After a hiatus, Photos In Wonderland is back today. Please help us welcome Rustin back.

As a brief refresher: here at PiW, we share a handful of photos on a common theme each column, largely focused on Disneyland, but with the possibility of some Knott’s, Universal, WDW, or other tourist attractions/roadside weirdness along with commentary.

Now, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure outshines the clunky and boring old Sunshine Plaza in practically every way imaginable. It exudes class and charm. Let’s have a look around at some of my favorite details.

This sporty roadster is parked outside Oswald’s Service Station. Don’t try and drive off with her, though – Office Blue is watching!

Tasty candies fill the display window across the street at Trolley Treats.

A community display board offers helpful notices inside the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe. That ‘I. Crane’ offering tutoring services sounds familiar – doubtless recently moved to the area from the Upper Hudson region of New York.

All the news of the town is on-hand for local residents and tourists stopping by.

Notable literary classics await book enthusiasts. But you can’t buy them, they are just for display.

Sweeping art deco lines and flourishes dominate this side of the street – let’s duck inside the classy Elias & Co. and peek at the detail work, what do you say?

Quite lovely lighting fixtures – but imagine the electrical bill!

Even ‘simple’ display racks get the classic treatment here.

And one of my favorite details, the lunar-themed lighting fixture directly overhead near the exit.

What are your favorite Buena Vista Street details?

  • TrueBlue

    A tasty sampler of the lovely Buena Vista Street! I particularly enjoed the art deco popcorn cart and the man-in-the-moon light fixture. Buena Vista Street is filled with such details, and another dozen articles would still leave much for visitors to explore on there own. Now if Disney would only start selling copies of the classic books in the display windows!

  • My favorite parts of Buena Vista Street are the big rock candy mountain display in front of the candy store and the luxurious interior of the Carthay Circle restaurant.

    In many ways, I like Buena Vista Street better than Main Street.

  • Lost Boy

    I was told by one of the CM in that store, that the hanging chandeliers are made from imported Italian Crystals. The real thing and very expensive. Love to see the details inside the Buena Vista stores.

  • Trumpet

    Great Photos Rustin

    It is amazing how good Buena Vista Street looks, and what an improvement over the original Sunshine Plaza.

    Thanks Again Rustin


  • sixalex

    Although I was never a detractor of Sunshine Plaza, I never felt any charm or Disney-ness there. Buena Vista Street absolutely draws me to California Adventure. The last time I went, I had an opportunity to just stand quietly and soak in the ambiance. Later, we got into a lengthy, and hilarious discussion with Officer Blue and Fifi the photographer. What a great day!