We have an interesting Disneyland Paris update today from Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog. We heard about the stockholder meeting last week and this week we have photos. It looks like they treat the stockholders pretty well in Europe. One of the biggest announcements centered around the Chapeau Magique Lumineaux (Magic Light Hat) that will make their debut in the Disney Dreams show. ~~Rick

Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog presents a Disneyland Paris Update

Let’s end the week with a great Disneyland Paris Update! The Disneyland Paris annual stockholder meeting was held recently and Max Fan from Dlrp Welcome shares these photos.

The meeting was held at the Newport Bay Hotel. It’s still winter in Paris so the skies were grey and temperatures are reaaaly cold – it was snowing again this week!

The convention hall ballroom is huge and really nice.


Before entering the convention room everyone had to present their I.D.

Everyone received an electronic device on which to vote, a gift coupon, a stockholder badge and the annual report brochure.

Max was one of the first to enter the room!

Then the meeting began with giant projections behind the stage.


DLP CEO Philippe Gas answered stockholder questions after presenting the report, talking about the future of the resort, and most of all he officially announced the Ratatouille attraction which will open in 2014 at the WDS.


The highlight of the meeting that really impressed stockholders was the special preview of the Chapeau Magique Lumineaux (Magic Light Hat) that DLP will be featuring in the Disney Dreams show.


Thanks to Max, we have the video of that special moment!

Moving on to the Walt Disney Studios for the second part of this update, we have a look at the Ratatouille attraction in progress. As it is winter, you won’t see a lot of workers on the site but obviously the huge show building is now ready for its theming and for the installation of the ride system and show elements.


A close-up of the building and what will be the ride entrance…

Since the last time that Max shot pictures a few things have changed, especially around the top of the building.

As I’ve said previously, don’t expect to see evidence of the theming of the building before spring.

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  • eicarr

    Hopefully the exchange rate will make the ears dirt cheap. I’ll take cold and crisp weather over opressive hot and humid any day. Ratatouille looks like a military training area at this stage, but I know they’ll work their magic! Thanks for the update, wish I could go.

  • If glowing ear hats are a highlight of the upcoming year for DLP, then they are in big trouble. Less than 1% of any audience at Disneyland’s Fantasmic or World of Color wear the hats, which makes them more of a distraction than enhancement.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the hats to a degree. But when you are one of the few wearing them, the other folks in the audience hate you for ruining the show for them with your bright flashing hat. Only when the whole audience wears them does it really work.

  • animatronic

    Thanks for the Update, Rick. My partner and I are heading to Paris at the end of March and will spend three nights at Newport Bay and in the parks. We are frequent visitors of Disneyland and although we live in San Francisco were annual passholders last year. Anyway, we are looking forward to the trip and have things wonder if you have any thoughts about things that people frequently miss and definitely shouldn’t or things you find helpful. I will definitely taking photos and video of our trip.

    • Asterix

      For someone who knows and loves Disneyland well, when visiting Disneyland Paris I’d say: budget enough time. You may want to amble across smaller details (like the crazy awesome glass and metal work) more slowly, and also revisit your big faves several times. I know that when I’m abroad my mind is working overtime taking in all the subtleties of a different culture and language, it’s a lot to absorb so I’d just say if you’re on the fence when deciding an amount of time, allow a little extra.