How do you think you would begin your Journey to Narnia, an attraction based on the 2005 motion picture, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

You walk through a magical wardrobe, of course!

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  • Thank you Werner. I never took the time to visit any of these walk-through attractions. Doesn’t look like I was missing much.

  • Illusion0fLife

    Another great article Werner; I always looks forward to these updates. Here’s an interesting thought: if Disney ever were to want to do a Narnia attraction what would the ramifications be? Could they still do something based on the the first two films or have they lost the rights to Narnia completely due to their decision to pass on the third film?

    Despite the fact that the film series fizzled out, C.S. Lewis’ stories are enduring classics and they’d potentially make a great attraction (maybe as an expansion of the U.K. Pavilion at World Showcase).

    • Werner Weiss

      I assume the two walk-through exhibits at the Studios park were part of the promotional contract for the first two movies in the Narnia series. I don’t know if Disney ever had full-fledged theme park rights to the Narnia series or even to the first two movies. It seems likely that either Walden Media or the estate of C.S. Lewis retain theme parks rights, depending on the contract between those two entities.

    • DobbysCloset

      That’s a very sweet idea, Illusion. I have never been to World Showcase but so many of Disney’s creations, Walt’s and current ones, have British heritage. It would be wonderful if we could celebrate the ethnic heritage of all our characters, from Jose Carioca to Stitch…maybe not Stitch. Baloo. I would love to have a nice Indian’-themed Character Buffet with Baloo and Company!

  • DobbysCloset

    “Journey” doesn’t always mean a mechanical journey. It can be a journey of the imagination, which I’ve taken maybe 50 times to Narnia with the help of the DVD and the brilliant commentary. Sam, one of my most revered memories of Disneyland from age 7 or 8 is being walked through the 20,000 Leagues model exhibit by my father, an aerospace engineer. (The childhood dog was named Nemo, as in CAPTAIN Nemo! Tho he did escape the yard a lot…)

    Perhaps that’s why I’ve tried to remain eternally 8 years old when I visit DL. It’s all really real at that age…

    I don’t understand what happened to the movies. I’ve watched Narnia as many times as I’ve ever watched anything. The creatures are magnificent, the children delightful performers. The culture didn’t take to it. I read the books and they are special, though I found the allegories far too obvious by the end of the series.

    Thank you so much for making these photos part of my morning. I wish I could have been on the Journey with you.

  • xboxtravis7992

    I remember going through this back in 2007; while it was a nice walkthrough I think my family and I had been hoping for a ride, seeing how most of what we had already seen at DHS was shows and walkthroughs.