Time for a SeaWorld San Diego update! The park is moving into high gear on the construction of a whole new park entry. And that means a temporary entry into the park has to be opened first. New attractions are being readied for summer and some old ones may be returning.

Up up and away we go on today’s update . . .

Front Gate Construction Moves On 

Yes folks, construction walls are growing
Only two ticket booths remain in the old entrance area.

Walls around the upcoming temporary entrance have grown, and the old ticket booths have moved there.

Major construction on the new entrance is expected to begin this month, and that means the temporary entrance should be completed soon.

The temporary entrance being built.

The construction walls is where the old booths were located.

The grassy lawn is giving way to construction
The lagoon around the Sky Tower has been refilled.

Cirque Is Coming Back

One of the towers was being painted, and I think we can assume that Cirque is making a comeback.
The other tower hasn’t been touched yet.
Neither set has been touched yet either.

A little of this, and a little of that.

SeaLions Stadium is closed for a couple weeks.

It seems like they’re converting the show back to SeaLions Live. While SLL is a decent show, I would love it if they brought back a real show like “Fools With Tools” or their seasonal shows with a real story line (SLL is just a series of parodies).

Bayside Skyride is also down for refurbishment.
Manta has returned from it’s refurbishment.
However, the lagoon didn’t get the touch up it needs.

The Mission Bay Theater is preparing to become Madagascar Live show

New Aquatica Promotion

An advertisement for the upcoming Aquatica park has popped up next to the Animal Encounters exhibit.

New renderings have also been released.

We are really hoping that the landscaping actually turns out to be this green. As we all saw with Manta, everything that shows up in the concept art may not translate into reality.

I think we can assume that you won’t be actually swimming with flamingos.


That’s it for this week’s update. We’ll be back in a couple weeks to check up on the progress of SeaWorld San Diego’s construction projects.