We have a Walt Disney World photo update from Denise Preskitt today. The new Tangled-themed area in the Magic Kingdom that she features doesn’t have any rides, but it looks like a nice addition to the park. Plus electrical outlets in the tree stump seating proves that park managers actually listen to guest feedback on occasion. ~~Rick

I wanted to share the lovely new area in the Magic Kingdom with the Tangled theme (plus some Epcot Flower & Garden night photos).

For many months – a lot of months! – this area of the Magic Kingdom has been known online as the Rapunzel bathrooms…or Rapunzel potties, or Tangled toilets. While I had seen the progress from above at the Columbia Harbor House occasionally, it was even nicer than I expected when the walls finally came down this week. Yes, there are bathrooms. And no, there isn’t a ride (and the Magic Kingdom could use some new rides!), it’s still a gorgeous area of the park that happens to have nicely themed bathrooms.

The Tangled tower and waterfall:

The men’s room is Flynn Rider themed, with hanging frying pans and wanted posters.

The women’s room has murals on the ceiling, props like paint and a guitar, and this nice touch at the baby changing area:

There is a stream with hidden Pascal friends (they are not only in the stream area, but most are nearby):

Guests can eat lunch outside in the seating area, this table has a beautiful view of the tower and waterfall.

Outlets in the stumps:

There are supposed to be USB ports as well at some point.

It’s a beautiful park-like setting with a ton of detail!

Here is our detailed video:


And we spent a couple of days at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. One new aspect this year is the illuminated gardens and topiaries. They haven’t been as spectacular as expected, but many of the topiaries do look very nice with the lights. I plan to bring a tripod soon.

Here is our video of some of the Illuminated gardens:

With that, we close another wonderful report from Denise of MouseSteps.com. Thank you Denise, and thank you readers. What do you think of the new Tangled Toilets at Magic Kingdom?

  • The Tangled Toilets really do look amazing. But you know what they are missing? Skyway buckets!

    • Aotphks

      Dear Mr. Sage, do you know if there is a hidden reference to the Skyway attraction anywhere in this new toilets facility?

  • michael darling

    The stream is a gorgeous addition! Does it dead end under the bridge?

    I hope they keep going with this type of immersion themeing upgrades in all the lands. The little lizards, the Figaro at DL…..there needs to be more of these characters around the parks. Not overdone, like a Disney Store, but hidden surprises throughout the park. For example, remember being a kid, and staring at the window, waiting for the evil queen to open the curtains while in line for SWSA? It’s sometimes the small things that stick with you.


  • Susan Hughes

    Kind of a shame that the 2nd most profitable movie for Disney Animation Studios, and the most popular Princess since Ariel, has been given “toilet duty” in the park. This would have been a far more appropriate setting for the main part of the New Fantasyland Expansion.

  • lighttragic

    I almost would of rather have them keep Tangled out of the first phase until they could give it attraction vs a highly themed toilet

  • michael darling

    Not every Disney film needs to be an attraction, no matter HOW popular. People need to remember that this is a step in the right direction. Or, would you prefer the run down and closed off remnants of a ride closed for almost two decades? At least its useful, and, has beautiful theming.

    They’ve PLUSSED Fantasyland. Things could be worse.

  • vonrollskyway1

    Rather have a new Skyway…

  • Plaiditude

    Oh jeez, must people complain no matter what? Of course, I would have loved a new attraction, however, this looks GORGEOUS. This is Disney doing what Disney used to do best; putting excessive details into little areas of the park that don’t necessarily need them. There is elaborate theming (and it’s appropriate!), hidden characters, and a freaking water feature in a restroom area that ISN’T a sink or a toilet. This is an example of WDW getting back to it’s roots, and I’m not about to complain about it. It’s a beautiful, well thought out area that utilizes space that isn’t large enough for a real attraction (and no, a Skyway loading platform isn’t really attraction sized).

    Speaking of the Skyway, for those of you who want it back, I think you need to give up on that dream. Let’s be realistic here: most amusement parks across the country have gotten rid of their skyways. Move on, it’s a liability issue and guests have changed over the years. It’s not going to happen.

    Disney geeks will never be satisfied. Can we at least complain about something worth complaining over?

  • Lee Mallaby

    I’ll be honest, when I heard that Dinsey had spent an awful lot of money on these Tangled bathrooms, I thought it could’ve been spent on a new ride or attraction or even refurbing some of the rides that really need it.
    But having seen these pictures I think they look awesome, it’s been 3 and half years since we last visited WDW and it looks like the park has changed so much and I think it all looks great.

    • Timekeeper

      Don’t forget why it took a long time to build, it mostly has to do with the Plumbing aspect in addition to the new beauty features (i.e. new piping, water circulation, etc.) I have a question for you, Denise, did you think the new restrooms affected any sightlines from outside Fantasyland, (like viewing the restrooms from Liberty Square?)