SeaWorld Orlando resort celebrates a milestone as Aquatica, SeaWorld’s first water park, turns 5 years old.  I was there that cold March day in 2008 when Aquatica opened.  The wind chill alone would have deterred most people from going in the water, but there was a new park in Orlando, and I was determined to experience it! Since Aquatica first opened, there have been some additions and some changes. The foliage has filled out once empty areas.  The park has an established feel. It has become one of the premier Water Parks in Central Florida.

Now that’s a celebration cake!


Staff and Animals were in attendance as Aquatica Vice President, Bryan Nadeu, gave a short recap of the progress Aquatica has made since it first opened.  With Aquatica parks now open in San Antonio and one coming to San Diego this summer, SeaWorld’s gamble has become a confirmed success.

When MiceChat correspondent James Hake asked about future additions to Aquatica, we were assured that SeaWorld and Aquatica are always looking for ways to enhance the guest’s experience.


Rock work continues as we march towards the May 24th opening of this mega attraction.  Walls near Atlantis have expanded as a planter that was once the buffer between Atlantis, Kraken and the Penguin Encounter is being reworked and improved.


The Dolphin Nursery has reopened, and guests are once again able to see the youngest additions to SeaWorld Orlando!

And that’s what’s new at the SeaWorld Orlando parks. Antarctica is just an iceberg away. Are you ready for this summer’s big chill?