After 19 previous Epcot International Flower & Garden Festivals that focused plants, the 20th edition adds food and beverages—with a garden perspective. Werner Weiss fills you in on what’s new.

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  • Thank you Werner. Looks like Food and Wine Festival lite to me. I guess it’s an evolution that makes sense, but hope they continue to focus on the Flowers as the main event.

  • holierthanthoutx

    Compared to the recent past, it looks as if WDW has really upped the food offerings for the Flower & Garden Festival. I know in the past couple of years it’s been pretty sparse in terms Festival-specific food & drink.

    We’ve attended the Flower & Garden Festival I think eight times over the past fifteen years, and we’ve watched the sad decline of the Festival over time, from something that was a pretty big deal to something that has been little more than a bunch of topiary displays. It’s good to see some effort being put into returning this to an Epcot-wide event.

  • Trumpet

    Thanks for the Update Werner

    Despite not being able to visit the park during the events, they give Epcot and breath of fresh air, dsespite the event being 20 years old. I think it is the original displays that they have every year.

    Thanks Again Werner


  • Timekeeper

    The Frushi sounds really good, wonder if that could come to Disneyland, specifically Tomorrowland? It just sounds really tasty, add that the some of the new food and beverage elements look and sound good too will be a helpful boost, especially that now you too can have a tasty alcoholic Dole Whip, only at Epcot. 😀