There’s quite a bit to share from Knotts Berry Farm today.  We recently spotted the new track pieces being stored behind the park for the upcoming Coast Rider family coaster.  Are the colors what you were expecting?  We also share the most recent progress on the restoration of the Timber Mountain Log Ride.  It looks like they are coming along nicely.  Finally, we look at the other projects going on in the park including the possible reopening of the troublesome Windseeker attraction.


Track for the new family coaster, Coast Rider, has been stacking up behind the park, awaiting installation.  Footers for the new coaster are nearly complete and really allow us to get a sense of scale for the new ride.

Mac ‘n Cheese yellow for the track.
White supports.
Here is an overview of the footers for the track. Notice the rectangular piece in the bottom center followed by the smaller footers off to the right. That will, roughly, be the length of the station.


Over to the left of the footers for the coaster, the foundations for the two spinner attractions are being prepared. Water will surround them using the room left over from the Perilous Plunge pool.


Knott’s recently announced that all three attractions in the Boardwalk expansion are scheduled to open on May 25th. That gives them just over two months to complete this project. Let’s wish them luck.


Another project, prepped for a May 25th opening, is the Timber Mountain Log Ride project.  This 5 million dollar restoration is about halfway done.  Scenery in the attraction has been mostly removed and all is prepped now for the rebuild.   Meanwhile the flume snaking through the aged structure has been completely repaired, resealed and resurfaced.

The trash bin at the maintenance doors.
 Exterior work is being completed on the waterfall near the loading station.

Work also continues on the beginning lift hill and its mechanisms.


The lift hill mechanics are splayed out, awaiting care.

It heartens us to see such thorough progress on this crown jewel of Knott’s Berry Farm.  They are spending as much cash on the refurbishment of this ride as they are bringing another steel coaster to the park and we applaud their efforts.

The Timber Mountain Log Ride is also scheduled to open on May 25th.


Ghost Town is continuing its long term paving project. Work is moving towards the back of the park, in front of Bigfoot Rapids.  The look of the new surface throughout the western themed area truly adds to the atmosphere.

The Wisteria neat the stroller rental is beginning to bloom once again.

Sadly, the Haunt Museum has not seen regular operating hours, mainly due to staffing issues.
This guy made it to the Wilderness Dance Hall before realizing that the Mystery Lodge and Bigfoot Rapids were both closed due to repaving. He promptly cried and went home.


Speaking of Bigfoot Rapids, the attraction is using the isolation time for refurbishment.  The walkways near the loading station are being rebuilt and the flume itself is getting a standard cleaning.

The hat of one of Bigfoot’s victims we assume.
The waterfall area 

But, it’s still spring, and the plants and flowers are doing their best to shine.

Pony Express is still open during the Big Foot refurbishment.  To get there, one has to trek around the back, past the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars and around the back side of the park.

Yay! Ponies!


The Swing attraction, Wave Swinger is also under refurbishment.  The Canopy is nearly on the ground and is receiving the care it needs.


It has been rumored that Windseeker could reopen any time now.  With daily technical testing and run-throughs, the elusive opening day continues to taunt those who want to return to the dizzying heights above Buena Park.



Last, but not least, the planters at the front of the park have been decorated with metal green barriers.  Let’s hope that these finally keep the ruffians from trampling the flowers.

SPRING FLING: March 23 – April 7

Knott’s Berry Farm will be celebrating the coming of spring with live entertainment, games and a food and wine events starting March 23.

Kids 3-11 can  take part in The Search for the Easter Beagle.  Searching for the Easter Beagle throughout the park will land sharp-eyed kids some cool prizes. Camp Snoopy will also feature Lucy Van Pelt in her very own show at the Camp Snoopy Theatre. “Peanut’s Party in the Park,” will be a live show located in Charleston Circle.  Knott’s Towering Topiary Gardens located in Wilderness Dance Hall will be an indoor retreat for the adults.  Sculpted greenery will create a tasting garden featuring wines from around the world, craft beers and farm fresh food offerings. A nighttime Dance Party, Spring Fling Dance Party in Fiesta Village will provide an opportunity for everyone to take to the floor with some of their favorite dance music.

It’s a great time to be a fan of Knott’s Berry Farm.  The park is entering a big year of fun and we are here to share it with you.  See you In the Parks!

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Norman

    Loving all of the work going in the park. Not sure about the colour of the new coaster, but I guess we will have to wait and see when it is completed. Hopefully, they can finish on time.

    The Timber Mou tain Log ride will look great again. can’t wait to see it.

    Thanks Again Norman


    • Norman Gidney

      Well, you have to understand that it’s not done until it’s done. Things might look better in context. But then again, the Boardwalk areas mantra with color theory is “The brighter the better”

  • jcruise86

    Excellent, Norm! THANK YOU!
    Your “Dizzying Heights” would have been a good name for Windseeker,
    though the attraction didn’t make me dizzy.

    Until the WWoHP comes to Universal Hollywood, Knott’s will be my third favorite unnatural park in California after & DCA. Love the value of their underpriced Season Pass!

  • jcruise86
  • eicarr

    I’m impressed. Everything is improving the park. I wish it still had a Bear-y Tales caliber dark ride though.

    On my last DL trip I went to Universal, but everything there new was a poorly planned and laid out awkwardly mess. Will be hitting Knotts instead on my next trip. The western town just looks like too much fun.

    • Norman Gidney

      That’s awesome to hear! Knott’s is a tarnished gem that is slowly regaining its brilliance. Even still the season pass is an extraordinary deal with all that they offer at this park. Send us a message if you need anymore help planning.

  • MrTour

    The park is looking good…but it still is in need of another “A” ticket attraction that is NOT a steel coaster (yes, bring back Knott’s Bear-y Tales!)

    Does anyone know why the Bigfoot foot prints in the que were filled in? This has baffled me.

    • Norman Gidney

      Agreed. The park needs at least two or three more dark rides of varying sizes to really feel balanced. Perhaps a Peanuts dark ride in Camp Snoopy, another in Fiesta Village, and a restored attraction in the old Berry Tales space.

      As far as the filled in foot prints in the Big Foot queue we are sure it has something to do with the possibility of people tripping or stumbling over them.

  • LoveStallion

    Great update! SO glad they kept the Pony Express open. It is an important – no, vital – component of the park. *sarcasm*

    Awesome to see Knott’s investing. I don’t think Cedar Fair quite knew what it had in its hands when they bought the place, and despite the coastercopia of recent years, it’s nice to see them keeping Ghost Town up to scratch.

    I’m still miffed about the Haunted Shack being gone. The openness in that area is sort of jarring. No one wants to see the back of the Charles Schultz theater when standing around Ghost Town.

    • Norman Gidney

      We are also “miffed” at the large gapping space left over from the removal of the Haunted Shack. Why couldn’t a Haunted Shack 2.0 walkthrough attraction be developed for this space?

  • explodingboy

    Great update! I love seeing positive progress at Knott’s!

  • Gregg Condon

    Great update. Can’t wait to see the new area in the Boardwalk and the newly refurbished Log Ride soon.

  • scarymouse

    Great update ! Always glad to see knott’s keeping things cleaned up . I was really impressed with all the improvements and everyone is right ….. they need to add Dark rides to the mix and it would be perfect . I am very happy for the log ride rehab, it was a little beat up last time I was on it…Can’t wait to check it all out in the fall.

  • Westsider

    Knott’s needs a lot more than just a couple dark rides, but I think a few dark rides is all that it could realistically achieve. Except they don’t want to bother with dark rides when it’s cheaper and easier to just order a couple flat rides and a small coaster from a catalog, plop them down on cement pads, and then buy a few flats of cheap pansies at Home Depot for “color” in a couple nearby cement planters while the finance department counts down the days until Halloween. But for $36 per ticket, or $72 for an annual pass, you get what you pay for. And Knott’s does serve a local demographic, especially at those low rates, that Disneyland doesn’t.

    • Gregg Condon

      I think it’s unfair to compare every park to Disneyland. Knott’s is making some very significant upgrades to the Log Ride and adding 3 new rides (well technically 2, bringing the Scrambler back from backstage doesn’t count IMO).

      Yes, Knott’s serves a market that Disneyland doesn’t and there is nothing wrong with that. The fact is, I’ve had more fun at Knott’s over the last couple of years than I have at Disneyland.

      Back in the early-mid 2000’s you wouldn’t have found a bigger critic of Knott’s than me. It had turned from the awesome park it was in my youth (during the 80’s) into a mere shell of the greatness it once was. Is it back to that point? Not at all but it’s getting better all the time. The improvements to Ghost Town (which Disney simply can’t duplicate), the removal of the troublesome Perilous Plunge and the addition of rides that still fit the boardwalk theme are all steps in the VERY right direction.

      As for Coast Rider … I admit that I wish they would have gone with a different model. It’s the same ride that’s at Legoland. There are other models they could have gone with. But for 90% of visitors to the park, they aren’t going to care. It’s a new ride that families can enjoy together and that’s a good thing.

      Not everything is Disneyland. Not everything NEEDS to be Disneyland.

  • Not My Real Name

    Another vote for more dark rides. The Gold Mine and the Log Ride aren’t enough.

  • Timekeeper

    Sounds like a nice set-up for Spring Break, great update overall.


  • dazyhill

    Actually I believe the Knott’s Spring event is now being called Knott’s Berry Bloom. Regardless of the name, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  • Sparky

    I’m happy and excited about the Log Ride rehab, but the new Boardwalk rides are of no benefit to me at all. I would go to Knott’s a lot more if there was more for me to do than walk around, shop, eat or watch shows.

    Regarding the Haunted Shack, here’s the story on that, as told to me by somebody that works there. It was in need of refurbishment. When they went in to do that, they discovered that it was very badly deteriorated and would need some rebuilding. In order for it to stay grandfathered under the handicap access laws, a certain percentage of the original structure had to be retained. They could not save that much of the structure. So, anything newly built would have to be handicap accessible. The illusion of a gravity house like that depends not only on slanted floors, which are decidedly not handicap friendly, but also on the angle of the walls. I’m sure it would have been very difficult to maintain the illusion while also being accessible. At any rate, they decided to just do away with it, sadly.

  • SpectroMan

    As far as I’m concerned if the Log Ride is not ready on May 25th, they can take all the time they need to make it right. I’m really hoping that this refurb addresses the shoddy condition of the scenes and especially helps hide the infrastructure that was so visible, even when passing the scenes at high speeds.

    I chuckled when I first heard about the “Bloom” event – slight overtones of Food & Wine Festival! But hey, I’ll give it a chance.