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Published on March 25, 2013 at 4:02 am with 5 Comments

Episode 5 of Coffee with Kurtti features Jeff talking about what has become one of his most beloved books, The Art of Disneyland. A few fans of the book had been tweeting about it lately, so I figured it would be a good time to poke him for a few stories about it. Below is a paraphrased excerpt from our conversation.

Keith: I was reading some tweets recently, and a lot of people were talking about some books. You might have heard of one of them: The Art of Disneyland.

Jeff: I’ve read some books.

Keith: They might be a little highbrow for you, but I’m going to educate you right now.

Jeff: Okay, tell me all about art.

Keith: Art is something that is cool. It was placed into a book called The Art of Disneyland, by Bruce Gordon. He had some guy helping him, too.

Jeff: Some hack.

Keith: It’s a truly loved book. They’re pretty hard to get.

Jeff: It’s pretty amazing how Art of Disneyland has become the most sought-after aftermarket book that I’ve ever done.

Jeff goes on to talk about several aspects of the production of The Art of Disneyland, from choosing which photos to use, to what it was like working with Bruce Gordon.

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  • Jeff Heimbuch

    This was great to hear Jeff talk about one of the best books ever produced about Disneyland!

  • Eric Davis

    Great interview!

  • Dusty Sage

    Wonderful podcast. Thank you Jeff and Keith!

  • Keith Gluck

    I’m going to say thanks on Jeff (Kurtti’s) behalf, since these shows are all him! So, thanks guys!

  • daveyjones

    these podcasts are great! however, is it possible to also post transcripts for those visitors that are hearing impaired or for those (like myself) who would much prefer to read than listen? thanks!