Construction of the new Full Throttle coaster has picked up the pace. The track for the entire back portion of the ride, inside the tunnel and over Superman Plaza has been completed. The large crane has been moved back down near where the station will be and they are now working on the lower portion of the track including the station and launch. Also, the new buses have started operation taking over for the aging tram fleet.


Let’s start off with a birds eye view of construction. As you can see the entire back-side of the track has been completed.

The Dive Loop section heading into the tunnel and backwards launch
The large crane has been moved back down the hill so they can start installing the track for the launch, station and eventually the Loop and Top Hat elements.
As you can see from the next picture, there is still a LOT of room in the area for future attractions.
The end of the track for now. This portion of track is right after the loop before the trains will head up and over Superman Plaza.
No noticeable work being done on the future Full Throttle Wings, Full Throttle Store, Full Throttle Dogs and Full Throttle Coke Freestyle building.
There have been some “rumors” of a flat ride making it’s way from Six Flags New England to Magic Mountain. There is certainly plenty of room for it in this area.
Before we head down from the Sky Tower, one non Full Throttle picture to show just what an awesome attraction the Sky Tower is. Next time you are at the Mountain be sure to stop by.

As we reach the ground we see how low to the ground the track is coming over Superman Plaza. Unfortunately this was as close as I could get, but it looks pretty low. They may have to move some of the fences in the area to keep people from getting too close. Hopefully they won’t have to put any netting under the track because this looks REALLY cool.

Heading down near the tunnel we can get a closer look at this fun looking element.
The Track heading into the tunnel
The Tunnel needs some work but it makes sense that they leave that for last. Remember, this tunnel hasn’t been in use since 2001.

Heading down the hill a bit you can see the awesome view you will get of the trains flying into the tunnel.

Heading down to the ride entry area a new wall has been built for construction.
Footers for the launch are starting to be placed
The end of the line (for now)

Same crane, new location.
The Pump House building from Log Jammer is being re-purposed for Full Throttle.
Launch area
“First Ever” top hat that goes directly over a loop.

Full Throttle is looking like it will be a really fun ride. Despite the fact that we wish it would have used more of the land that was cleared from Log Jammer, seeing the ride go up has gotten us excited for the ride. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years they’ll add another launch, another 1000 feet of track and call it Full Throttle Yolo 2.0!!!


For the first time since we renewed our passes this year we were at the park early enough to try the new Gold Pass entrance. It’s AMAZING. We were able to bypass the throng of people waiting for the gates to open, leisurely walk to Tatsu and walk-on for a front-row ride and were off the ride 5 minutes after the park opened. The Gold Pass is Recommended!!!

The other big thing going on at the park right now are the new buses replacing the ancient trams that have been at the park since day one. Last week we showed you the Full Throttle Bus. That Bus and the Tatsu Bus were in operation this past weekend.

This is one of the new loading area’s in the parking lot
And near the front of the park

They are still testing the system and park management is actually riding on the buses to assist the drivers and other employees on the bus. Hopefully there will be more permanent gates for guests coming. We also noticed there was no signage directing people to the buses after you exit the park.

The issue with the buses is that when you are picked up in the parking lot you have to be driven all the way around Colossus before heading to the park due to the doors being on the opposite side of the parking lot when the buses are heading to the gate. Hopefully this is something that can be addressed soon as well. We wish the park luck in getting their new buses running efficiently before Spring Break starts in a couple of weeks.

Elsewhere, some new ads were being placed outside Tatsu.
The new Lockers in front of Tatsu are still leaving an ugly looking wall exposed. Even one of the Taki’s banners would be an improvement.
And lastly, the roof of the Garlic Fries building is still in need of some help. They recently replaced the entire roof of the Coaster Candy Company near Apocalypse, may we suggest this one be next on the list?

That will do it this week. Unfortunately it will be a few weeks until our next update as your intrepid reporter is running the LA Marathon next weekend (March 17).

If you’d like to help out for another kind of Marathon, I am also doing Coasting for Kids this June at Knott’s for the AMAZING charity, Give Kids The World. You can donate to my page here.

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Gregg

    Full Frotal looks great, and will be a fantastic addition to the park. Sadly, with the track going over the path, there will be a net below the path. I would be very suprised if they did not.

    Thanks Again Gregg


  • MrTour

    Great update! From the pics, looks like Full Throttle is going to be a very short ride. Seems like a waste to be so short with 3 launches. Six Flags obviously went cheap when they could have made this another SFMM signature coaster!

    • JMazz

      It will be longer than Excelerator or even Kingda Ka (time-wise). Plus there are no foot prints or full renderings availible online. What happens after the top hat?

      • Gregg Condon

        ^ Unfortunately it just heads into the breaks at that point.

  • Gregg Condon

    Wanted to add to the column, the flat ride that was rumored to be moved from SFNE (Catapult) is not being moved to SFMM. It’s being scrapped.

    Hopefully something else will come into the area sooner rather than later.

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  • SiRocket

    i must have been under a rock…. to see log jammer gone puts a sour taste in my mouth, that was one of the only “themed but not really themed” areas of park where the trees grew nicely, and the ride made sense… i love coasters but, i just think this cold steel could have been put out back somewhere. #thumbsdown

  • darkamor

    Since FULL THROTTLE is an energy drink sold by Coca Cola Bottling Co, they sure could help finance this ride just by the commercial tie in (ride the coaster, drink the energy drink!) and it sure is butted up close to Super Man (I agree about moving the Super Man boundary to keep this new ride within its out area) ….

    I Know the Log Ride needed to go (it was looking awful in its last 3 years), but Six Flags Magic Mountain could use another Water Ride (if not a new Log Flume? Then another Boat Flume) ….

    The new Buses are a plus (those old Trams needed to be replaced back in the 80s), but there should be some shaded wait areas for getting ON / OFF the new Buses (Valencia is hotter then Anaheim. folks) ….

    Wishing Six Flags Magic Mountain all the success it deserves !

    C J