SeaWorld Orlando resort celebrates a milestone as Aquatica, SeaWorld’s first water park, turns 5 years old.  I was there that cold March day in 2008 when Aquatica opened.  The wind chill alone would have deterred most people from going in the water, but there was a new park in Orlando, and I was determined to experience it! Since Aquatica first opened, there have been some additions and some changes. The foliage has filled out once empty areas.  The park has an established feel. It has become one of the premier Water Parks in Central Florida.

Now that’s a celebration cake!


Staff and Animals were in attendance as Aquatica Vice President, Bryan Nadeu, gave a short recap of the progress Aquatica has made since it first opened.  With Aquatica parks now open in San Antonio and one coming to San Diego this summer, SeaWorld’s gamble has become a confirmed success.

When MiceChat correspondent James Hake asked about future additions to Aquatica, we were assured that SeaWorld and Aquatica are always looking for ways to enhance the guest’s experience.


Rock work continues as we march towards the May 24th opening of this mega attraction.  Walls near Atlantis have expanded as a planter that was once the buffer between Atlantis, Kraken and the Penguin Encounter is being reworked and improved.


The Dolphin Nursery has reopened, and guests are once again able to see the youngest additions to SeaWorld Orlando!

And that’s what’s new at the SeaWorld Orlando parks. Antarctica is just an iceberg away. Are you ready for this summer’s big chill?

  • stamphead

    Aquatica Orlando is a blast! I love the rapids. Here’s hope the rapids come to San Diego.

    • Eric Davis

      I can’t wait to see what Aquatica in San Diego looks like. I hope you guys also get the rapids, because they are intense! lol

  • CreepyMonkey

    Thanks for sharing Eric!

    • Eric Davis

      I can’t wait for our next episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast! We will have so much to share!

  • I’ve still never been to Aquatica. Got to make time for that on one of these trips. Thank you for the update!

    • Eric Davis

      Dusty you HAVE to experience Aquatica, Discovery Cover and SeaWorld! There is just so much to see and do!

  • aggiemullins

    Aquatica Orlando may have been Sea World’s first water park named Aquatica, but it wasn’t Sea World’s first Water Park. Sea World San Antonio has had a water park for over a decade. However, last year they did revamp it with a couple new areas/rides, and slapped the Aquatica sign up, right next to the newly installed turnstiles to start charging an additional admission fee.

    It’s really nice, but new rides seemed poorly designed to handle much capacity. After going to Blizzard Beach and seeing the possibilities, it was a very disappointing they didn’t build the new rides to handle the increased popularity the water park would generate. While i was being realistic and not expecting BB quality in capacity, I was certainly expecting more considering its the latest industry trend. Also, many of the old rides didn’t get much love in the remodel and so there’s this awkward mesh of brand-new versus old and run down, throughout.

    Considering 6 flags Fiesta Texas’s equally nice (and free with admission) water park and the fact SW San Antonio has a really nice kids splash area outside Aquatica in the main park for cooling off, we will not be renewing our Aquatica passes this year.

    • Eric Davis

      I personally can’t speak on behalf of Aquatica San Antonio since I have not yet been to it, but if you want to get a collection of pictures together and write a trip report, we could maybe discuss this in an upcoming Episode of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast!

    • ericg

      Fiesta Texas waterpark may be free, but it is a dirty waterpark. The changing room had me cringing in fear last summer. Aquatica is the superior waterpark and there is no debating that. I anticipate in the future that they will address your concerns with demand as they replace the older attractions with new ones. I also expect that they will add either an additional wave pool or a new one as well. Time will tell, but Aquatica San Antonio is a great addition and superior to anything Six Flags has!

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Eric

    I cannot belive that it was 5 years ago that Aquatica opened. despite not visiting the area snce it opened, time has flown with the park.

    Thanks for the construction update. I cannot wait for it to open. It is good that in this time of building attractions that are linked to movies, they are having a unique theme. Hopefully, it pays off and creates a good summer season, along with USO. If they get good attendance, amybe Disney will think long and hard on how they should invest their money.

    Thanks Again Eric


    • Eric Davis

      Thanks Trumpet! I am really hoping that these big bets at Universal and at SeaWorld pay off with big numbers in revenue. Because I want to see them continue this trend of going big!

  • kcnole

    I have never seen this park in person. I remember being underwhelmed by the pictures posted when the park first opened, mainly due to the lack of foliage. I wonder if you could do a post with before and after pictures showing how the park looked on opening day to how it looks today?

    • Eric Davis

      This is a great idea. I will have to dig deep into some old hard drives to find those original Aquatica photos! lol But maybe I can borrow some of Kevin Yee’s and can put together a comparative photo spread!