Starbucks on Main Street, bunnies hopping in Disneyland and a new Iron Man Monorail wrap in Walt Disney World are some of the major highlights of today’s MiceChat round up. Disney and theme park news and information are what we are here to deliver and there is plenty of it.  What are the goals of the interactive queues in Walt Disney world and beyond?  How is internet inside Tokyo Disneyland?  Have you heard about the latest technology used inside Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland? Bob Gurr shares a story about Walt Disney that will having you in stitches. Find out here along with breaking Universal Studios and Seaworld News here!  All of this plus a new MiceChat podcast, a new Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, new Communicore Weekly and a brand new Sarah the MiceChatter video.

And don’t forget the Gumball Rally, there are only a few tickets left!

Market House to get Starbucks this Fall. Disneyana to be merged with Market House
Free coffee refills at the Market House will be going away, and you know that huge indoor queue they added to the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor a year ago? Will that soon become the fate of the Market House and the adjoining Disneyana shop on Main Street? Find out the details here!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring to all!  This week we have bunnies hopping down Main Street USA, some Egg-citing hunting was taking place in DCA, and flowers blooming all around the resort!  A special 50th birthday is soon on the way!  Also, sadly we learn that THE most Disney location on Main Street and one of the most charming places on Main Street, the Disneyana store, will be dismantled to make room for queue space for a Starbucks on Main Street. ~ Aladdin

Joe’s Easter Egg Hunt at Disney California Adventure – with lots of pictures
mre200200 was on an Easter Egg Hunt in DCA and brings us this complete report.

Spring is here at DLR!
Poisonedapples shares some of their springtime flower photos from the Disneyland resort, and asks you to share some of your photo showing off Disneyland’s spring colors!

Roger Rabbit and Brer Rabbit Doing The Bunny Hop At Disneyland
Some Long Lost Rabbit friends have been seen hopping about on Main Street. The Disney Ninja has a photo and the information here!

Floral Mickey Question
FredSimmons asks about the Floral Mickey that greets guests as you enter Disneyland through the turnstiles. When did they change the look of the current Mickey? Take a look here at some of the various Floral Mickey’s over the years, and add your pictures, too. Be sure to tell us the year of your Floral Mickey Photo!

The Enchanted Tiki Room will turn 50 Years Old this Year – How Will You Celebrate?
Disneyland’s first Audio Animatronic Attraction will soon be celebrating its 50th Birthday! Bongo asks what you will be doing to celebrate this special anniversary!

There are always rumors and ideas about Tomorrowland floating around, and this week is no exception. ~ Trekkie Dad

Star Wars Land?
JackMiller341 has heard annual passholders are being asked their opinion about a Star Wars Land and wonders why.

Tomorrowland Redo Should Not be a Return to the Past
New member xboxtravis7992 puts it right up there with ideas of his own.

We have a variety of topics and news, including some good news regarding Splash Mountain, a new interesting ad campaign, and another wrap for the monorail. Join us and see what’s new in this week’s Walt Disney World forum! ~yoyoflamingo

Iron man monorail wrap debuts at WDW
This is the third monorail wrap we’ve had at the World. While Iron Man 3 doesn’t come out for over a month, we already are giving this billboard in the sky. Anyone excited about this or is this idea overdone now? Share your thoughts here.

Splash Mtn refurb
New this week, and already mentioned in Micechat’s wonderful Dateline Disney World column, is the fabulous condition of Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain post refurbishment. Share your thoughts and first hand accounts here. Did Disney do right, or should we not be acknowledging something Disney should be doing right all along?

Disney bans solo kids under 14 at U.S. parks
In the news this week on the theme park front is the change in Disney’s age policy. Disney now requires all guests under 14 will need to be accompanied by a guest 14 or older. A good idea or unnecessary?

WDW Interactive Queue Lines – What’s the goal here?
A good question – what is the purpose of the interactive queues? Share your thoughts and opinions here!

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Gumball Rally 2013: Trash Talking Thread
Bookwyrm has started the thread to rile you up and get the trash talking started! Join in on that fun!

MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat 
October 19th – 26th, 2013

We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy. Don’t miss out on this unique MiceChat experience!  Contact [email protected] today.

We’re serving up the fantastic news that our world famous Gumball Rally is coming to the Disneyland Resort on May 4th – tickets are on sale now!

The world famous MiceChat Gumball Rally will roar into the Disneyland Resort on May 4th! And to celebrate the date (and Disney’s purchase of a beloved franchise), we are shaking things up a bit. It’s the biggest, best and most fun Disney fan event in the known universe. The Rally is a race to find out who can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day. But you’ll need to act fast, tickets will soon sell out! Find out more information and get tickets HERE.


Join Dusty, Doug, Eric and Fishbulb as we explore the Disney princess explosion and compare the speed with which Disney and Universal are building their new attractions. It’s a fun romp through the worlds of Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.  Direct Link   |  iTunes Link


The Unofficial SeaWorld podcast is back today and we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Brian Morrow, the Creator of Antarctica, about what it was like creating the Coldest Attraction on the planet.  Learn what guests can expect to get out of their day at SeaWorld!  DIRECT LINK  |  iTunes Link


Now that Disney has given up on Pleasure Island and night time entertainment, where is the Orlando tourist to go? A great option is Universal’s CityWalk. Chock full of bars, clubs & eateries with a fantastic atmosphere to boot, CityWalk has oodles of entertainment and options all set in great surroundings. Direct Link  |  iTunes Link  


DISNEY HISTORY! — Take a stroll to scenic Downtown Disney, where you can find shopping, dining, and…residential homes? Find out more about it in this weeks Disney History! BOOK OF THE WEEK! — George is back and lets us know his thoughts on Disney The First 100 Years! WINDOW OF THE WEEK! — Jeff takes a look at Chuck Boyajian’s window on Main Street. FIVE LEGGED GOAT! — And finally, imagine finding this weeks Five Legged Goat in the Imagination Institute!


Sarah has another great video about Starbucks coming to Disneyland, Greece, and No Teens Allowed!

Tokyo Disneyland gets a lot of attention this week, mainly from people planning to visit soon. If you are among them, you might want to check out some of these threads. ~ Trekkie Dad

New Google Maps Imagery!
 has discovered the Google Maps imagery for Tokyo Disneyland Resort has recently been updated with some new features.

Disney Hotel Guest Privileges?
has heard there are perks for staying at the Tokyo Disneyland hotels, but are they worth the extra expense?

Best Way to Purchase Tickets in Advance?
doesn’t want to stand in line at Tokyo Disneyland ticket booths.

Walking Distance? Maihama Station to Entrances of Parks?
has another quick question about Tokyo Disneyland.

Indiana Jones?
would like to meet Indiana Jones while at Tokyo Disney Sea. When is the best time and place to find him and other characters?

Planning a trip to TDR in May
If you are planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland soon, you might want to check out this thread started by cravatfiend.

Mobile internet in the parks?
Which cellular carrier has the best data coverage in Tokyo Disneyland? asks lonegungirl.

Happiness is Here!
If you are NOT planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland this year, watching the video posted by DisneylandFan1997 might get you to change your mind!

Mystic Manor to use latest technology in 4K Projection, Wifi, RFID, 3D Glasses, etc..
has an announcement about Hong Kong Disneyland.

12% Increase in Ticket Price
Prices may be going up soon at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Sim City 5?
lisakheav is looking for those great city builders and their opinions on the recently release city build game from Maxis.

12 Lost Disney Characters You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
Ever wondered how many characters get cut from our beloved Disney Movies? CaliforniaAdventurer posted a fun read on what was lost in the past!

This week Universal celebrates an anniversary, we have a dedicated Orlando Parkhopper thread, and watch SeaWorld’s profits soar! All this and more in the other destination forum!

SeaWorld Profit Soars over 300%
Congratulate SeaWorld on their fantastic growth in the past year. What caused such success? Join the discussion here!

Sea World San Diego – 3/16/13
Check out this great trip report of an underrated theme park – Sea World San Diego! Some great animal shots in here.

Universal Studios Hollywood 50th Anniversary
With USH’s 50th coming up in 2014, what would you like to see for this milestone? jasmineray wants to know!

March 26, 2013 Orlando Parkhopper Discussion Forum
Did you read this week’s Orlando Parkhopper? If so, share your thoughts here!

Limited Time Magic Vinylmation Easter Egg Hunt
For a while there, I completely forgot about Limited Time Magic. This was mostly due to Disney not offering much at Disney World in recent weeks. Not to mention that the program was never particularly…

Starbucks Coffee to bring big changes to Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A. as spring brings Limited Time Magic to both parks
Disneyland announced that its long-anticipated Starbucks Coffee location will begin construction next month in Main Street, U.S.A.‘s Market House. The project will take over the Disneyana art and collectibles shop next door, bringing some notable…

Dateline Disney World: Splash Mountain Reopens and RFID APs
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This week, we’re covering the re-opening of Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, the ever growing Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Annual Pass RFID conversions taking place at…

Walt Disney World Memories – Part 4
In today’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse, we finish up our multi-part series we started a few weeks ago where we talk to Stan, who worked all over the Walt Disney World Resort. We…

ImagiNERDing: More Bob-A-Round and Miscellaneous Disneyana
Over the past year of writing for the fantastic Mice Chat audience, I’ve made lots of new friends, answered lots of theme park mysteries and shared my love of theme park ephemera. I’ve had a…

Full Throttle Inches Toward Completion at Magic Mountain
Today’s Magic Mountain update is filled with Full Throttle pictures. The ride is turning out to be more photogenic than we thought it would be. There hasn’t been a lot of additional track installed since…

SeaWorld San Diego Approaches 50th Anniversary
Welcome to another Seaworld San Diego update. This week we share photos of the work on the highly anticipated new interactive entrance to the park.  Next up, we consider what might be going on inside…

Universal Orlando Resort Preps Springfield, Potter, Transformers
This week we take a dragon’s eye view of construction on the upcoming Hogwarts Express and follow up on the major projects across the Universal Orlando Resort. Springfield’s skyline continues to evolve.  The Transformers building…Seaworld Orlando, Flamingos, Dolphins and Penguins
Flamingos, Dolphins and Penguins populate the news in today’s Seaworld Orlando Update.  Did you know there is a little known parade of Flamingoes at Seaworld?  Read on and we’ll tell you more.  The Blue Horizons…

Top Three Buffets at Walt Disney World
Traveling with a family of different tastes to (attempt to) satisfy isn’t easy. As a result, I’ve learned to book a lot of buffets on our trips to Walt Disney World.  There are a lot…

Sam Bits: Random Stories from Disneyland
When working on a new book, sometimes you find some really interesting stories that just don’t quite seem to fit. However, the stories are too good not to pass along. Welcome to the cutting room…

Disneyland Paris Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in grand style at Disneyland Paris with characters in green costumes, a special parade pre-show and a unique fireworks show. The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction also re-opened this past…

Australia Zoo Hosts Movie Premiere
MiceChat’s Aussie theme park reporter, Rya86n, attended the red carpet premiere of the Hallmark Channel’s movie release, Return to Nim’s Island. The event was appropriately staged at the Australia Zoo. The zoo is 100 acres and is…

Hollywood Pictures Backlot Elephants
A pair of pachyderms is precariously perched atop pillars on poly-chromatic pedestals. Passages for pedestrians perforate those pedestals. The portal promises picture production. Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: Hollywood Pictures Back-lot Elephants.   When you are…

Coffee with Kurtti: The Art of Disneyland
Episode 5 of Coffee with Kurtti features Jeff talking about what has become one of his most beloved books, The Art of Disneyland. A few fans of the book had been tweeting about it lately.

DESIGN: Those Were The Times No.6 – 1966 Walt Disney: Curious Salesman
Bob Gurr, Disney legend and fan favorite, has set the Wheel of Years spinning once again. Wherever the red arrow points is where today’s story will start. Let’s see what fantastic story Bob has in…

The Disney Review, Kevin Yee’s Earbook 2012
Jeff and George are back with a new review. This time around is Kevin Yee’s Earbook. Will they like it? George: Kevin Yee is one of the more prolific Walt Disney World authors. He has…

Photos In Wonderland – Themed Design Of Disneyland’s Adventureland
Hello once again, curious friends, and welcome to Photos In Wonderland! As always, we’ll be looking around and exploring an aspect of the theme park experience via photo examples. For me, Adventureland is one of…

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  • whamo

    Love the Disney News from Micechatter’s girl. I’m a bit confused about the Main Street Starbucks. One report says only the coffee will change, and another says Disneyana will be redone. Which one is it?

  • Much more than just coffee is going into this location. While Disney will keep the general look and feel of this spot, it will have to be expanded to handle the large crowds. We are assuming that means the loss of at least the circular gallery room at Disneyana. There is a lot of conflicting information about this transition.

    We aren’t worried about the look of the new location. It will undoubtedly keep a Main Street appropriate style.

    • Yeah I have a feeling this isnt going to be a heavy refurbishment for the market place, its just going to be a good refresh and retrofit for starbucks (my opinion anyway).