We are pleased to bring you episode 3 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast where we talk about all the latest news, rumors, rescues, history and more about your favorite SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio.

In this epsidoe, we have an exclusive interview with Brian Morrow, the creative mind behind Manta, Turtle Trek 4-D and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins, about his creative process, what research SeaWorld conducted before building Antarctica, and what the emotional journey will be!

We also discuss troubling marine mammal news on both coasts where Manatees in Florida have been dying, and Sea Lions in California are beaching themselves in record numbers, and we discuss how SeaWorld’s rescue teams, and the Hubb-SeaWorld Research teams are helping with these tragedies.

Dive in to MiceChat’s latest podcast:

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Dusty is the founder and CEO of MiceChat.com. When he's not visiting theme parks and writing, editing or speaking about Disney and theme parks worldwide, Dusty stays busy as the Executive Director of both the Walt Disney Birthplace AND the Dick Van Dyke Foundation. He also runs O-Zell Soda (the company originally operated by Walt Disney's father and at which Walt once worked). If you've got news or photos to share with the MiceChat community, or would like to book Dusty for an upcoming event, please contact [email protected]
  • Bill

    I’d love to see transcripts of these podcasts so that I may read them, I can understand things better when I read along with the podcasts.

    • KingEric

      Bill would access to the show notes be helpful?

  • Wonderful Podcast Eric! There is SO much information packed into your 60 minute show. And what a great interview. Can’t wait for Antarctica!!!

  • KingEric

    Thanks Dusty! I can not wait for Antartica to open up!

  • Lee Mallaby

    Great third episode guys.
    You improve with every show and the interview with Brian Morrow is such a coup for this early in your podcasting timeline.
    How will you improve on this one?

  • Coasterjunkie

    Another great podcast Eric. I was really saddened to hear on our local news about the Manatee deaths on both coasts as well as Pelican deaths in Mosquito Lagoon. We’ve also had some algae blooms in the Wekiva River as well. The Wekiva River for those who don’t know is a very popular spring fed river that’s very clear and very popular for canoeing. The head spring called Wekiva Springs is also a very popular summer camping and swimming spot. I understand these algae blooms are caused by sewage runoff, and other things such as fertilizer runoff. They deposit large amounts of nutrients into the water which the algae love. They explode which blocks sunlight and consumes most of the oxygen in the water which has diseasterous effects.

    In terms of harassing the wildlife I’m with the both of you, it’s just wrong. I saw a video taken in Tampa Bay not too long ago of a woman actually riding a Manatee which is a Felony. Yes it is indeed a Federal crime to seek out and interact with a Manatee. Needless to say she was arrested and did serve time. It is ok if a Manatee comes up to you but you still can’t interact with the Manatee as they’re protected by the Endangered Species Act.

  • MichelinMan

    Are you intending to make the podcasts available on iTunes like the Universal one?