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Jeff and George are back with a new review. This time around is Kevin Yee’s Earbook. Will they like it?

George: Kevin Yee is one of the more prolific Walt Disney World authors. He has more than fifteen books under his belt and you’d be hard pressed to find someone today that is documenting the parks the way Kevin is. His latest book, the Earbook 2012, is a resource that is an enjoyable read today, but it’s going to be an invaluable tool for future researchers. To prove the point, we’re going to bring in FUTURE JEFF to help out with the review.

Future Jeff: Hey guys! Greetings from the year 2054! Man, what a crazy few years it’s been for the Walt Disney Company. But, I’m not going to tell you anything, for fear it might make the time stream all wibbly wobbly. Anyway, let me just tell you…this book is GREAT for Walt Disney World historians like us. Especially in the future! You know how you like to go back and reminisce about your old glory days of high school, and you whip out the ol’ yearbook to go through? Well, think of the Earbook sort of like that: it’s a great way to see a glimpse of how things were during a specific year…2012, in this case. Kevin does a wonderful job of doing a month by month breakdown of all the important things that happened in 2012.

George: This is the third Earbook that Kevin has done and each one has gotten better. Kevin looks at all of the highlights from 2012 on a month-by-month basis, as FUTURE JEFF mentioned. It’s a look at all of the milestones that include attraction openings and closings and presidential visits. There are multiple photos on each page and the usual Kevin Yee commentary and discourse. We both like the Kevin Yee discourse because he does use a critical eye when examining current and historical trends for the theme parks.

Jeff: Can I pop in for a second and add something? Actually, more of a question. Now, FUTURE JEFF, you already mentioned how useful this is to you in the future. Can you elaborate a little bit on that?

Future Jeff: Of Course! Without breaking the time stream, I can say that, for Disney Historians such as yourselves, this book is invaluable. It allows you to see the course of change at Walt Disney World during the course of a single calender year. In your research now, for all the columns and shows you do, you would LOVE to get your hands on something like this for all those early years, wouldn’t you? Not only is it a neat thing to see now, now that 2012 has ended, but it will also be a handy research and reference guide well into the future. And trust me, I know a thing or two about the future.

George: It’s more than a book for future researchers, though. Anyone that visited the parks in 2012 or just loves to read about what happened will love the Earbook. Also, anyone that loves photos of the parks will enjoy the Earbook, which does have multiple full-color photos on each page. It’s a great addition to your already expanding Walt Disney World library and I’m already looking forward to the 2013 Earbook.

Jeff: I do have to point out the “Day at a Glance” section at the end, where Kevin picks one day out of the year, lists the operating hours, parade times, and prices of nearly EVERYTHING in the Park. It’s actually kind of cool, and something I’ll look back on in a few years and say “Man, tickets were so cheap in 2012.”

Future Jeff: Just wait til you see the prices in 2054…

Are you going to add the 2012 Earbook to your collection? 


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