Disneyland’s Dapper Boy Band and Welcome Figaro to the Fantasy Faire

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Published on March 01, 2013 at 4:01 am with 26 Comments

Lot’s of fun news for you today from the Disneyland Resort. It seems the Dapper Dans have learned a few new tunes and are singing Boy Bands hits from the likes of One Direction, N’Synch and more. it’s a small world and Grizzly River Run have both returned from refurb, along with the ongoing refurbishments of the Mark Twain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Silly Symphony Swings.  But first, don’t forget to get your team registered for MiceChat’s upcoming Gumball Rally on May the 4th.


Get your racing shoes on and grab your tickets for this years Gumball Rally! What’s a Gumball Rally? The Rally is a race to find out who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is even better than it sounds. You’ll be riding attractions and figuring out the best path through the park based upon the challenges we place in front of you. In the end, it’s a ton of fun for geeks and theme park fans alike.

Grab your tickets now for the May 4th event


Town Square is beginning to really shine as the spring blossoms come forth and the characters step out.

Also, to celebrate the Diamond Edition of Peter Pan’s release on Blu-ray, Disneyland held a special event for pass holders.  For the entire day, AP’ers could reserve a spot to watch a screening of the beloved film.  Then, after the 8pm park closing, Passholders were invited to enjoy Fantasyland until 10pm.  A nice perk.

Passholders that wanted to join the fun were asked to check in throughout the day, at the Opera house.

Further explanation of why there isn’t a Dateline Disneyworld Today, Cory was enjoying the West Coast Parks.

Where’s Cory? Can you find him?


As part of Disneyland’s Limited Time Magic promotion, the Dapper Dans are singing hits from the boy bands. Calling themselves  ”The original boy band,” the Dapper Dans sing a medley of “Bye Bye Bye” by ’N Sync, “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and “Rock Your Body” from Justin Timberlake.  Watch the video and let us know what you think.


More progress can be observed at the Fantasy Faire Village this week as final details are added before previews and soft openings begin this coming week.

A worker perched on a ladder gives an idea of the scale of certain rooftops.

Cast Members receiving training.

Shiny Brass railing along the left bank of the castle. Beyond that, endless queues that await.

On Wednesday, the Figaro animatronic was installed.

what do you think about Disneyland’s newest feline friend?


Big Thunder’s renovation rumbles along.  The crane is still a fixture of the Frontierland skyline at the moment.


The canopy of King Arthur’s Carousel is still in need of a little TLC.  It is becoming downright ugly.  Rusty colored memories indeed.

it’s a small world

According to the Disneyland Website, it’s a small world should be up and running today.

But the flume still hadn’t been cleaned on Wednesday.


It seems that an electrical problem has delayed any further progress at the moment in the Fantasyland Theatre.  This would explain why no rigging has been installed, nor have we seen any developments for several weeks.


Goofy’s house will be under refurbishment for  the next week for an exterior freshening.  It will return on March 8th.


Mark Twain is also  down, but nearly ready for a return.  However in checking Disneyland’s website, no return date has yet been announced. Hmmmmm.



Stop by Ghirardelli now to get your discount holiday peppermint bark!   Also the Easter candy is on the shelves now and pretty reasonably priced.


Grizzly is scheduled for a return today, Friday March 1st.  The shots taken yesterday show that the waterways were filled with water, although not circulating.


And, of course, Silly Symphony Swings is still in pieces and under refurbishment.  Painting has also been happening on the surrounding structure.

That should do it for this week folks.  Enjoy the return of it’s a small world and Grizzly, and we will see you soon, In The Parks.

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  • Saskiwi

    I think if you check with any 10-20 year old youll find boys bands are definitely not “hip and edgy”- for the most part they are selling a pretty safe, slightly naughty-boy image that preteen girls and their mothers can agree on. And most boys hate them… so basically, I think their songs pretty much fit the Dapper Dans repertoire perfectly- kinda dorky, kinda cute, guys are never gonna love them and they are NEVER gonna be hip and edgy..I say go for it!

  • MSVRider

    Here are my thoughts on the Dapper Dans doing Boy Band songs as part of Limited Time Magic…

    I do not think this was an attempt to make the Dapper Dans hip and edgy. I think it was something that they thought people would find amusing. And, frankly, I did. I didn’t think I would, but I liked the arrangements. I don’t think anybody ever thought these songs would replace what they normally sing.

    In fact, if anything, I found it difficult to find them actually perform the Boy Band songs. The first time I watched them, on the Horse-Drawn Streetcar, they didn’t sing any of the songs. Then, I was in front of the Firehouse an hour later where, again, they didn’t sing any Boy Band songs. We were told to come back an hour later. So, it took me three performances to actually see them perform the songs.

    This is the part I found irritating because, if this is the big advertised “Limited Time Magic” thing, I would have hoped they would have performed them at each set. In fact, on the schedule, it give times for the “Limited Time Magic” performances. Yet, I had to almost wait 2 hours to hear them perform the songs I was told to be sure to catch…and, I went specifically to check this out.

    Every cast member I came across either didn’t know where they’d be, gave me wrong information or said that it was “impossible” to know where the Dans would be for each performance. On any given day, I think it’s fine for the Dans to move around, but, for this being a highly advertised “Limited Time Magic” thing, I think there could have been way better organization. I noticed several people wandering around trying to catch them and scratching their heads.

  • RumRunner31

    The Dapper Dans sing “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys, not “Rock Your Body” by Justin Timberlake. Easy mix up as the BSB song contains the lyric “rock your body” a well. Either way I was surprised that with all the other slightly-more-Disney-Park-approriate BSB songs they went with THAT one.

  • mysteriouspnai

    I enjoyed the first two songs the Dapper Dans sang (I think What Makes You Beautiful sounds really well in this style!), but Bye Bye Bye just didn’t seem to sound right. Anyone else think this?

  • Aladdin

    One thing I see good about some of these extra pieces of entertainment we are getting (from what Disney’s broken marketing labeling machine calls “Limited Time Magic”) is that we get to see a few blue sky ideas that otherwise may have never see the light of day!

    It’s like that noodle test, you throw one on the wall and see if it sticks. Maybe Disney might just get a noodle to stick on the wall \

    - Just too bad it doesn’t sound like it worked for the Golden Horseshoe Review ~ BUT what if they try to bring it back retooled this summer with the Can Can Dancers and some of the Wally Boag’s Humor rather than Lillie Belle who flirted with some spouses!?!??!!?

  • Trevor

    I know it isn’t 100% period appropriate but for some reason the video of the Dapper Dans brought a smile to my face. As long as it is a temporary little extra and played for fun like it was, then props to the guys in charge for thinking outside the box and trying to do something new.

    As for the “hip and edgy” comments, I find that to be a mindset that might not be true forever. Disney failed miserably at being “hip and edgy” with DCA 1.0, but don’t start to think that that makes it impossible.

    What we are starting to see from Disney (on the West Coast) is a lot of big projects that have huge appeal to Disney fans of all types. I think the quality shows that they still know what they are doing and that more great stuff can be expected.