Welcome back everyone.

Recently there has been an awful lot of news and rumours circulating around Universal Orlando Resort and we tackle a fair few of them for the first part of the show and, to go along with Eric’s Orlando Park Hopper article on MiceChat, he brings us another What’s Newniversal?

For the main bulk of this show though, we delve in to something a little different. Many people visit the parks with out any prior preparation or knowledge of these places that they have spent a huge amount of money to visit. But for those of us who like to do our planning, what options do we have? We all know how to use forums, the MiceChat ones being a partlcularly good source. Then there are the multitude of planning books, the parks’ own planning paraphernalia and a huge number of other resources, too numerous to mention.

However there is one resource that we think stands head and shoulders above these at the moment and that is Touring Plans.com.

“What is Touring Plans.com?” I hear you shout…

Well, not only can they provide you with up-to-the-minute, accurate ride times for Disneyland, Disney World and now Universal Orlandos’ two parks, they have plans that will help you learn how best to navigate the parks and minimise your wait times in lines, regularly updated menus from all the restaurants and snack carts as well as many other time saving utilities.

Join us on the show as we speak to Len Testa, owner of Touring Plans.com about the recent addition of Universal Orlando Resort to their product.

Sit back and enjoy.