Spring has Sprung at Walt Disney World

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on March 08, 2013 at 4:03 am with 13 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Cory

    You are right that Tangled deserves more than just Restrooms. Sadly, that is all WDW can muster to keep the cash levels high. While they will look nie, they have made too big of an impression on New Fantasyland. They should have used this space for an attraction.

    Seven Dwarfs Mine train looks great, really big and should help people come to WDW. However, it will be no competition compared to Potterland 2.0 in USO, in my opinion.

    Flower and garden festival looks great,and when in full bloom, looks even better, can’t wait for more pictures Cory.

    Thanks Again Cory


  • pbrsaau

    I believe the Tangled Toilets area is too small for an actual attraction, not to say that bathrooms are a sufficient designation for ‘Tangled’ either. Haunted Mansion’s show building and Small World’s building form that corner to where the area is too small for an attraction, but large enough to have small facilities, i.e. bathrooms, retail, food carts.

  • Gregg Condon

    Flower and Garden was one of our favorite times to visit EPCOT. The parks are looking bright and shiny. Great update!!

  • David Hollenbeck

    I hate second guessing things that are already in place, because they’re much less likely to change, but wouldn’t it have been cool to do a Tangled dark ride instead of Mermaid? I don’t have anything against Mermaid and haven’t ridden either one, but wouldn’t it have made New Fantasyland a much bigger *ahem* splash with a completely new ride? I picture it sort of like Peter Pan, so you can look up at the tower, but then move up and see it from Rapunzel’s point of view, make the dam break scene really cool like you’re sliding along the drain (whatever it’s called) along with Flynn, then stuck in the cave where her hair glows, but you burst out, get into town, see the mural, then, in the show stopping scene, you are floating on the water with F&R and the lanterns are flying all around you, then in the final scenes you experience the “head down, arms in, knees apart – knees apart?”, the rescue and resurrection and HEA – it could be spectacular. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat at the Snuggly Duckling? Blood in the mustache and everything.

    Nice to see the Cars in a better place and Peter Pan in the UK. I went last year and thought that the Bambi theme for the butterfly tent was completely appropriate, but having the Pixies in there is (especially when they had their own area last year) seems like it was a no-brainer.

    The monsters U. display looks good and I’m tellin’ ya, I’m gonna hammer on it til someone at Disney gets the message, Phineas and Ferbcot is the way to go for future world! I’m not suggesting every ride be themed for P&F, but bring that level of curiosity and invention back to Epcot. Here’s the scene that wraps up how they should frame it in a nice bow – Picture a big welcome sign for Epcot with P&F welcoming you. On the back, seen as you exit, is a silhouette of P&F as they also head for the exit, but instead of Thanks for visiting, See ya real soon, etc. It says simply “Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do tomorrow!”

    Rebuild the Universe of Energy into P&F’s World’s biggest, coolest and most educational roller coaster and you’re on your way to Epcot being a must-see again.

  • WesternMouse

    Dwarf Mountain will not beat HP 2.0.

  • Colorado Mouse Mom

    I don’t post here very often. In fact, I think it’s been a few years but I do read all the updates. I feel I need to post today about this article.
    Seems some are never happy with what WDW does. New bathrooms? Ridiculous you say! Well they are beautiful and well themed. They could have just carved a hole in the wall and stuck bathrooms in there but they created a beautiful area with seating, shade and a great spot for relaxing for a bit.

    The new coaster, I am pretty sure is not intended to be a match for Harry Potter 2.0 but is intended as a new fun family ride with more great detail and theming. Why all the comparisons all the time? Universal caters and markets to a family crowd with older children and young teens and those without children as well. WDW is a family park with family rides, rides that include young children. Not to mention those same parents with young children will open their pocket books to purchase all the new merchandise that will be and has been released following the New Fanstasylands opening. My kids are older so I am not a parent with young children. If you don’t like what WDW does then why read these updates or even go to the parks? Disneyland is not perfect either, after visiting for three days last week, it has it’s issues too.
    Unless you work for WDW, you don’t know what they have planned for the future. I for one love WDW and everything it has to offer and would love to live closer in order to visit more often. I find myself bored with DL and DCA after about 2 1/2 days.

    • peanutj

      Beautifully stated, Mouse Mom. I have no problem with critical statements when they are warrented, but it seems like we have too many whiners here who are never happy. I usually don’t even read the comments because I can’t stand all the negativity, but I’m glad I read yours today.

      • gKaR

        2nd that πŸ™‚

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    The Tangled bathrooms opened today.

  • David Hollenbeck

    Hope my comment didn’t come across as negative, it was just an imagineer wannabe flight of fantasy. I think the frustration comes from seeing HP done so well at USO and Carsland being done so well at DCA that when you get New Fantasyland and all of the promise it could hold and the most recent material they drew from was a film over 20 years old now…I think some feel slighted when there are more recent stories like Tangled that could have been featured. I’m excited to see it when it’s finished (only Dumbo and Goofini were open when I went last time. I’m hoping that the 7DMT is NF’s Radiator Springs Racers, it will be interesting to see!

    Ok, that said, a Facebook comment about the Tangled area being open made me laugh, they called it “The Princess and the Pee.”

    Amy, you (or your husband, whichever the case is) have my sympathy for growing up with that name if you live in America. It’s a fine name, I’m not making fun of it, but I can only imagine how much crap you had to put up with in school.


    • Kurtoon

      β€œThe Princess and the Pee.”
      now that’s funny right there

  • billyjobobb

    quite frankly I wish they had opened New Fantasyland all together. With that giant construction site right there in the middle it was pretty disappointing.

    And having access to California I was kinda bored seeing Mermaid redone. The restaurant looked mice (what we saw of it) but there were no reservations, and the lines for lunch were ridiculous.

    I do wish we had gone a little later for flower and garden. Alot had already been done when we visited but we did miss all the topiaries.

    I guess there’s always next year?

  • DobbysCloset

    As a person with a bladder I can think of no finer purpose for a beautifully themed space than a bathroom.