Please give a warm MiceChat welcome to Frank Fiorinelli, our newest columnist. His new biweekly column, X Marks The Spot, is inspired by theme park maps. He’ll use his vast collection of Disney park maps as the jumping off point to lots of amazing adventures!

For many Disney enthusiasts, pin trading and vinylmations are the ultimate affordable items when it comes to collecting Disneyana from the parks. There are avid collectors, whom we all know, that manage to put together books, lanyards, and vests full of pins. To me, those are great “Disney Hobbies”, but since I first stepped foot into the Magic Kingdom in 1992 at the ripe age of two, my own “Disney Hobby” was born . . . Park Map and Brochure Collecting. The same passion that many of us have for new vinylmations or limited edition pins is the same feelings I have when it comes to the park maps. My collection spans over 23 years and includes maps and brochures from all four Walt Disney World theme parks, as well as other area attractions.

For today’s article, we will take a look at a little known area within the Magic Kingdom, The Exposition Hall. This area of Magic Kingdom was located at the front of Main St. USA by Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (more or less where the Opera House would be at Disneyland). Recently, this area has been transformed into the Town Square Theatre, a location for Mickey and Princess Meet and Greets.

To a Park map Collector, a map of this location would be considered rare. The area, which was sponsored by Kodak, included many displays of camera memorabilia and even a timeline of Disney History.  Today, the area still contains a photo purchase area, under the Photopass umbrella of products. During the days of the Exposition Hall, guests would be able to have their photo taken with Mickey and friends in Mickey’s Toontown Fair and pick it up for purchase within the exposition hall.

Looking at this rare map brochure you can see the main draw here was the photo pick-up area. One of the bigger sections was “The Hall of Moving Pictures.” Here, they would play old Disney classic shorts and cartoons within a movie theatre type setting. To the left was the “Hall Still Images,” depicting the history of the camera. To the right is its counterpart, the “Hall of Digital Technologies.”

When it came time for the closing of Mickey’s Toontown fair to make room for Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland, Mickey and the Princesses were moved to The Exposition Hall under the new name “Town Square Theatre”.

Do you have memories of this often overlooked part of Main Street? Better yet, do you have the map?

Next time, we will take a look at Brochure Material for Disney’s Water Parks. It’s sure to make a splash. Stay Tuned, there are hundreds of Maps and Brochures to Share.

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Frank Fiorinelli is from New York, but that has not held him back from his love of the Disney Parks. Frank has been visiting the parks since the age of 2 and has not looked back. His passion is collecting Theme Park Maps, since he is able to look them over when returning home. X Marks the Spot, Frank’s biweekly Column for Micechat, unfolds from those very maps. A two time Disney College Program Alumni, Frank is currently in the midst of Graduating with a Business Management Degree.

  • mratigan

    This is an exciting column! I have about 200 maps on my collection so I can’t wait to see what else is out there.

  • Welcome Frank! Looking forward to more map adventures.

  • Trumpet

    Great Article Frank

    Great new article, and I cannot wait for more

    Thanks Again Frank


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  • stevem85

    This column is awesome. I have been collecting park maps since 1983. Primarily Disneyland, but WDW since my first visit back in 1998. I am glad to see others enjoy collecting them too. Can’t wait to see the future articles!

  • Imagineer2B

    What a fun idea for a column! Thanks for contributing…I look forward to future installments. 🙂

  • Frank Fiorinelli

    Thanks Everybody for the Positive Feedback! There is more great Maps and Stories on the way!! I love seeing that there are others out there who collect just like me!

  • KingEric

    welcome to mice chat!!!!!!!

  • bday789

    I can’t wait to learn all the little facts and tid-bits about the maps. I buy a map every time I visit a part. I love going back and seeing how the park changes over time.

  • Not My Real Name

    I grew up visiting SFOT and collected their maps, the ones meant to go on your wall. I once saw a map of the park on Opening Day and noted that the railroad around the park was the only ride left from OD. I would love to see a Disneyland OD map.

  • Frank Fiorinelli

    I promise some great and interesting maps to come!! Check back each column!

  • ex-wdi

    Great idea for a column, but I think you should include a PDF of the discussed map at the end of each article so we can collect those too!

  • Timekeeper

    Yea! Maps, Maps, Maps!