Although it’s still a little chilly in my part of the country, the temperatures are slowly creeping up on the coasts, and summer vacations will be here before you know it!  When walking miles a day in the Florida and California sun, it’s always nice to know where you can cool off at your favorite Disney destination. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Grizzly River Run at California Adventure

Climb aboard for a rip-roaring rapid ride!  Definitely save this one for the middle of a hot day, because you have a pretty good chance of getting soaked head to toe.  This ride does offer FastPass to cut the wait, rider switch to account for the shorties and single rider in case you’re the only one who wants to be dripping all day.  Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids offers a similar experience that’s especially refreshing in the sauna that is that park.

Get Park Wise: Consider throwing a zip top bag in your pocket if you’re planning to ride the rapids.  I throw my cell phone and camera in a large bag to avoid water damage.

2. Club Cool at Epcot

Step into this cool pavilion sponsored by Coca-Cola and sample soft drinks from around the world.  My little Disney goers are big fans of this stop, as it’s air-conditioned and offers free cold drinks.  Not much more you can ask for on a scorching day in Epcot.  It can get a little crowded (and sticky) here, so we don’t hang around for long, but it’s nice for a little break in the afternoon.  Don’t forget to try the Beverly!

3. Casey Jr. Splash ‘n Soak Station at Magic Kingdom

The Storybook Circus portion of the New Fantasyland expansion brought with it a great new sprayground.  It’s a decent-sized area with lots of fountains and jets, and I’ve even seen PhotoPass photographers hanging around here capturing the delighted smiles of splashing guests.

ŸGet Park Wise: While there’s a gift shop (and a merchandise cart) mere steps away from this area where you could theoretically plunk down the cash for a new outfit, I suggest you throw some dry duds in your park bag if the kidlets are easily lured in by these water play areas because this one can leave them drenched.

4. Walt Disney World Water Parks

Both water parks get a mention here because I couldn’t pick which one I liked better.  It took several trips to Walt Disney World before we gave in to the water parks.  We were there for the four major parks and didn’t see the need to hit the smaller parks when we had perfectly good resort pools to patronize.  Thanks to the Salute tickets in 2011, though, we gave them a try and loved them!!  With lots of activities for the entire family, the Disney water parks can easily entertain everyone for the day and leave you refreshed when facing the Florida humidity.

5. Splash Mountain at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom

This is probably my personal favorite way to cool down in the parks.  This classic ride offers a big drop but not necessarily a big splash (aka I’ve never been uncomfortably wet after a trip through the briar patch).  The mountains are always popular, so if you’re hoping to hang out with the Br’er crew, opt for a FastPass.

Get Park Wise: If you’re looking for the thrill, without the spill, pack a poncho.  I’ve seen countless ride shots with packs of people in ponchos.  It’s not my personal style, but it seems to be a fairly popular choice.

What are your favorite places to cool down while at Disney?


  • jcruise86

    THANK YOU for the article, Jessica!

    Maybe it should have been a top ten list with the rapids rides in DCA & AK, A Bug’s Land’s wet areas in DCA, the afternoon summer showers at WDW, and a listing of the best hotel pools.

    Where exactly in EPCOT are the free Coke samples? I have the once-in-a-life time of tasting Beverly, and I’d my wife to try it.

    I have TIPS for those who want to stay dry, perhaps on cooler days.
    Bring flip flips to change in to,
    have a couple big plastic bags in your backpack to put your still in–perhaps the backpack itself.
    And bring disposable ponchos. I’ve ordered a box from and Target sells them for about $1.50 each in he camping section. Our local 99 Cents Only store has sold them in two packs, and whole you’re there consider one of their 99 cent umbrellas which break after at most 7 uses, but that can be enough to you through a year in Southern California. They’re good to stash around for emergencies.

    • Grizzly River Run and Kali River Rapids are mentioned. I didn’t include hotel pools because they’re not available to all guests. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure they’ll get some article love later this year. 😉

      If you’re facing the fountain in Epcot, Club Cool is to the right tucked in next to what is currently Fountainview (but will be a Starbucks come summer). Make sure you have your video camera ready when she gets her first taste!

      Great tips!! We’re always toting around plastic bags of all shapes and sizes, so I definitely stand behind that one!

  • judearmstrong

    Don’t forget Innoventions(DL) and the Animation Building(DCA). Both have A/C and you can stay in as long as you, plus there are plenty of interesting exhibits, more so in the Animation building than Inno.

    • Great additions! Innoventions in Epcot and the Animation Building at Hollywood Studios are also climate-controlled options to escape the heat.

  • Gregg Condon

    Great article Jessica. I agree with all of your choices and the additional ones others have added here.

    Of course, while not inside air conditioning or a water ride, one of my all time favorite places to cool down is the Cove Bar inside DCA. And with the daytime fountain shows and a bit of a breeze, who knows if you will get a little spritz of cool water. 😀

    • Thanks, Gregg! Perfect addition to our running list. I’ll add it to my personal list for our summer vacation. 😉

  • MsMahalo

    Fun article, thank you! The Haunted Mansion always provides a nice blast of A/C! And I agree, the Animation Building is a favorite place to rest and cool off!

    • Must be all those happy haunts bringing down the temp. 😉 Thanks for your comment!

  • Illusion0fLife

    Another tip for Grizzly River Run is the existence of conveniently located lockers that are free to use for the first hour. It’s been a life saver for our family and our multiple phones, cameras, etc. that we want to avoid getting drenched on the ride.

  • My favorite cool down spots at Disneyland Resort are:

    – Pirates of the Caribbean
    – it’s a small world
    – Tiki Room
    (All of the above are lengthy air-conditioned attractions that you usually don’t need to wait very long for).
    – Hearthstone Lounge at Grand Californian

    At Disney World:
    – PeopleMover (while no air-conditioning, it is a long and well shaded ride which offers a chance to relax).
    – Pirates of the Caribbean (while the ride isn’t as good as Disneyland, the queue is excellent, dark and nice and cool). Great spot to get out of the sun.
    – Either of the water parks. They are both great

    Thank you Jessica!

    • Great additions, Dusty! DLR Pirates definitely reigns supreme, but both are nice, cool rides for the middle of the day. We’re also big PeopleMover fans!! Sometimes we ride a few times in a row just to relax.

      • judearmstrong

        whats better than a Dole Whip Float and 15apx bird show in the dark

  • OrangeFlash

    I’ve always loved sitting downstairs at the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country, Disneyland, right by the water, and watching canoes, ducks and ships go by…

  • Thorpeedo

    Conservation station at Dinseys Animal Kingdom…..I think partly because by the time you get there you’ve had no choice but to get hot and sweaty because of the train, and the the walk.

    • Haha! I’m convinced that Animal Kingdom is 20 degrees hotter than all the other parks at all times.

  • eicarr

    The line inside Roger Rabbit, the movie theater and Abraham Lincoln on Main Street and the Tiki Room. Also the long dark rides in New Orleans square. I avoid the oppressive WDW heat and humidity by going to Disneyland.

    • Gotta love a dark ride!! That’s a shame, though, that you avoid WDW! There are some great Disney experiences exclusive to those parks. We love both Disney resorts!!