Flamingos, Dolphins and Penguins populate the news in today’s Seaworld Orlando Update.  Did you know there is a little known parade of Flamingoes at Seaworld?  Read on and we’ll tell you more.  The Blue Horizons Dolphin Theatre is getting some work done as well  But, the big news is all about Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.  We are beyond excited to see this new attraction open and they are getting closer and closer by the day.

Flamingos On Parade:

We begin our update with a hidden gem at SeaWorld Orlando.  If you get into SeaWorld at park opening, you can catch a short little Flamingo Parade as Team Members walk Flamingos from their backstage area.  It is a fun treat, and great way to get really close to these flamboyant birds.

Improvements at the Dolphin Theater:

The Dolphin Theater and the set for Blue Horizons have been getting some TLC with seats being refurbished and the Stage Right platform getting a complete rebuild.  There has been a lot of behind the scenes tech work going on in previous months.


We are entering the home stretch for this massive expansion, and  a lot of the smaller projects that will be near the entrance to this new land are becoming visible.

Walls have been expanding around Antarctica as planters near the entrance are being rebuilt, improved, and redesigned to accommodate the crowds which will undoubtedly swarm this area.

New Stroller Area

The “official” entrance to Antarctica will be on the Clyde and Seymore side.  With this big new entrance, there is also a new stroller area that is being built where the old stroller area was, but with a more usable design.

Landscaping being installed

New landscaping is being installed to help create the bridge area where the Pacific Northwest theme for the Sea Lions and Seals meets Antarctica.  This is a great touch, and something that will look better over the years as the trees have time to grow and fill out the space.

Rockwork near completion

The Rockwork in Antarctica is having the finishing touches applied.  This area has been designed to glow with the sun during the day, and radiate light at night.  We cannot wait to get day time and night time photos of this area to share with you.

The Unofficial SeaWorld podcast is back today and we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Brian Morrow, the Creator of Antarctica, about what it was like creating the Coldest Attraction on the planet.  Learn what guests can expect to get out of their day at SeaWorld!

If you have visited the parks, have a story to share about your experience at SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego, or San Antonio please give the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast a call and share your story at 530-289-6722

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Eric

    Thanks for this bumper Tuesday, with two updates at the theme parks that want to draw the crowds in with new attractions, unlike WDW, who will invest in building new E ticket toilets (now that is definatly the wa to get people to visit the parks)

    Antartica is going to be great, and I am glad it is an attraction that is not based on a film to TV series. It is a refrshing change, and I applaud Sea World for making this decision. I can’t wait to se the pictures of the day and night of the attraction. i know you will show us when it opens Eric.

    Thanks Again Eric, and thanks for taking your time to write these updates and take the photos us Micechatters crave every week.


    • Eric Davis

      Thank you Trumpet! I am excited to see how this “non IP” attraction does. I know SeaWorld is creating their own IP with this attraction with the character Puck.

      So thrilled to see this progress!

  • Great update. Those flamingos on parade are so cute.

    And I’ve got the podcast all set to go as soon as I’m in the car! Can’t wait to listen.

    • Eric Davis

      I hope you enjoy it! There is a lot of information in this podcast! lol

  • Gregg Condon

    That’s awesome. My wife LOVES Flamingos. When we finally get to SWO we’ll have to make sure we get there at opening to see them.

    • Eric Davis

      It is really a neat experience!

  • CreepyMonkey

    Great update Eric. Thanks!

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