On November 18, 2010, The Walt Disney Company announced that Pleasure Island would become Hyperion Wharf. It would involve more than just renaming the former nightclub area. Concept art showed a vibrant “electric wonderland” at night.

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  • xboxtravis7992

    Frankly I never understood the idea of Pleasure Island; a night club spot sharing the name of the cursed amusement park from Pinocchio, did Disney really want their guest to think of the place children where turned into enslaved donkeys?

    • Werner Weiss

      Having an on-site collection of nighttime entertainment and dance clubs seemed like a good idea, but the name Pleasure Island, in the context of Disney, seemed odd. It’s as if the decision-makers never saw Pinocchio.

  • Trumpet

    Great Article Werner

    Lets hope that this project will be completed, as it looks really good. However, I cannot believe that Disney just put potted plants infront of the buildings to hide the fact that the are closed. Sadly, this was typical WDW management, but hopefully, this concept will be completed, and the area will have the charm that it needs.

    Thanks Again Werner


    • Werner Weiss

      I think WDW management expected outside companies to jump at chance to lease the spaces that became available when the Pleasure Island clubs were shuttered. That never happened. The clubs have been closed for 4 and 1/2 years now.

      With the addition of more retail and dining square footage which Disney Springs will bring, Disney will need to find even more tenants. The Town Center, with its central location and completely new buildings, is likely to be more attractive to potential tenants than The Landing (the former Pleasure Island). It will be interesting to see how long it is before the former clubs are once again open for business as restaurants, shops, or non-Disney-run clubs.

  • I think they are on the right track. But, Downtown Disney needs to be more than just a outdoor mall. You can find those everywhere. Disney needs to build on a scale and with a fantastical style that others have a hard time replicating.

    I’m afraid that this project falls short of the expectation that people have for Disney. They need to build an inventive transportation system to get you from one side of the complex to the other. There must be more large scale entertainment offerings. Perhaps they should put in a water show or fountain extravaganza to pull people in and keep them late. It needs to have pizzazz.

    I’m sure they’ll build something pretty this time around, but I still think they are falling short of the mark to do something which will get buzz and attention worldwide.

  • JiminyCricketFan

    While I agree that something has to be done to make Downtown Disney come alive again, I don’t think this new plan is a good one. I just sounds like a shopping mall. When I am on vacation, going to a mall is the last thing I would like to do. As a devoted fan of the Adventurers Club (“Kungaloosh!”), I really think that the interactive fun element that is geared for more mature audiences is a great concept. Disney should have expanded on what was working instead of scraping that and going for more concepts that don’t attract people. The idea that on my vacation I would want to go to an outside mall in Florida and people watch is just ridiculous.

  • buzzyfan

    Hyperion Wharf looked like it would have had a more Pleasure Island feel to it compared to The Landing. Despite this, I like The Landing’s concept better, however it needs more work on it’s name in my opinion.