Welcome back to another of our brief digital photo ‘excursions.’ Let’s have a look where we are off to this time!

Knott’s Berry Farm was founded on the back of a ‘wonder berry’ and a renowned chicken dinner restaurant. Knott’s may not match Disneyland in the modern day for whole-park ambiance and sophistication of attractions, but it still always manages to please and entertain me. Spending an evening in the park (reduced entrance rates in the off-season after 4 p.m.!) combined with a nice dinner is a little slice of theme park magic.

A notable element of Ghost Town are the ‘peek-ins’ placed inside various buildings, such as inside the Assay Office and Laundry pictured here. Take a close look when you visit and see what’s happening!

Over by the Knife Shop and Birdcage Theater, you’ll find this false facade for the town ‘Toy Shop’.

Even small details around the Farm have a lot of character and detail, as with this ice cream shop sign designed by original park concept designer and artist Paul von Klieben.

This rather evocative and serene still life can be found over at the exit of the superb ‘Mystery Lodge’ attraction.

The Timber Mountain Log Ride practically sparkles at night, with the reflections off the water.

If browsing a collection of antique hearses elsewhere in the park, keep a wary eye open – this ‘corpse’ might just sit up suddenly to have a look back at you!

Over at Camp Snoopy, during the summer months, many glowing lights and nighttime elements are added for Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular.

As Scoutmaster Snoopy tells his charges a spooky story, projection ghosts move across this rock face.

Want a light up sword, necklace or 3D glasses to join in on all the lighttastic elements? Knott’s is glad to help you out!

How about a night-time excursion on the classic Calico Mine Ride?

The mid-point of the tour of the Calico mining operation is the lovely rainbow caves found at the top of a lift hill – I can practically hear the water dripping and the organ music now, can’t you?

Back on the streets of Ghost Town, it’s pretty empty and quiet – must have gotten later than we thought. Looks like it’s time to saddle up and head on out for a bite to eat, bid goodnight to this little Western town Walter created. But wait, what’s that in the distance…?

A strange fog has rolled in all of thed sudden, and eerie noises and shrieks can be heard in the distance, getting louder: familiar sights and sounds to any lover of Knott’s Scary Farm. But we’ll have to wait for that, the season isn’t quite right for a haunting.

Thank you for reading along with us on this installment of Photos In Wonderland, and please remain seated until the column comes to a full and complete stop! We hope to see you again soon.