled about Full Throttle? Absolutely not. It should be at least twice as long, should have utilized more of the land they cleared from Log Jammer, or, how about this for a concept, went around Log Jammer like Ninja did for Jet Stream. Sadly, none of that happened and we got what we got.

        I think it’s going to be a really “FUN” coaster. I don’t think it’s going to be terribly intense, it’s not loop after loop after loop which I like and it has lap-bar only trains. Those are all points in the rides favor.

        I think it will be in the top half of rides at the park from the day it opens, but it’s not going to win any awards or probably even be in my top 20 coasters (I’ve ridden about 220).

        I’m just glad there’s another ride to ride, that it’s going to be one I can ride repeatedly and not get sick. LOL!!!

  • Gregg Condon

    I agree that I wish Log Jammer could have stayed, but the fact is, the ride was 40 years old when they removed it. That’s old for an attraction like that that’s out in the elements unlike some of the indoor rides at a park like Disneyland.

    I do agree that I wish they’d used more of the terrain where Log Jammer was for this new coaster. There is a LOT of room left and the fact that they don’t really know what to do with it (or aren’t saying what they are going to do with it) is rather disappointing.

    I do think the new coaster will be fun, and will probably be one of the better rides in the park. I just wish it was about twice as long and had twice as many trains.

  • FatDaddy

    If Log Jammer had to go to get those wings, then that sucker had to go!

    • Gregg Condon

      LOL FatDaddy!!! The wings were actually REALLY good.

      And all of the sauces were developed on-site. Not store bought or anything like that.

  • TacAlert

    “One of the questions asked was about capacity of the ride. Tim mentioned that they hope to hit at least 700-750 per hour.” What Tim is really saying he hopes to get 500. High level people I know at the park are saying 500 is the real number they will see.

    In terms of the busses, they expect to see a lot more people walking. These are not going to work out. And let’s face it, they will look like trash by the end of the season. SFMM will not maintain these. I mean they can’t even pick up trash off the ground from the night before yet alone clean a bus.

    • Westsider

      Magic Mountain is almost in an entirely different industry than Disneyland. They don’t even try to mention the same standards as Disneyland, much less try to live up to them. Just look at how the two leaders were dressed for their press interview for this article; that speaks volumes.

      It’s also interesting that the theme park fans who cover both Disneyland and Magic Mountain for blogs never apply the same Disneyland standards to Magic Mountain that they quickly criticize Disneyland with. It would be fun to read a TR from Magic Mountain from these online personalities using the same standards applied to reviews of the latest Disneyland ride, parade, rehab, restaurant or show.

      • Gregg Condon

        First you mention (correctly so) that Magic Mountain is very different than Disneyland. But then you want us to apply the same standards to both Six Flags and Disney.

        They aren’t the same thing, aren’t even trying to be the same thing. ESPECIALLY in the case of SFMM which is in the same direct market at Disneyland.

        As for the way people were dressed up for the press tour, it’s a construction site. Tim is on-site doing actual work. He’s not going to wear a shirt and tie.
        Robert was actually cooking right before bringing the food out.

        All of the other staff on-hand were actually dressed in shirt/tie and business attire.


    Gregg … I must say I enjoy your photo captions much more here then on TPR where sarcasm runs at a 14 year old level such as (This is the sacred fire hydrant looking thingy. No touchy or you get wrist slapped by the evil munchkins!)

    Love all the photos and looking for you at SFMM during the build and pulling for May/June opening.

  • LoveStallion

    Eh, this seems like a ride they are building just for the sake of building a ride. I’m not that excited about it, especially the pointless backwards launch.