It’s Disney Eve!  Actually, by the time you’re reading this, we’ll be traipsing around Epcot on the first full day of our spring Walt Disney World trip.  We’re taking a pair of newbies along with us on this trip, a friend and her daughter.  One of the first things the daughter asked me about was getting character autographs.  Being the character nuts we are, I whipped up a personalized autograph book for her while my little guy filled her in on the ins and outs of meeting Disney celebs, including a few of our favorite character spots.

So, what are our favorite Character spots in the Disney parks?

1. Coke Corner in Disneyland Park

This isn’t technically a character meet and greet, per se, but the kids absolutely loved playing musical chairs with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Tweedles and Peter Pan.  We also saw a few characters coming and going by way of this sweet refreshment spot.

Get Park Wise: If you’re feeling a little peckish around 2:30, try to grab a spot at Coke Corner, and you’re sure to have a very entertaining show with your snack.

2. The Magic of Disney Animation in Hollywood Studios

This is a great, climate-controlled, spot to meet some of your favorite Disney characters.  Typically, Sorcerer Mickey and the Incredibles meet in this building, while the featured meet and greet area hosts recent Disney characters like Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz.  Try to plan your stop in this building during the 4:00 or 5:00 hour.  You may be treated to a fun surprise!

3. The World Showcase in Epcot

Ok, so this might kind of be cheating since it encompasses half of a park, but I just couldn’t narrow it down to one spot.  As you wander the showcase, you’ll notice characters in their home countries.  For example, you can chat with Mary Poppins and Alice in the United Kingdom, Mulan in China and Aladdin and friends in Morocco.  Those are just few of the characters meeting in the World Showcase.

Donald in Mexico.

Get Park Wise: Don’t forget to glance down toward the International Gateway between the United Kingdom and France.  We’ve often seen characters playing in this area with very few guests.

4. Pixie Hollow in Disneyland Park

While Walt Disney World had a Pixie Hollow once upon a time, it didn’t compare at all to this beautiful and fun spot in the original Disney park.  With gorgeous colors splashed everywhere and larger than life surroundings, you really do get the feeling that you’ve shrunk to the size of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.  The pixies are popular, so if this is a stop on your day’s travels, I’d suggest trying to visit as close to its opening time as possible.  Check your times guide when you get into the park.

5. Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Magic Kingdom

One of Walt Disney World’s newest character spots features the Great Goofini, Astounding Donaldo, Madame Daisy Fortuna and Minnie Magnifique against some fantastic backdrops.  Housed indoors, this meet and greet has two lines, one for Minnie and Daisy and the other for Donald and Goofy.  Wait times seem to be minimal since its opening in October 2012.

Those are some of my favorite spots to meet characters. What are your favorite locations and tips for meeting the characters?

  • parker4fm

    Is Pete’s Silly Sideshow truly a nice experience? I have yet to go in, but I feel like it was a bit of wasted space. They could have put some more unique characters here and moved the Fab 5 to Main Street when the Princesses evacuate. This would have been an amazing location to put some villains…or another dark ride. The one thing that I truly love about Disneyland’s Fantasyland is the amount of dark rides that they have.

    • Amy VandenBoogert

      It’s a smaller area that you might think. Just the right size for a small-ish meet & greet to see some characters in costumes unique to Storybook Circus. There’s no room for a ride where Pete’s Silly Sideshow is located.

    • I really think it is! The colors and detail in the backgrounds make for some beautiful pictures, and, so far for us, the characters have been great! I don’t know how well villains would have fit in with the circus theme, and I don’t think there is much room in this space for a dark ride, although I’d love to see more of those, too.

  • Great article Jessica. A couple of comments. At Disneyland, you can stop by the greeter board near the central hub of Disneyland and let the host know what characters you’d like to meet. They will check their schedule and let you know if and where/when the character will make an appearance.

    For those who just hate waiting in line (like me), character dining locations (Disneyland and Disney World) are the way to go. You’ll get to eat and the characters come to you!

    • Thanks for adding that, Dusty. And, you know me, I’m a huge advocate of character meals!! Climate control with food and drinks, yes please!

  • Amy VandenBoogert

    I like visiting Tigger and Pooh in the back of the toy shop in the UK pavilion at Epcot. In the past I’ve lucked out and have found Eeyore with them as well! It seems every time I visit there, all heck breaks loose when its my turn. Always a party with those guys. 😆

    Last week at the Pooh & Tigger meet & greet at the Magic Kingdom (next to Pooh’s ride), they even had Rabbit out at least a couple times! He’s a rare character to see at WDW outside of some of the parades.

    And hate all you want, but I LOVE visiting Duffy at his gazebo in Epcot. He gives the best hugs.

    • That’s a great little spot tucked away in the UK! We’ve stopped by a few times while visiting the Kidcot Fun Stops. Great addition to the list!