Today’s Magic Mountain update is filled with Full Throttle pictures. The ride is turning out to be more photogenic than we thought it would be. There hasn’t been a lot of additional track installed since our last update, but this week we were able to view the attraction from different angles. We’ll also update you on the continuing saga of the new buses.

Even though Magic Mountain is a year-round park, this past weekend marked “opening weekend” for the park. The park will now be open daily until Labor Day. If you’d like to enjoy an empty park, weekdays in May and early June are perfect times to go to the park.

Full Throttle

From the Sky Tower, you can see the new track that has been installed since our last update. The track in front is coming out of the tunnel into the top hat. The track in back is exiting the loop heading up and over Superman Plaza.

Most of the supports for the station track, brake track and transfer track have been installed. You can see just how tight the turn around from the brake run to the station is.

A close up of the station pad
A close up of the track heading out of the tunnel heading up to the Top Hat element.
A portion of the transfer track has been installed
The portion of land vacated after the demolished the Looney Tunes Stage sits empty for now. Hopefully something is going to go here. That’s a lot of prime real estate.
No work is evident on the exterior of the new retail/restaurant space.
Out in the boneyard, you can see some of the double-sided loop/top-hat track.
A site overview
Down on ground level, the ride has totally changed the look of Superman Plaza
Coming up the hill

It appears they made need to move the blue fence a bit. Not that I believe it will be a problem, but for safety’s sake that does appear to be a bit low. You can see just how low it is from the people standing by the support. The temporary fences aren’t going to cut it.

It does look pretty awesome heading up the hill. These pictures pretty much speak for themselves.
Heading up into the top hat

They have planted some trees in the area. Nice to see they aren’t just paving over everything.
It’s kind of hard to tell from the light in this picture, but the tunnel has been painted
Down at ground level you can see just how tall the station/brake supports are. Remember, the loop is going to go up 160 above this. I’m pretty sure the top of the loop will be the highest point of the ride.
Heading out of the loop
Into the Top Hat
A close up of the two track paths

Around the Park

As we mentioned on our update last week, the Candy Company near Apocalypse received a new roof and new air conditioning units recently.

The new buses have been up and running for a few weeks, and we’ve already noticed a couple of things the park has done to alert guests of the new areas.

Unfortunately the loading area’s are still very temporary.
There is now a sign near the new loading area, but as you can see from the picture below, it’s not close enough for people to see when exiting the park.
In the few minutes I was in the area I saw multiple people go to the old load area out of habit. There is a sign in the old unload area now as well.
The new sign in the new loading area.

The new signs are going to help but the park needs 1 or 2 additional signs at the exit alerting guests where to go, since everybody is so used to the existing pick-up area. The additional signs coupled with a more permanent queue for the buses should help for the long-run.

Lastly, our friend Tim Burkhart, who has been at the park since 1977 and was the Director of maintenance and construction for Six Flags Magic Mountain, has recently been promoted to Vice President of maintenance and construction for all of Six Flags. You can see the great article in the LA Times. Congrats Tim!! Hope this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing less of you at Magic Mountain.

That will do it for this week. The Loop/Top-Hat for Full Throttle should start going up any day now with vertical construction being completed sometime in early April.

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